Bok team vs England

November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The team I would pick against the Poms.

15. Taute: Zane again did pretty good under the high ball but again did nothing else. He kicked away turn-over possession while we had an overlap. He has had his chances and should be dropped.

14. Mapoe: If Pietersen is able he should play if not. Then I would select Mapoe he has played a lot of rugby at 14 and won’t let the team down. He can’t be worse than Hougie has been all season.

13. JdJ: Had one chance and nearly had a clean break. Defended pretty well. This will be a real test if he is big enough for international rugby. It doesn’t get any bigger than Tuilagi .

12. JdV: I think he is out on his feet and his creative side is pretty exhausted. But as I have said 100 times he is the only 12 on tour. He was injured in week one , had flu in week two. Hopefully he will be good to go on Sa because we need a blinder from him

11. Mvovo – if un-injured he should get a chance. If not Hougie will again need to do duty at 11.

10. Jantjies – Lambie had an OK 1st half and a bad 2nd half. Whether under instruction from HM or not he should play his natural game and be more positive. I mean HM isn’t on the field he can’t actually stop Lambie from playing positive. I would give Elton an chance to see if he can cut it.

9. Vermaak – Ruan has had OK games. Kinda like Zane. But he kicks to much ball and kicks badly to boot. To slow and does not attract enough defenders and just like the Stormers in S15 he just shifts the defense down the backline. Would not mind Hougie getting an chance but then he should never kick.

8. Vermeule – again good but not brilliant. Have to agree with critics in the current loose trio he is to slow. But I am not sure about Arno yet so I would stick with Duane.

7. Coetzee – Alberts had a good 1st half but we need more speed in the loose trio so I will bring on Alberts from the bench.

6. Flo – one of the only players on tour who can say he has been 100% and would make my world team atm. Brilliant player. WP can kick their own arses.

5. Kruger – was OK not brilliant. but we won 100% of our line-outs so he must be doing something right.

4. Flip – If Eben is cleared he should play. If not Flip should easy.

3. Jannie – the best in SA and becoming one of the best in the world.

2. Strauss – had an blinder on Sa deff our second best hooker

1. Steenkamp – if he is injury free. If not Heikie.

16 Chiliboy ; 17 Pat ; 18 Heikie,CJ, Malherbe(depending on injuries) 19 Franco 20 Alberts 21 Lambie 22. Hougie 23 Zane or Rhule dep on injuries.

Now I am 100% sure HM will not choose this team. And in reality I do not expect him to now for the last game. He should have made the changes game one but now it is to late.

This is just the best available 15 atm who I think will be able to play a better type of game. Call it an Anti-HM-GP. :)

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  1. No Comment, horrible

  2. Cant see Jantjes ahead of Lambie, as for Coetzee ahead of Alberts. Ruan should stay as S/H. The only changes i would make is Taute at F/B, Mvovo as wing (Hougaard to the bench ), and then Pat Cilliers as Tight Head. Jantjes can replace Morne on the bench, but not to sure about this either.
    What i do disagree with you, is that test rugby is not there to do experiments, weekday games yes. what was important on this tour, was that we keep on winning

    • Well I feel our game is in a real desperate state I would like to see more attacking players playing. And I do believe their is tests where one should experiment. Weekday games are things of the past.

      I understand HM is worried about rankings and won’t fiddle with the team to much and I understand this is more of a team I would pick if the result wasn’t so important.

  3. What this tour did, was that JdJ and Lambie booked their possitions, and that most of the Forwards did the same

  4. I for one dont see the desparate state of our rugby or game right now. Remeber Steyn, Habana, Bekker, Beast, Bissy etc not there. This makes a big difference to the team

    • Hennie, I agree, those players do make a difference. What we seem to forget though is that soon those players will not be available, just like they aren’t available now. We cannot keep relying on them. just like we relied on the almost entire squad who retired from SA rugby. We need to build depth in the squad to make sure that when one player is injured, the next one slots in with ease, just like New Zealand does.

      • Agree SA should build a squad of 30 guys who are all on the same level sort of ala Nz.
        You will always get your McCaw(cheat) and DC(king) in the team but the rest is sort of on par.

  5. “HM isn’t on the field he can’t actually stop Lambie from playing positive.”

    Did you forget? HM has a walkie talkie and if Lambie dares deiate from the plan, Morne will replace him immediately and Lambie an forget about ever playing for the Springboks again, just like Keegan Daniel.

    • LOL, well Goosen sort of disobeyed HM when he played against Aus taking on the line and such.

      If Lambie is really good. (i mean DC good) then he will attack the line at the right time and setup a try and HM will not be able to sub him then. Capisce!

  6. You asume it, or is it a fact ????????

  7. We can swop/sub players till pigs fly, it won’t make a difference. The biggest problem is our game-plan. There needs to be variation off set-phase. More attacking channels 1 and 2. Using possession wisely instead of kicking it away. Bringing our backs into the game and getting over the advantage line. We have talented players who need the freedom to do their jobs.

  8. Ah but HM can, if you don’t play may way you ride the bench again. In that case you play his way. Or you shine the pine week in and week out.

  9. I had really hoped Lambie would be that guy.. It also seems when they speak to the media that they (the players) actually buy into HM’s rugby philosophy. Either he is a genius or the boys fear going against HM.

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