Bok team vs Scotland

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Scotland being Scotland this should have been a chance for HM to rest some overplayed players and give the youngsters a run.

BUT the season HM has had (and the 2010 result) will probably force HM to make the minimum amount of changes.

HM has publicly stated that he might rest seriously overplayed and slightly injured captain Jean de Villiers. The problem with this is that HM did not take one back-up 12 on the tour. Sure JdJ can play 12 but he has been on form at 13. JdJ has brilliant feet but his distribution skills are lacking a bit to be a good 12 thus he is more suited to 13.

My team against Scotland:

15 – Jaco Taute: HM believes he is a FB and so does the rest of the world so play him there. Zane has had plenty of game time give him a rest.

14 – JP Pietersen – Had little opportunity in the game and got a harsh yellow. I would expect a better game against Scotland

13 – Juan de Jong – If JdV is fit he should play mainly cause HM seemed it fit to take only one 12 and an injured one at that. If JdV injured then I would have Mapoe at 13.

12 – JdV – Captain had an OK game but is deff slightly injured. JdJ can play if the captain is injured but he is the only recognized 12 on tour.

11 – Mvovo – He need a start people questions his defense but Hougie had another shocker against Ireland esp on defense. Earls made him look like a school boy.

10 – Pat Lambie – He deserves another chance. Maybe so does Elton but I would put Elton on the bench.

9 – Ruan Pienaar – Had a solid game against Ireland. He is not FdP nor Joost but he is the best we have.

8 – Duane Vermeulen – Had an OK game stole some ball and defended well. Not seen the best of him yet at test level

7 – Marcell Coetzee – Our loose trio looked a bit slow and heavy against Ireland. I would bring on Alberts as impact player.

6 – Flo – Had another blinder against Ireland. Should be next bok captain if he can give up the pound.

5 – Franco vd Merwe – Kruger had a off game and has not looked the part since the Eng series.  It is time for a change.

4 – Eben – Had an solid game. He might be getting tired but should be replaced after 60.

3 – Pat Cilliers – the good Dok has a slight injury would keep him on the bench or rest him. Cilliers has not disappointed yet.

2 – Adriaan Strauss – Also had a good game. Showed real leadership qualities.

1 – Gathro Steenkamp – If he is fit he should play.

16 – Chiliboy – seems unfair after HM did not afford Schalk one min on Sa. Personal choice because he plays in Sa. But Schalk prob better player.

17 – Heinkie vd Merwe – Scrumed well on Sa. Did give away 2 penalties. But was not even at training.

18 – The Good dok if not injured. Otherwise will go to Malherbe the only other 3 in the group. Do not believe CJ can cut it at 3 anymore.

19 – Big Flip – has been improving the whole season. Seems to give less penalties away. Eben also had a long long season.

20 – Jano Vermaak – 2nd best 9 on tour

21 – Elton Jantjies – I would like him to come on with 20 to go.

22 – Mapoe – Or if JdV is injured Rhule.

23 – Willem Alberts – as loose forward cover. He can make an impact when coming on.

But I am sure HM will not move Taute from 13 and play Zane at 15. He will porbably bring in JdJ at 12.

Also not sure if he will drop Hougie but he seriously needs a break from rugby.


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  1. Good team, will be great to See de Jong and Taute start, I would however be a bit concerned with our front row, Scotland scrumed well against the All Blacks

    • Jip Scotland has a good scrum but not yet sure if Jannie will be ready. Would you want to risk injuring him further?
      We will struggle to dominate the Scottish scrum but if we can hold our own they do have other weaknesses.

      • True, risking Jannie is a big no, and I believe Pat and Garthro are excellent scrummers, but how will the gel as a scrumming unit with Strauss in the middle?

        PS: Scrummers or Srummagers?

      • I think Pat at TH and Gurthro at LH should be fine. Flip should also start, I think he is a stronger scrummager than Juandre and he really started to pick up his game massively.

  2. The Bok game plan anyways doesn’t require the 12 to be a good distributor of the ball. When last did we see our 12’s creating play? Not even the incumbant Frans Steyn, nor the IRB u/20 player of the tournament are distributors of the ball. They are crash ball runners, used ever since the days of De Wet Barry. So De Jongh’s impact imo should be positive because he is fit and on form. De VIlliers have played the most rugby of all the players this season and is the oldest as well. TIme for him to get a break.

  3. I would play CJ before Malherbe. Malherbe isn’t strong enough yet and was folded double by both JC and Beast in recent CC matches.

    • True, But CJ did not fair to well at 1 this weekend and he has not played TH for a while. So do not know how he will go at 3.
      Both JC and Beast are strong scrummagers.

  4. All backline players should have great/good distribution/offloading skills. It seems something the Boks keep ignoring, if the centres don’t pass after drawing defenders or breaking the line, they get isolated, and slow ball is then produced, and now you have 1/2 less backline players for the next phase of play. I wouldn’t mind seeing a midfield of JdJ and Mapoe, both great runners and flair players with enough pace to really exploit gaps.

    • SA rugby players still think they can run through or over any opponent, instead of going for the gaps and trying to offload in the tackle. Our game plan is also too one dimensional and predictable. Don’t know what recaro loubscher is doing as our backline coach.. eish

  5. Don’t expect more than 1, maaaybe 2, changes in the starting lineup. HM has said repeatedly that he doen’t want to change the team too much.
    I think he is too scared of losing. If he makes a couple of changes and they lose he’s gonna feel even more pressure. The only change I see him making is JDJ in place of de velliers. He’ll keep Crusty at fullback and Hougie on the wing I think.
    O ja and off course there’ll be injury forced changes in the front row.
    I agree with your team selection, but the only change I would make is give de villiers a break and start with JDJ at 12 and maybe give mapoe a chance at 13

    • Good points.
      JdJ at 12 is not the worst option but still it is playing another guy out of position.
      We have a 15 at 13, a 13 at 12, a 9 at 11. I always believe play your best players in their preferred positions.
      Anyways it looks like HM will play JdJ at 12.

      • Yip, playing players out of position is never a good thing. But who else could we use at 12?
        The other option that HM might (and probably will) take is to just replace Taute with JDJ. He hinted at doing that. But then for crying out loud, dont put taute on the bench! Start him at fullback and put Crusty on the bench!!

  6. I would rather put Mapoe at 12 and JdJ at 13. Number 12 should be a bigger and stronger guy who can get thru tighter defense and gain valuable meters – and potentially offload to a more speedy number 13. Mapoe is strong as a bull and doesn’t get pushed back easily whereas JdJ is better in space with his speed and ability to quickly change directions.

    I don’t know how good Mapoe is at offloading and distributing but what I’m certain of is that JdJ is too “light” for no12 position and he would be pushed back. I actually think he is to light for 13 as well for international level, but at least in that position he has his big strengths as well. ie. speed and creativity.

    Bus as he deserves his chance, rather then JdV to start at 12 and let JdJ play his own position at 13.

  7. Other option, of course, would be:

    10 Jantjies
    11 Mvovo
    12 Lambie
    13 de Jongh
    14 Pietersen
    15 Taute

    The Jantjies / Lambie / Taute 10/12/15 combination was my vision of a future Bok combo a few years ago already.

  8. Why must Elton always play second fiddle to others.

    • I do not know. Maybe because he has had 2 good CC but has not yet preformed constantly at S15 level?
      Maybe thats not his fault, the Lions have not provided enough opportunities for him.
      I do think if next season he has a good consistent season with the Stormers he will be rated higher.

  9. You have no cover for loose forward on the bench??

  10. Juan de jong too light for international level? Tell that to Aaron Mauger(one of the best number 12’s ever IMO) this obsession with size is why Brad Baritt knew he would never play for SA and he is a brilliant 12(look how good he made the awful Waylon Murray look!

    Conrad smith isnt that big and he is very good as is Gordon D’arcy.

    • Agree how many players have ran over or through de jong? not many.
      For me his biggest problem is distribution and maybe at 12 one would like a SBW like or Barrit like 12 who can create space and then send the outside backs away.
      Not sure de Jong falls into any of those 2.

  11. Your are 100% correct he needs to play 13- its only in response to ther posters comments on his size.

    Francois steyn is a clever distributerseems to have lost it a bit in France but shoulf get it back at the sharks where off loads are very important.

    However other than Frans we lack in that department, even JdV is a bit more crash and bash.

    No reason why players cant improve though- Nonu had some of the worst skills I have seen as a youngster but now he distributes adequately- better than JdV!

    In SA we get so excited by a players strenghts that coaches dont seem to force the player to work on his weaknesses.

    I use Habana for illustration against JP Pietersen because they are both awesome.

    Habana has incredible speed, power, defense and positioning.

    He has improved his positioning so thats 1

    He cant step and runs out of the line every game costing us points(-2)

    JP has strength, power and can step.

    He used to battle positionally, on defence and had awful hands- all have been improved (+3)

    Had Habana been coached by an ozzie(campo) he would have improved those weaknesses.

    Now if Nonu can distribute how did JdV get by with below average skills just bacuse he runs brilliantly and on clever angles?

    • Well put there, JDV and Habana has really disappointed me in recent years , being a past player with those 2 and Habana being an outside centre that has been transformed to a wing is no surprise. Habana had the skills and ran great lines, not sure where he went wrong..As for JDV he has always been running great lines and his skills are still great but playing under instructions limits a player to an extent in executing those skills you have.

  12. Valid point there, Backline players should have those attributes, I played with Jean at Provincial level and he definately has the skills and attributes of a natural distributor of the ball. Not sure where it has disappeared to ..Maybe he is playing under full instructions from HM

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