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August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Firstly HM should look at himself and stop blaming injuries and experience for his his teams dismal displays. It is his player choices and game plan  that is costing the BOKS. We will never win again if he doesn’t realize he is the biggest problem his game plan has not worked since May 2010. He should take off those blue glasses take his head out of his arse and act!!!

Locks: Andries Bekker is just not up to scratch and if he is injured or just out of form it doesn’t matter he needs some time with WP. Kruger had good games for the Boks. Flip should take early retirement. What HM sees in him only HM would know he is a penalty machine and should go play for the Bulls. Franco, Brestler or even young Steph-du toit would be better.

Lose trio: With no Bismark a fetcher is non-negotiable. Brussow was injured but is now fit again and should select himself. Alberts did well at 7 and I will keep him there. Jacque is not S15 material and deff not bok standerd. Keegan is an option at 8 and would not let team down but with Brussow at 6 we need more weight and Vermeulen should be obvious choice.

Half backs: I love Hougie but he should either come on as impact player or start at wing. He is just not up toa 9’s technical standerds. Pienaar looked far better than him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Morne is just not up to standerd. His game plan of kicking at all costs is stupid. It is obvious Lambie to start at 10 with young Goosen on the bench even Jantjies would be a way better option. THE BOKS WON’T EVER WIN ANY SILVER WARE AGAIN WITH MORNE AT 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cent res: I am a bit dissapointed with Frans and JdV but with the ball they are getting from Hougie and Steyn not even SBW himself would be good enough. The young centers of the Sharks both injured is a real option though.

FB: Zane is not good enough just not good enough. Any onee of Lambie (if Elton plays 10), Ludic, Andries Coetzee or Willie Le Roux would be better.

In short if HM doesn’t make whole sale changes we as bok supporters will have a terrible 2012.

As FTB said on twitter : As a Stormers supporter it is hard enough watching them play with no creativity one cannot take the same shyt from the Boks. The Stormers though does not have the personal to change to much HM though do have all the talent he needs.


What will happen to Lions players?

August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just a short post to what could happen to Lions players. ( also sad sad to see BayLion leave :(     )

Of what I knnow (granted not much) only Elton Jantjies has an excape clause in his contract that allows him to leave the Lions if they lose their SR spot.

Other players are still under contract with the Lions and can’t just leave to join other unions. Yes some will get NH contracts that the Lions wont be able to turn down. (but the same can be said about WP)

I can hear everyone say that the Lions won’t be able to afford their big name players without a SR contract. BUT I think this is where Saru will do what they do best and try to pay their way out of trouble and give the Lions a shyt load of money to keep most of their players.

I just hope WP has their check books out to poach Jantjies before the Sharks or Bulls do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worrying times for WP/Stormers fans!

August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Unlike most people I don’t feel that the Stormers had a bad S15 season. I also did not mind them setting up a gameplan and holding to it. It almost worked and if injuries went a bit better it might have worked.

Although personally I would love WP to run the ball more but with the current no 9 and 10 I do not think it is possible.

NO MY BIGGEST problem is with the next inline players for WP/Stormers esp in the backline. Couple this with the fact that they are losing a lot of good young tallent and not really filling the gaps with new tallent.

WP have De Jong and JdV as centres but the next inline at 12 or 13 is really worrying. This while we lost the services of Engelbrecht, Sadie and Whitehead in one year.

At flyhalf things are even worse with Grant first choice the next in line is Francis, Van Aswegen or Demetri. None of whom are world beaters.

Scrumhalf is the same with Duvenhage having a bad 2012 season Schreuder might become better but he could not even force his place when Dewald was way of his best.

Now I know it is difficult for teams to build huge squads because the next in line do not want to wait for game time they want it now. And thus is prone to move to other clubs ect. But with WP having the biggest attendences at games right through the year being one of the most watched teams in the world. (rugby)

They should have some of the biggest  budgets in South Africa but can’t seem to out bet teams like the Cheetahs, Lions. Neither can they, it seems, equal Bulls and Sharks.

There must be something wrong with management when it is clear that the Stormers have big gaps at 10, 12 ,13,  2 and there is no real effort to sign big name players. The Chiefs singed SBW and Cruden and they won the the S15. The Sharks brought back Freddie and he transformed their attacking game.

IF WP/STORMERS are really serious about winning the S15 they should get more investors and start buing real tallent.

You can’t tell me that if WP offerd say (as an example) young Goosen a huge contract that he would not be tempted to move away from the Cheetahs. (before he signed earlier in the year)

If they are really serious and want to become really professional they should try and buy players that is still in contract with other unions by paying the other unions for their release. (like in soccer where there are only few free transfers)

If a team like (just examples) the Lions, Cheetahs or Griquas has any bussness sense they will also know that if they sell one supperstar they can afford 3 other decent players and thus have more depth.

We will have to wait and see. But I can’t see the WP winning to many comp if they don’t stop just buying local players that decided to stay and if they are not willing like the Sharks and Bulls to sign real tallent from other provinces.

Here I have to congratulate the Bulls who have really set out to buy most of the young supperstars available. And doing this while being based in Ptown is something to admire. I can’t think there is one person who would go and live in one of the most dangerous places on earth just for the fun of it.


My Bok team!!!

August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is time for the 4N and this will be my team: (given the squad and available players)

15 – P Lambie – I think Heyneke will go with Kirchner I just feel Lambie is in a class above Kirchner. He and Morne could also swop around during the game and thus give the Boks more attacking capabilities. If conditions allow.

14 – B Habana well with in-form JP out. There is no real contenders for 14. Habana has played 13 so 14 won’t be to much of a mind change.

13. – J de Villiers – Had good games for the Boks against Eng. Then struggled for form at 12 for Stormers. I think with Frans on his inside taking some presure of him will help him a lot.

12 – F Steyn – Has not yet reached the form he shown in 2011 RWC but has been solid. Personally I feel he is trying to change his game a bit more in line with SBW. It will take some time but if he can start ofloading in the tackle he might become brilliant.

11 – Mvovo – With no Pietersen nor Basson he is next in line. I still have my doubts about his tactical game and under presure when being turned arround but he deserve a chance to proof his neighsayers wrong.

10. – M Steyn – He is in a rutt of sorts. The truth is he has always struggled without FdP on his inside taking presure off him. Still not convinced he can cope without FdP. But only time will tell. If he can get his goal kicking up again it will help his confidence a lot.

9. R Pienaar –  Heyneke will probably opt for Hougaard but in the heavy wet conditions of Newlands I would prefer Pienaars educated boot.

8. – P Spies – This is a tough one because there is no real other contenders in Bok squad. In the wet he will disapear but against Argintina we might get away with that.

7. W Alberts – Has had a stellar and of season and has no real challengers. Perfect for the wet conditions

6. M Coetzee – One of the finds of the season. Brussow is not in the squad. Coetzee is like a young Burger (maybe with out all the penalties) Like Schalk he can fetch a bit, carry a bit and tackle a lot . And like burger his biggest positive is that he is everywhere on the field

5.  – A Bekker – Slowly starting to gain some form after struggling with injuries for most of the season. Has not yeat reach his form of 2011 but he is getting there.

4. E Etzebeth – Rumoured to be slightly injured. But if fit he is a machine just ask Bismark.

3. J du Plessis – best in RSA

2. B du Plessis – Has no equal in the world

1. Beast – best in RSA

16 A Struass

17 P Cilliers – can scrum both sides

18 J Kruger

19. Kegan Daniels – can play 6, 7, and 8

20. F Hougaard

21. Elton Jantjies

22. Z Kirchner