SA Rugby awards.

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SARU Rugby Player of the Year
Winner: Bryan HabanaYoung Player of the Year
Winner: Eben Etzebeth

Team of the Year
Winner: Sharks (Currie Cup)

Coach of the Year
Winner: John Plumtree (Sharks)

Super Rugby Player of the Year

Winner: Keegan Daniel (Sharks)

Currie Cup Premier Division Player of the Year

Winner: Deon Fourie (Western Province)

Vodacom Cup Player of the Year
Winner: Demetri Catrakilis (Western Province)SARPA Players’ Player of the Year:

JP Pietersen (The Sharks)SuperSport Try of the Year
Winner: Bryan Habana (Springboks v All Blacks, Rugby Championship)

SA Under-20 Player of the Year:

Jan Serfontein (Blue Bulls)Marriott Referee Award:

Jaco Peyper
(copied and pasted from News24, with some mods)
Interesting to say the least.
Now with a few no-one can argue.  Like Eben for young player, Keegan for S15 player, Catrakilis for VodacomCup player, JP for PlayersPlayer and Deon for CC player. They are all kinda solid choices and no real surprises in their.
Habana for SARU player of the year all though not totally left field and interesting choice non the less. I am sure not everyone would agree. I think he was the best on the list. Without anyone in SA rugby really standing out.
Jan Serfontein for o/20 player was expected because he already won the IRB o/20 player. But what about Johan Goosen who had a brilliant S15 (before he got injured) played 3 test for the Boks now that is also an accomplishment of some sort. Maybe the because it is an age group category mostly age group accomplishments were looked at??
Jaco Peyper for ref of the year is mind boggling. He did ref the CC final but he was shocking to be kind. He missed more than 1 screw through, missed knock-on’s, saw knock-on’s that wasn’t and gave Jannie warnings for first slapping another player and then shouldering another in the space of 10 mins. Only the fact that WP won saved him. People always say you only moan about the ref if you lose so let me be different I’ll moan about Peyper even though we won.
Then comes the real interesting choices of the night John Plumtree as coach of the year and the Sharks CC team as team of the year.
Firstly I do not have a massive problem with John as coach of the year. The Sharks did play some great rugby and he changed the way SA teams will play in the future. (I believe) But then he did play in 2 finals and won none. While AC finished 1st in the S15 and won a conference cup and a Currie Cup. If I was AC I would be a bit miffed.
Then another strange decision Sharks CC team as team of the year? Why because they finshed 1st on the log and failed to win the comp? Well so did the Stormers in the S15 a much harder competition.  If you want to give it to a Sharks team then why not their S15 team they came from behind and nearly did the impossible while crossing the globe twice. And what about the young WP team who defied logic and beat them said Sharks in the final?? Weird weird choice.
I believe no one at SARU gave WP and AC any chance of winning the CC thus resulting in their snub. It must have been an awkward feeling when you win team of the year yet did not win any trophies.
In the end WP and AC will probably rather take the Vodacom Cup, Conference Cup and Currie Cup than any hollow award handed out by SARU. Lets face it its SARU.

6 responses to SA Rugby awards.

  1. I Think The Sharks have been the most consistent team throughout the year and that could have had an impact on the award, remember WP were at one stage facing a promotion relegation match but did well to win the cup. also WP probably would have won the award had the votes been made after the Currie cup final. unfortunately they were made after the Semi’s.

    • Well the Sharks CC team won so yeah they were consistent in the CC but as I said so was the Stormers during league play in the S15.
      As you said the votes being made after semi’s was prob the deciding factor as everyone (including the Sharks) thought they have already won the trophy.

      But still it is a bit of a shambles.

  2. Still dont understand how Cicil Africa played only 3 out of the 13 tournaments and gets sevens player of the year award.

    other than that well deserved to every one. currie cup player of the year i would have given to Ndugane or louis Fouche(only because he scored the most points in the currie cup) ; )

    • The sevens player was voted by media 50%and fans 50% so just show how many people actually watches the sevens. They just voted for the most recognizable name aka Cecil. Even though he was injured the whole season.

      As for CC which Ndugane? Fouche?? No man the Bulls nearly ended last on the CC log.
      Maybe Daniels but he already won S15, or Ludick maybe. But I feel Deon having won lots of MOTM awards and captaining WP to the Cup is well deserved winner.

  3. Maybe AC did not throw R50 notes at the Awards’ Panel like the players did in Khayelitsha. Pse allow the receivers of awards the accolades they deserve and stop sounding like a provincialist. Awards never seem to be fair to all. Talk about strange arrangements: Oh not too long ago the likes of the Sharks and the Bulls in the S16 and the Blue Bulls and Province in the Currie Cup would not have contested the honours that were at stake at all as only the top 2 teams would have. Province won the Currie Cup and that is what history will say. Who wants awards anyway?

    • Do not quite understand your comment S16? Not sure
      In anyway as I said the voting system seems to be flawed but congrats to the winners.
      Except for Peyper and maybe Afrika the rest did deserve their awards to some degrees at least.

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