Stormers flyhalf troubles?

January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Firstly (like Blion said) my condolences to the Jantjies family for the tragedy. May he rest in peace.

Allister Coetzee rightfully gave Elton an indefinite break from rugby for the foreseeable future. Elton will definitively miss the two warm-up games and the situation will be “taken from there”.

With Peter Grant still in Japan and could be arriving anytime between 5 Feb to 25 Feb depending on how his team progress. If history is anything to go by he will probably be back either in the week leading up to the Bulls game or there after. So chances are good he will definitively miss the two warm-up games and if he is back by the 22nd he normally starts the season from the bench because of the travel fatigue ect.

With the other flyhalves on the Stormers book being van Aswegen and Coleman. Gary is still injured (isn’t he always?) and that only leaves Coleman and maybe Duvehage who has helped out before.

Whatever happens from here on in the Stormers will either field their 4th best FH (or Scrunhalf); a combination that has never played together or one that has last played together in SR 2012. Not ideal if you are AC.


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  1. Bloody dumbass Stormers. Should never have let Dimitri go.

    • Where’s the Timo Swiel fans?

      Surely this is a good time to blood him and see if he can step up rather than bargain on an injury-prone van Aswegen magically coming right?

    • To be fair, they tried to keep him … but only after they had ignored him during the 2012 SR and the Kings had already signed him.

      • Once the Stormers “signed” Elton they were never going to be able to keep Dimitri. He wanted to be 1st choice FH.
        Blion agree Stormers did not give him a fair chance in SR 12.
        As for Tim Swiel he is only 0/20 this season and is with the baby boks as fullback. I am still not sure about him he has really good attacking game but they rest of his game needs some working. Not sure if he will be converted into a FB? But he is deff not ready for SR yet.

        • Complete BS Gnl. They could have kept him if they wanted to. Instead they keep on to the forever injured van Aswegen, the never will be Coleman and the has-been Grant.

          • Well in the end Dimitri still had the option to stay at WPRU (his preliminary contract with EP allowed it)
            And WPRU did match the Kings offer but he wanted to go.

            I know if they gave him even more money and said he will be 1st/2nd choice then he may have stayed. But there is only so much money and AC gambled that Jantjies will be a better option for the Stormers and he may still be, who knows.

            But you are right if we had Dimitri as 2nd/3rd back-up we would have been stronger unit.

      • TO be fair, he was but a lightie playing varsity cup in the beginning of 2012. No player just gets called up from Varsity Cup to Super Rugby. He had to pay his dues at Currie Cup level and so he did with flying colours. A wry pity the Stormers didn’t want to keep him, they could have if they really wanted to.

        • MU, The Greek took Ikeys to a Varsity Cup and kept a young WP side in the hunt and into the CC semis in 2011 already.

          But WP would rather play a no-contract Burton Francis

          • Agree 100% Blion but in a strange way I think it benefited him a lot. He has now won a CC and will be making his SR debut full of confidence. Esp at FH a lot of youngster get pushed to early and then fold. Think Sias.

      • that’s why they needed someone to replace Rassie and not give allistair another job to do.

    • i agree that dimitri catrikilis was someone that the stormers should never have let go but i think he is one year shy of being ready to general a Super rugby team. i am sad to see him thrown in at the deep end at the kings.

    • I like Baylion’s suggestion, start Tim Swiel and see how he does, it;s just a warm-up, so testing the depth and sorting out the final squad spots will be crucial. I’d love to see him get a decent run.

  2. Gary van Aswegen is a good player when he is not injured, but he is only NOT injured for like two games and then the same old. You can’t rely on an injured player for 3 seasons now. There are other quality flyhalves, except Elton, out there. I don’t know why they haven’t gone with a guy like Elgar Watts (Cheetahs) or even a seasoned guy like a Louis Strydom (ex Lions, Bulls Kings, now Griffons) Even Burton Francis is not bad either.

    • Agree that WPRU should maybe give up on van Aswegen he is just to injury prone.
      As for Watts, Strydom and Francis they are all average players at best not really better than Coleman.
      If another player gets injured sure they will then look to fill the gap, thing is there is only so many good FH in SA. It doesn’t help getting a guy that is just OK not if you are serious about winning the trophy.

  3. Cheetahs team for the Stormers warmup match (Reconciliation Cup) definitely has a lot more of an experimental look to it:

    15 Hennie Daniller, 14 Jannie Boshoff, 13 Johann Sadie, 12 Rayno Benjamin, 11 Rocco Jansen, 10 Riaan Smit, 9 Sarel Pretorius, 8 Phillip van der Walt, 7 Davon Raubenheimer, 6 Johannes Prinsloo, 5 Doppies Vermeulen, 4 Rynhardt Landman, 3 Lourens Adriaanse, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1 Trevor Nyakane.
    Replacements: TBC

    • Jip think it is a lot better team than against Lions.
      Not their strongest unit they can field but a better balanced one.
      Stormers are due to announce a 2nd string team. With AC still making up his mind on a few players. Will be an interesting game.

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