Stormers jersey for 2013!!

December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

This was the 2012 jersey:


And Now For 2013

Well not much difference but apparently the blue is closer to the royal blue of the WP jersey.
Here’s  hoping that the royal blue will help the stormers in 2013 like it did for WP in 2012!!!
To be honest I do not watch rugby for the color scheme on the jerseys.

And so long as we do not have that ugly pink jerseys of the folk in Ptown I do not care much.

GO STORMERRRRS 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 responses to Stormers jersey for 2013!!

  1. I still feel like puking when I see that DHL sticker on the front

    • LOL, yeah red and yellow is not the prettiest colors in the world
      BUT they bankroll the team so I do not mind to much.

      (even the AB’s cave in to AIG)

  2. Funny that fourie is in the photo, especially since he wont be in the starting 15

  3. Make that Habana as well. He’s busy learning French.

  4. Excellent team! Go Stormers / Province! The return of Schalk Burger to top it all.

  5. I agree with the Stormers Yersey for 2013 because its true to our Westerm Province rugby team over the years and I was use and loyal to the royal-blue of our beloved team. Staying in the heart of Pretoria for almost 18 years now, I will certainly remain true and loyal to my Western Pronice rugby, cricket and soccer teams.
    Therefore you must make me proud of being a Stormer and WP fan. You as a team must really start trusting in yourself and not start to panic in the last few minutes before the end of a game, like you done in the final of the Currie Cup 2012. Otherwise you made me proud and keep it up. I want to see the Currie Cup standing at Newlands for the next 12 years at leats

  6. I would also like to see that the Stormers win the Super 15 Cup for many years to come.
    Now that you as a team brought the defencing method almost to perfection, please also do so with your attack.
    And if you doesn’t have an attacking coach that can do the job properly you can always hire me(it must be on a permanent basis, please) . I would really like to do the job for my beloved team in order to remain tops.

  7. Although a bit pricey to buy, I’m loving the new jersey!

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