Has Heyneke Meyer lost the respect of the Bok fans?

November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is the question I asked myself after this weekends dismal display against the no.8 going to 9 side in the world.

The answer: I would have to say YES. Except for a few die hard Bulls supporters who still believe it is 2009 the rest of the country is fast getting fed up with Mr Meyer.

It is not the results, the Boks has always been pretty poor in the EOYT’s, it is more the fact that he and Jean is flat out denying that there is even a slight problem with their team selection and more importantly their GAME PLAN!!! While the rest of the world can all see that there is a HUGE problem with the whole Bok setup.

Heyneke would like us to believe that a narrow somewhat “lucky” win against the Scots is good enough for the Green and Gold. If the All Blacks played like we did this weekend Hansen would surely have ripped the skin off a few of his players.

Yes we all know the Boks has loads of injuries, that they lost a lot of senior players since last year and that HM and his coaching staff are still finding their feet at international level. But surely even with all these mitigating factors the Boks performances of 2012 was just not good enough!!

Why when every team in the world from Scotland themselves to the mighty All Blacks are trying to play a more ball in hand possession orientated game plan, do HM think the way forward is a forward dominating kick the ball to the opposition game where no 13,11,14 and 15 are only there to tackle and chase kicks?

A game plan where there are NO dummy runners, NO offload in the tackle, NO blindside wing coming into the line and DEFF NO fullback ever being involved in attacking play????? I mean JdJ got the ball once the entire game on Saturday. With this one ball he side stepped the first defender and this was probably the most exciting part of the bok’s play on Saturday.

The one play that summed up the game was when we got a turnover on the halfway line and had an overlap, Zane (because this is all he can do) kicked the possession away straight into the Scots fullbacks hands. They kept the ball and worked their way all the way to our 22. And this is not the first time this season someone in the Bok team kicks turnover possession away!!!!!

Another daft decision by Mr Meyer was the inclusion of CJ van der Linde as tighthead cover above Pat Cilliers. Pat has been solid all season long as replacement for the good Doctor. CJ came on gave away 3 penalties and was murdered in the scrums. This caused us to be pinned in our own half for the last 15 mins. A direct result of HM in ability to rate players. I said on Wednesday that this was a huge mistake and so it turned out to be.

Look irrespective of what happens on Saturday this was not a season the Boks, their coach or their fans would want to remember. And this being a rebuilding year; a year where the team, the coach and the management still needs to find each other and themselves nobody expected miracles BUT we did expect them to build towards a winning game plan and team.

IF HM will not even except that his team choices and game plan is seriously flawed how on earth will he be able to change the fortunes of the Boks? The first part about solving any problem is admitting that you have one!! By the time HM and his stooges realize that their game plan will only win them 55 – 70 % of their games it will be to late to change it before the next world cup. As Steve Hansen said it did not take the All Blacks one or two weeks to get there game plan and team working it took years of practice.



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  1. Top post! I honestly can’t watch Bok rugby anymore, I watched the ENG-AUS game. France, New Zealand, even Italy are playing exciting top class rugby thats actually interesting to watch. then you get Springbok rugby, dull, boring predictable, unsatisfying to the eye rugby. Meyer is a puppet master not a coach. Nick Mallet please

  2. Allthough i agree with our poor performance and bad game plan, Nick Mallet is easy to comment, when he coached the Italians, he followed exactly the same game plan. I just think that the supporting coaching staff should be replaced.

    • And when he coached the Boks he also coached them to a 50+ point win over Scotland

      • Look Italy is a 11 ranked team in the world who only wants to win 1 maybe 2 games a season. They want to play low risk rugby and not lose by big margins against other EU teams.
        The Boks are no 2 in the world should be no 1.
        Just the fact that Italy’s GP and the Boks are mentioned in the same comment means that there is something seriously wrong.

        • Italy were PROUD of Mallet when they finished 2nd last in the 6 nations, that should tell the whole story between the difference in quality between Italy and SA.

  3. I used to be a Haneke fan, but it seems he hasost the ability to think for himself, falling for Rassie and company’s Cape crying like babies to have their players included and 2nd ly, his inability to get the team to GEL.3rd ly,rugby has certain phases i.e phase 1, the scrum-you have to have strong props with good technique as well as discipline,then you have to have a good fast moving loose trio, not big old guys like Vermeulen who is too slow to stay with the game.Also,all members of the losse trio must understand that you can not only tackle,bit you have to steal balls(the modern thinking is that only the no 6 flank may steal balls-wow????).Then,in the next phase,the forwards must connect with the backs and here you must have an attacking flyhalf that just not kicks away balls, but he must try and outwit the opposition all the time,making use of different plans.Then you must have ATTACKING centres,not just ones that can defend as only ATTACK can bring points on the board-once again here, the centres must be able to have different outwitting plans.The Wings must be able to keep up.Then lastly,the fullback must once again be able to outwit the opposition and must ATTACK as well, not just kick balls away-wow.
    Now all of the above are so basic and yet,Hanneke is not able to teach the guys this??????????????????-only attack,gelling of the team as a whole and the ability to outwit(thinking on your feet),can bring points on the board.

    • Not sure I follow the whole comment.
      But agree our loose trio is unbalanced. Flo is a revelation at 6 and the reason we have edged the last couple of games.
      Agree Vermeulen has lost a lot of pace due to knee ops and Kanko might be a better option next season. Or maybe Arno can lift Spies and prove he is world class? Vermeulen though does steal some balls on the ground.
      I do believe we have good enough players if they are given the opportunity to play the situation rather that only practicing kicking all week long.

  4. I used to have respect, but lost it.Hanneke is not able to teach the guys the basics,nl.phase 1 which are strong props with good discipline and skills.2ndly strong locks supporting the props in the scrums and are able to attack in lineouts as well as KEEP their own ball in lineouts.3rd ly 3 X fast operating looseforwards who ALL must tackle and STEAL balls(Not just the no 6 flank-wow!!!!!!).
    -Vermeulen is too big and slow and it does not help us at all.4th ly,a good attacking Flyhalf who has diiferent outwitting plans and not just kicking the ball away.Then strong and fast centres who have similar outwitting ATTACKING skills,not just defending skills-the wings must keep up and look for work all the time.Then,the fullback must not kick balls away all the time,nor must he be a clown and he must also have good outwitting skills and plans and ATTACK all the time.Lastly,the team must understand the word GELLING and the forwards and backs must understand how to connect all the time.Teach them to bev aggressive without making mistakes.Teach them to be CLEVER and thinking on their feet.

  5. 2010:
    Experienced Bok team full of World Cup winners lose against Scotland
    Why? Because of the coach.

    A totally in-experienced Bok team, lacking many of our first choice players, win against Scotland.
    Why? Because of the coach.

    • In 2010 you have to remember the weather was atrocious. (not an excuse but mitigating factor)
      Scotland was a better team then and the Boks underestimated them.
      If you are happy about our win against Scotland than kudos for you.

      I always look if a GP or effort will be able to win against the top teams like Nz. I can’t see that happening.

      The real problem is we are just floating not trying to build or expand our game. HM thinks just winning is good enough. Against Nz yes against Scotland no.

  6. Brilliant summing up of a very sad situation.

  7. MM, Got a point, but really we got to be more inovative, the back line is not working !!

    • MM? agree we need dummy runners, skip passes and FB joining the line. If we are only going to run 1 up it is just to easy to defend against

  8. I think we all like to see Boks playing running rugby and score a lots of points and. People criticize HM for a game plan that isn’t doing that now but also because it doesn’t seem to indicate the boks even moving towards the right direction. Personally I do disagree with this; I think they are on the right direction, no matter how painfully slow the progress might be. HM essentially had to start building a Boks team from the scratch and attempting to make a turnarounds of any kind with a snap of your fingers never works in any organizational structure – not in business, sports ect… Another quick change that usually don’t work, if you try to change too many things at the same time.

    I think we have already seen progress especially when it comes to the forwards as a rule; the forwards are already dominating or at least being pretty much on the same level with the opponent. This HM must get right before even thinking of starting to put serious focus in implementing dummy runners ect.. We all know that it doesn’t matter how creative and talented the back-line is if the forwards are on back foot the whole game.

    All I’m saying is that I think everybody agrees where we want the boks to get, but it is the “how to get there” which get people sometimes too critical, as I’m sure HM knows better than most about creating turnarounds in a sustainable way. First you crawl, then you walk and only then you run!

    • I would agree our forward play has been good. Scrums, line outs and mauls has been on par with the leading countries.
      Our forwards has not inter played at all with our backs and that part of our forward play is lacking.

      Thing is we have forward and backline coaches in the management setup. So do you suggest while the forwards are working on their game the backline must just do nothing and not work on their play????
      We can work on the forwards and backs because it is two different parts of the team that can train separately if needed.
      We do not even try to do any moves of 1st phase that even the Brakpan primer school should be able to do.

  9. We struggled to beat the Irish.
    We struggled to beat the Scots.
    We pat ourselves on the back about our defence against teams who dont expect to beat us!
    We are going backwards as fast as the Georgian front row would facing ABs!
    We simply have no startegy, game plan or cunning tactics that might mesmerize any top team!
    Why – because we are not playing as a team. 3/4s of the side should not be there and the coach is not really respected by his charges!
    the team, the nation and the coach – all passionate and die-hard lovers of the green and gold – live in HOPE but anticipation evrerytime our boys take the field.
    Time for robust action!
    Heyneke thanks – but time to go.
    Nic time to stand up and make yourself available – smartly.
    Jean as nice as a guy as you are – you are off the pace, and not the magnificent Bok you were. You astute experience must play a role as an assistant backline coach but not as the Bok captain to the next WCup.

  10. Dont get me wrong, i am a furious HM surporter, but really, i think it is time that he replaces Kirchner and Hougaard.Then send CJ rather back, he was and never will be a great player.He scrumaging was allways suspect. I think you right, we got to crawl before we walk, and we cant compare ourselves now to the AB’s, for one their coaching staaf came a long way with the team and they are groomed to play the way they are playing. I believe we will get there, but HM got to make certain changes

    • Well that is the problem HM does not even admit that his intended GP is wrong. That the Boks need to work on basic skills like passing instead of practicing kick the whole week.

  11. Steyn will be at 10 against England and Taute will be 13 to defend against Tuilagi, Cillier on bench, otherwise team will be the same.

    • You are probably right. It is a shame but HM will just try to defend and win the game that way ala Stormers in the S15.
      Thing is it will not win you the big games like the Stormers has learned the hard way.

  12. Wow, i hope he will at least keep JdJ. Lambie failed, i will admit that, but then rather start with Taute at FB, can allways change half time or later

  13. Guys are knocking Lambie about the way he played on Saturday – he was not great – but surely he should be allowed to play a bit like he does for the Sharks because that is what got him into the squad in the 1st place. He is probably going to be dropped against England and that will more that likely be it for him for international rugby which is sad because the guy has got huge talent.

  14. My point was that for the attacking play to develop as we want it to be with dummy runners, off-loads and line-breaks with lots of points scored – it requires the whole 15 to function well as a team, not just the back-line.

    Forwards were out played earlier, so they probably had to focus a bulk of their time on improving their basics. Which in turn is time much less spent on their role in attack – supporting and covering the defense.

    I certain that gradually the whole team is starting to put more focus on the attack as a team effort when the basics are right. This took NZ years, hopefully not many years for us.

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