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Stormers jersey for 2013!!

December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

This was the 2012 jersey:


And Now For 2013

Well not much difference but apparently the blue is closer to the royal blue of the WP jersey.
Here’s  hoping that the royal blue will help the stormers in 2013 like it did for WP in 2012!!!
To be honest I do not watch rugby for the color scheme on the jerseys.

And so long as we do not have that ugly pink jerseys of the folk in Ptown I do not care much.

GO STORMERRRRS 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RWC draw is it a fair process?

December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well I do not have to much of a problem with the rugby world cup draw.

It is done in three tiers so the top teams avoid each other in the group rounds. It is done a bit early in the 4 year cycle and no one can predict how the teams you will be playing against will climb or fall during the next 3 years.

Their reason for this early drawing is set to be that this gives the organizers enough time to get the “big” games at big stadiums at the optimum time so as to get the most money out of it. Sounds fair?

I think though it could be done better. Because for all HM messages about winning all 3 EOYT matches even if it is by one point because of the RWC draw. It would have made no difference if we were no.1 or no.4!! France being no.4 in the world got a lot easier group than Aus who is no.3. Is that fair?

I think it should not be a draw at all. It should be divided into 4 groups according to world ranking points. Easy!!

Group A – 1,8,12 with two qf

Group B – 2,7,11 with two qf

Group C – 3,6,10 with two qf

Group D – 4,5,9, with two qf

Group A and S should then play QF together and B and C should go against each other. It is so logical but maybe that is the thing this makes just to much sense for the IRB. They just like to F#ck everything up as much as possible.

As things stand Nz who has a clear margin at the top of the IRB rankings had no advantage over France who was no.4 in the rankings.

Just a thought.


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