Hougie to concentrate on 9 !!

November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I read in the Burger that Francios Hougaard would like to concentrate on scrumhalf only from next season.

He feels that a lot of his development as a scrumhalf has been undermined by firstly the Bulls and then the Boks selecting him on the wing.

I AGREE 110%.

Hougie has enormous  talent so much so that when the Bulls first got him they wanted him in the team but FdP was at the Bulls and thus Hougie had to play either OC or wing. This worked well for the Bulls as FdP and Hougie had a good feeling for one another.

BUT this was a bad move for Hougie himself. Because for all the natural instinct and ability he has the technical side of scrumhalf play was never fully developed. Especially his box kicks which is something only a scrumhalf does and training on the wing he never really developed it properly.

Hougie should by now have been  a top class scrumhalf but at the moment he is still just an exciting talent that lacks the nous of a true world class scrumhalf.

Hougie himself said he feel bad for a guy like Mvovo who is a true wing and gets left on the bench. Hougie has by now also lost most of his confidence and has begun to become a liability on defense. Something that you never would have associated with him.

I am truly glad that players are starting to stand-up and speak out about the coaches ruining their careers by playing them out of position.  To many a world class talent has never lived up to their potential because of coaches screwing them up.

I just hope that it is not to late for Hougie as youngsters like Piet van Zyl, who has focused of scrumhalf exclusively, will be gunning hard for a starting spot in the Bok team next season!!!



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