All Blacks: Always the victim never the aggressor.

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I read an interesting article on a Ausie website about how Nz are always fast to condemn any “violence” directed at them but then “laughing” the incidents of when one of their players perpetrates.

In recent times there have been a few incidents where it seemed that opposition teams tend to target Richie McCaw with some dirty aggressive tactics. Cooper, Greyling and Higgenbotham comes to mind. Personally I like a bit of aggression in rugby and do not mind a fast short arm jab ect in the ruck and malls. But diving elbow first over a ruck into someone else’s head is taking it a bit to far.

Thing is Mr. McCaw himself is, not unlike Fitzpatrick or Pocock , most of the time on a rugby field on the wrong side of laws. He is a real nuisance around the ruck and mauls slowing ball down and holding back would be tacklers. The fact that most referees turns a blind eye only provoke the situation even more and thus opposition teams tends to take the law in their own hands to sort him out.

Unfortunately two wrongs does not make a right and players caught out doing these deeds are rightfully punished accordingly. Scott Higgenbotham said he learned from his sentence but was not sorry for what he did to Richie. (just shows how irritated these players get)

Now in these example Nz (esp McCaw) was the victims of violence and whether it is provoke violence or not Nz do have the morally high ground in these cases. (holding a defender back is not seen as bad as a punch to the face – although I do not always agree)

But in the last couple of matches the All Blacks themselves have dished out some violence of their own.

Adam Thomson stood on Scotland Alasdair Strokosh’s head. He was only banned for one week (originally after IRB appealed their own progress it was doubled to two) which is a slap on the wrist. In 1999 Brendon Venter was banned the rest of the RWC for a stamp on a Uruguay player.

On Nz rugby show REUNION the presenters laughed the incident off and said there was nothing in it. If this was a Bok/Ausie stamping on Richie or worse Dan  the REUNION presenters would certainly not have taken it lightly and would have said something a long the lines of ” there is no place in rugby for these actions!!”.

Then this past weekend Andrew Hore struck the Welsh lock on the side of the head (in the 2nd minute of the game). The player was hospitalized and if this happened next to a rugby field Hore might well have done some time in jail!!! It was so far off the ball and so early in the game it could hardly have been provoked in any sense. Hore got away with it on the field and Nz effectively played with 15 men for the whole game when they should have been 14.

After the Dean Greyling incident both Heyneke Meyer and Jean de Villiers apologized to Nz rugby and Richie himself publicly and said they were ashamed of Dean’s actions.

Now up until now neither Thomson, Hore or any of the Nz rugby fraternity has publicly apologized for their actions. Hansen only said about the Hore incident:  “It looked like he was trying to clean out the Welshman in front of him It’s unfortunate that it’s happened.” “I am just resigned to the fact that he will probably get cited . . . think they think we’re thugs or something but we don’t play differently to anyone else.”

Really clean a player out more than 2 meters from the ruck with a fist to the side of the head and hospitalizing the player?? And I agree about not playing differently to any one else but they do get punished differently. Can’t they even show the decency to own up to their mistakes and apologize?

BUT the IRB should probably not complain about this because it is their own preferential treatment of Nz players that has lead to Nz rugby fraternity now believing that they are above the law and should be treated differently than any other rugby playing nation. (2 years ago Mealamu headbutted an Eng player and only got 1 week.)

I mean if you have a dog and every time he bites a person you do nothing but pat him, you should not complain when he finally bites a person to death! 


PS: Hore is yet to be sentenced but with only one game in the season left he will probably serve out his sentence during the off season thus in reality only face a one week ban for nearly killing a person. [SIC]




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  1. Well, NZ are the stereotypical headboy syndrome kid. Always sounding so decent in the press, but when no one sees or the ref deliberately turns a blind eye the real villains come out to play! I am sorry to say this but Joubert has done SA a disservice here as he did in the final of the RWC by refusing to give France a penalty in front of posts while NZ infringed constantly! He has such a clear bias towards the AB’s that it makes me cringe. I do not see how he missed this or how the touch judges missed this either.

  2. What an absolute biased point of view, of course he should get a decent sentence, but you a singleing out the AB’s as if they are the only rugby team that has ever comitted a foul. Did you write such tripe when Schalk Burger blatantly eye gouge Luke Fitzgerald on the Lions tour 09, he got banned for 8 weeks (which is appropriate, and Hore should get similar) Schalk also refused to apologise to Fitzgerald. How about you look in your own backyard before you accuse other teams. Just FYI, the incident was not totally unprovoked, check all your camera angles leading up to the incident, and you will see.

    • @CD… are a P@&S!!

    • so what you saying is if your provoked all is fair…. great cant wait for some Bitchie Mcaw bashing next year or this weekend since every time Bitchie gets belted is lying on the AB side of the ruck… or not

    • Schalk was never even found guilty of eye gouging , only making contact to eye region. He was found to have been reckless but with out malicious intent. Be that as it may.

      Hore nearly killed a person. And will effectively only serve one week. Which is ridiculous .

      I have looked at the incident but cannot say I have all the angles available cause I am no TV broadcaster.

      And I have never said other teams do not perpetrate they do but they do get banned harsher and most of the time do apologize if found guilty.

      • FIY when doing a bit of research for this post most people in EU and Aus agreed with this statement.
        So if I am biased then so is most of the rugby writing public in EU or Aus.
        OR maybe the Nz rugby fans are biased because the All Blacks can never do anything wrong.(sic)

  3. This article is spot on. Over the last coule of years I have lost respect for NZ rugby.

  4. Once again a thoroughly researched and well written article boet, with the exception of the all black fans you are preaching to the choir though. The entire world is finally grasping what we(Boks) and aus have known for years so hopefully the IRB, with there own backwards ways, can finally pull their tongues out of nz arses and have a fair judicial system that penalises all on a level plain. I can understand the all blacks set the world alight with their flair and speed at which they play thereby bringing new viewers to the sport but surely that doesn’t mean they become exempt from the laws the rest of us have to abide by.

  5. well duh…of-course we’re biased, just as the rest of you are when its one of yours…
    killed the bloke comment…get a life peck!!!
    what’s disappointing in this whole saga is that hore left his feet entering the ruck…the blacks should know better…anyway, it was only a tickle around the neck…

  6. I am a Kiwi and I’m hell of a embarrassed with Hore’s dirty play as well as the coach’s responses. The NZ media is also very upset.

    I see Hore has only been banned for 5 weeks. That is also embarrassing, should have been at least 2 or 3 months ban.

  7. The problem is there is no concistency in citings and punishments. A punch is a punch and should get the same amount of weeks banned, no matter who the player is. If its a bad one like in the Hore incident, from behind and unprovoked and nearly killed the guy, sentence should be upped!
    5 weeks for hore is a joke. He’s basically missing just 1 international game. Why don’t they change it so that a person gets banned for 5 international matches?

    • Agree, if you transgressed in SR you should miss SR games or higher games ie internationals.
      If you transgressed in internationals you should miss international games.

      • Exactly. In the report the NZ okes stressed the importance of missing the SR pre-season warm up games. Ag please what a joke. Now if he was banned from playing the next 5 AB internationals, now that would hurt him.

  8. Got to agree with you! All Blacks ar a bunch of spoilt brats. AAlways gets the rub of the green in matches and when it comes to citings and foul play. We’ve know this for some time, especially when Paddy was still the Ref boss, who would come down hard on any Ref who ever dares take a 50/50 call against NEw Zealand. Remember how Paddy personally flew over to apologise to Graham Henry and then publicly scolded Stuart Dickenson a few years ago?

    It’s unfortunate that a team like the All Blacks have gone so low while they really don’t need all the unfair advantage they enjoy.

  9. I think often our players are seen as “bullies” and I feel this is not untrue, I do however disagree with the unjust sentences handed down.

    An SA player can get a 5 week ban for the same offense that a NZ player will only get a 1 week ban.

    This is the biggest problem I have with the IRB.

    • Not only that, what about this crap the IRB dished out about all teams obeying the Haka by standing still and only on their own 10M line? The All Blacks are to Rugby what India is to cricket. Friggen corrupt to the core!

      • I haven’t heard about this Haka rule, but if it is true then I can only hang my head in shame.

        What happened to the days when the Boks would walk up and stand face to face with the AB’s while they performed the Haka to show they were not intimidated? Is that not a fair thing to do?

        The IRB really need to sort their shit out and figure out what is fair and what is not…

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