Heyneke’s search for Flyhalves.

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Heyneke Meyer did his first media briefing for the up and coming tour of the UK.

In it he said that from next season on he would like to focus on 2 flyhalves going forward to the 2015 RWC. He also said that because the next RWC will be played in England he is looking for a tactical astute FH with emphasis on tactical kicking accuracy.

He also said that he has always been open and honest to Pat Lambie (hard to believe) and that he said a while ago to him that if he wants to push for the Bok  10 he needs to improve his tactical kicking game. He said he was not impressed with Lambie’s kicking game during the S15. (when he played 10)

He did say however that he can see Pat has worked hard on his kicking game and that he was impressed with this aspect of his game during the final stages of the CC. He said Pat will get his chance to stake his claim for Bok FH.

Very interesting indeed!!

It would be interesting to see who HM rates as his best two FH going forward. He basically have 4 FH at the moment that, according to him, needs to be cut down to 2.

Johan Goosen, Elton Jantjies, Morne Steyn and Pat Lambie all very different types of FH’s. Thing is we only play three test on tour and there is (now) three FH on tour. Would this mean that he gives everyone, one game as starting FH? Or do he give the bench FH an extended period on the pitch? We should also not forget that we must still win all these test as world ranking points are important for the next RWC.

To be fair he would still have next season S15 to decide who he will prefer. And things like fitness may also come into play. But we have to remember that the S15 is played in a lot different conditions than the Eng winter.

I just hope he really do give Lambie and Jantjies a fair chance to stake their claims and do not start every game with Steyn and then just bring on Jantjies or Lambie as impact players in the last 20. It is difficult to really enforce yourself in those last 20 mins when the game starts to unravel.

In a separate question Heyneke said that he views young Taute as a fullback (always have) and that he sees him as the future 15 for the Boks. He only used him as 13 cover due to injuries. He did however said that he is still short on centre’s and might use him as centre again if injuries force him to. This might also be the real deciding factor why Taute chose the Stormers ahead of Sharks.

The best news out of this is that HM can see someone else in the 15 jersey than Zane. A solid S15 player but lacking the X-factor you would like from an international 15.

Now HM should just sit with his comrades and decide who his next captain will be because JdV will deff not make 2015 RWC. And the sooner one sorts out your captain going forward the better chance you have of winning the RWC.



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  1. I’m not sure what HM is trying to achieve with statements like this basically closing the door on other contenders, barring injuries, for the next three years. Way to early to start limiting options.

    • Jip you can’t just focus on 2 FH what if both get injured and suddenly you have to have a new FH who wasn’t part of the squad for a while?

      I believe we have 4 decent FH’s although one is injured, one out of form and the other 2 still need to proof themselves at Boks level. But still that is 4 FH not 2.

      We should see after next seasons SR cause luckily all 4 play for different unions. Thus we will get a pretty decent idea of who will make it and who won’t.

  2. I also don’t like it that he wants to focus on only 2 flyhalves. Like you say, we have 4 very good (except m steyn) flyhalves at the moment. M steyn had his chance, we all know what he can do in the bok jersey. He needs to go back to provincial rugby and get his form and confidence back. Goosen is out injured so now is the time to give lambie and jantjies a shot to stake their claim for the bok 10 jersey. Let 1 of them start and give the other some time at the end of the game off the bench. And swop them around for the next game.
    If HM starts with m steyn on this end of year tour, or even just put him on the bench.. Dan maak ek sommer my broek vuil..

    • I believe he will start with Steyn. And rotate the rest from the bench.
      But agree Pat should start 1st game and Janties second to see who is the better and then the best one should start against Eng.

  3. Well if he is looking forward to 2015 world cup then Morne Steyn must not go, Lambie and Goosen or Lambie and Jantjies. who knows, maybe another brilliant flyhalf pops up between now and then

  4. Wel,, what he is basically saying is that only 1 of Goosen, Jantjies or Lambie will make the side as an incumbant flyhalf. Morne is already the other one, otherwise he would not have gone on tour now.

    • Agree Morne will have to have more than w few bad games/seasons before Mr Meyer will exclude him.
      HM believes an on form Morne is best suited to his GP.
      Just think by 2015 he will be 31 and he might be to old by then for a FH.

  5. Would like to see how FLO get a shot at the captains armband, he is looking very composed and mature now, however Mr Meyer will probably give it to Spies…

    • The thing is a captain of your country should deff be playing his rugby in his country so that kinda rules flo out.
      The captain is not just captain on the field but off field to and must do media ect something that is not possible if you are contracted to an overseas club.

  6. Peter Grant deserves to be the holder of the Fly Half Springboks!
    The best team should be well by 2015: 1-Gurthrö Steenkamp 2- Schalk Brits 3- Bismarck Du Plessis 4-Eben Etzebeth 5-Juandre Kruger 6-Schalk Burger 7-Justin Downey/Keegan Daniel/Juan Smith (If recovered, I hope so) 8-Pierre Spies/Willem Alberts 9-Charl Mcleod/Ruan Pienaar 10-Peter Grant/Patrick Lambie 11-Johan Jackson/Brian Habana 12-Jan Serfontein/Kyle Brown 13-Jean de Villiers/Robert Ebersohn 14-Gerhard van den Heever 15-Patrick Lambie/Joe Pietersen

  7. I agree on the captaincy issue! I don’t think Jean will make it to the next world cup. I don’t think he is the best no 12 in his own province anymore. As for the Springbok captaincy, I think that Bismarck du Plessis will make an excellent captain! He leads by example and all the players look up to him. It might also have the same effect that it had on Schalk Burger in that he stops doing stupid things on the field and constantly being in danger of receiving a yellow card!!

  8. I am very glad you are not my springbok coach

  9. @Alejandro

  10. let’s be honest HM has got a choice for FH. actually a lot of choice. his positions of doubt are scrumie, lock(5) four lock has at least four candidates. and fullback.

  11. the captain is the guy that always stays cool calm and collected. bismarck is a hot head and really aggressive. he uses that aggression really well and i think the control should be up to his captain and not him. duane vermuelen could be an option for captain. and Keagan danieals definately has a shot if he can find a way to fit into the Bok GP

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