Is it HM fault Lambie did not ace the Test?

November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

So Lambie has started 2 test and has been OK in parts of them and pretty poor in other parts. In fairness 2 tests is not a lot of time to proof one self on international level and Lambie is still pretty young.

But that considered Lambie’s performances to date as a Bok FH has left a lot to be desired. Basically he has not yet shown the same form and dominance he has (at times) shown at the Sharks at CC and SuperRugby level. He looks uncomfortable at the moment.

A lot of Lambie supporters says it is HM influence on the man. That HM is basically trying to neglect his strong points and make him focus solely on tactical kicking.

Kinda like what HM did to Hougie who has gone from clear 1st choice SH in the start of the season to an no-confidence retread wing. All because HM forced Hougie to kick a lot (ala FdP) and tactical kicking is Hougies weakest part of his game. Hougie now can’t even make the Bulls starting 15 in the CC. Thing is Hougie is a talented player with loads of other strengths just not kicking. Mind you on the evidence thus far Pienaar is not that much better. But let me not digress. 

Lambie is not the worst tactical kicker in the world proven by the CC games he won for the Sharks in atrocious weather in Durbs. But he has been focusing so much on kicking or setting up the crash ball via JdV. That he has totally forgotten about skip passes, loop around’s, dummies, stepping ect. And for this you can sort of blame HM. He publicly stated he wanted Lambie to work on his kicking and Lambie is now trying to show that he has worked on it by kicking the whole game. But this mindset has really had detrimental effects on our game. HM should realize Lambie is not Morne. Just like Hougie is not FdP.

On the other hand as I have said HM can instruct Lambie how he thinks he should play and what he expects of him on the field. But HM is sitting in a box in the stands shouting like a striking miner in a walkie-talkie, he is not on the field forcing Lambie to do anything. Yes I know MU said that HM might sub him if he starts deviating from the GP. But if Lambie can create an gap (ala DC) and send JdV or JdJ over for a try how will HM be able to sub him? Like Victor Matfield said a GP is a GP but the player should still see when it is time to deviate and score a try. (FdP was a master at this)

And this is what has disappointed me in Lambie.  In the first half the Boks were dominating, playing a lot of rugby in the Scotish 22 and yet Lambie did not really set the world a light. Once when we had good front foot ball he even tried to grubber the ball through the defense only to kick it into his opponent and we lost the ball. I do not know if this was done to show HM he is willing to kick anywhere on the field but it was surely the wrong option. A 1/10 chance at best.

I do not know if it was just the exuberance of youth or the fact that HM said he is the complete FH playing him after just 45 min of CC rugby. BUT young Goosen did seem to have a feel for when to kick, when to run and when to pass. Yes he also made mistakes (he is only 20) but he also created a lot of go forward ball for his outside backs. Yes it was against a seriously depleted Aus side but even then they should be better than Scotland?

In the end all the focus on tactical kicking from the coaching staff must have and effect on the player BUT as an Bok FH you should be able to take it on the chin and play the game as you see it in front of you.

So is HM to blame for Lambie being so lame? I would say in part yes but not fully Lambie should shoulder some of the blame too!

Sherifff might shoot me for writing this post  so if I disappear from these blogs please send the Hawks to his house.


PS: For BayLions my opinion on Elton Jantjies is still undecided. He has not yet had enough time on the field for the Boks to decide how good he is. Not his fault I know but not mine either. I will reserve my opinion on the guy until next season after he played some games for the Stormers. But that he has huge potential is a no-brainer.


7 responses to Is it HM fault Lambie did not ace the Test?

  1. *meditate* – stay calm, breathe in breath out :(

    • After reading MU post I will be softer on Lambie.
      But still he needs to stand up and as Mallet said call for the ball from Ruan if he see it is on.

  2. Guys get the picture, stop reffering to the currie cup performance, this is totally another leage, its international rugby, not CC.

  3. HM is a tosser. He has Hougard and De Jong in the backline, two players who can run like mnother……….rs and then he decides to play a kicking game. go figure.

  4. Generaal, I’ve given up and actually hope Elton is not selected on the bench. Giving him 5 or 10 minutes is pointless and he will be on a hiding to nothing.

    I just hope he had a good British holiday at least and had some time to see the sights

  5. A good article. I have been saying this all along.

  6. I think Lambie’s past two performances was impacted quite a lot by a lack of confidence. I mean, the guy can all but ooze confidence when he was left on the bench for all of the RC games, getting only 55 minutes in the entire tournament.

    So perhaps in these first two tests he didn’t have any sort of confidence in himself to play like he knows he can, purely because he needs the coach to demonstrate the confidence in him. I know it sounds all hairy fairy, but a player down on confidence doesn’t perform very well.

    Hopefully he will get the necessary confidence boost ahead of the England test to enable him to play his natural game and trust his own instincts and decisions.

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