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Losing to the Bulls not all bad?

May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

So with all of Burger, Vermeulen, Koster, Bekker, Pietersen and Kitshoff out this Stormers team sure do look like a full strenght Lions team (just joking Baylion). But it sure does not look like a championship team.

The Bulls on the otherhand are at full streght (Bar penalty machine Steggman and J Potgieter the last available if they wanted to choose him).

So for AC it is all about getting some sort of points out of the game. A losing bonus point of a 4 try bonus point will be nice.

BUT will be very hard to come by since the Bulls have really stepped up their defence since that farce of a Rebels game and the Stormer inability to score tries.

Be that as it may, the Bulls will either be 1 , 2 or 3 points ahead of the Stormers after this weekend.

I think AC should start this game looking for a bonus point of sorts and if after 50 –  60 min that looks totally impossible he should withdraw players like Kolisi, Etzebeth, JdV and Habana to spare them for the games after the brake.

A loss this weekend will also force the Stormers management to change their defence 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important approach. And will force them to at least try and do some dummy runners ect. and not just the FH loop around as against the Sharks.

The Stormers players like Burger, Vermeulen and Bekker will be rested and ready to go. They might be a bit rusty but esp. Burger never seems rusty after an injury layoff.

We still play the Lions, Cheetahs and Rebels and esp. the away Cheetahs game will be tough. But as the Sharks now, then the Stormers will be in a place where they will have to win and preferably with 4 tries this do put some sort of pressure on you and migth bring the best out of the team. (or if not then there season will be over and they should start building towards next season)

The Stormers ofcoarse will need the Sharks to do them a favour by beating the Bulls in Durban if the men from the Cape would stand any chance of topping the conference.

If not then the Stormers can still qualify in the top 6. Which may not be such a bad thing as the Stormers have just in recent times played some of their best games away from Newlands and all the presure. (Homeground advantge sure did not help in 2011 nor in 1998?)

So although it is sad (as a Stormers supporter) that the game on Saturday night will be hugely onesided affair, we are still in a good position and might just be the freshest of all the RSA contenders.



May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK so I was away last week and I see MU and Bloues already did posts about it. But I still have some things to say.

When Heyneke became Bok coach I for one was glad. He had the pedigree he had the trophies and was unlucky to miss out in 2008. (unfairly)

When he selected his coaching staff I was a bit surprised to see an all Bulls management. But when I thought about it, most of them has been his assistants during his coaching career and most have had sucsess with him. I was a bit perplexed with Ricardo Laubsher who has not really done anything special.

Then last week when his squad was anounced I was even more surprised!

Not with the squad as a whole but that all the marginal players the ones that was lucky to be included were all Bulls??


CJ Stander: A good player for the future. But has he played better than Kolisi, Johnson, Elstedt?

Jano Vermaak: Also a good player. Has been for a while. But haven’t played mutch. Is he beter than McLeod?

JJ Engelbrecht: Big young player. But has struggled to make the Bulls 13 his own. Has look Ok on attack but defence is his weakpoint.

Akona Ndungane: Past his best.(which never was that great) Better than Willie Le Roux????


I do not have a problem with any one of the players on their own. But it is funny that all the “marginal” players (the ones that are lucky to be selected) are …. low and behold Bulls?

Add to that, that Wynand Olivier, Zane Kirchner and Flip all had chances with the Boks and failled to impress.

But after two stints with Jake and Peter, who had no provincial coaching terms, it was always going to be a bit blue at the Boks.

Then came the news that he wants Fourie du Preez back to be captain and scrumhalf. (after FdP public said he does not want it). His form in the 2011 WC together with John’s probably cost us the WC. I do hope that JAPAN has help him find his form. But even that how motivated will he be after saying he does not want it. And will he be available come 4N time???





What really?? He is about as objective rugby journalist as Adolf Hitler was a democratic and peaceful leader!!!!

And that is being a bit harsh to Adolf !!!

No his subjective blue stained colums in the Raport has always been laughable and now he is SARU’s media man???

Look Heyneke you are a brilliant coach. And I do have respect for you BUT not all the tests will be played at Loftus and alienating 80% of the country will not help when hard times comes by.


It should not have been like this. You deserve a fair chance and the support of the whole country. But your obsession by only surrounding your self with people who worship you will make it difficult to near impossible.





Mid week S15 Funny!!!!!!!

May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Jannie is walking around crying at school. The school principal worryingly asks Jannie what is wrong?

Unable to console Jannie he takes Jannie to the social worker.

At the social worker Jannie calms down a bit and the social worker asks Jannie what is wrong.

Jannie still crying a bit says to the social worker I do not want to live with mommy and daddy anymore!!!

Worried the social worker asks why??

Jannie angrily says all they do is beat me the whole day, everyday!!

Even more worried now the social worker asks Jannie now where do you want to live??

Jannie replies with the Lions rugby team they don’t beat anybody!!


Looks at the overall log!!!

May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I posted a few weeks ago that the Mighty Bulls have an excellent chance to be the first SA team to go 4 zip in a Aus/Nz tour. Every blogger through all their toys out of their cots. (except true blue supporters of coarse) 

Now two weeks later and even news24 writers are starting to mention the possibility!

Next up the Highlanders is a team on a downwards spiral and have a huge amount of injuries. The Bulls confidence will be sky high after their deseved come from behind win over the Sydney Blue’s. I really can’t see the Clan upsetting the runaway train that is the Bulls backline. (Especially if Wynand “the special one” Olivier makes his come back)

If have always said that the Chiefs game will be the only real challange for the Mighty Bulls. The Chiefs though, as most Nz teams, is also tacking backwards steps. They are also getting injuries non more influencial than Richard Kahui’s potentially season ending shoulder injurie. This will definitely make out job a bit easier. The Chiefs still is a quality side and Cruden is in some good form but so is Steyn. Can’t wait!!!

As for the other SA teams. I am impressed by the Sharks game this weekend even though it was against the low riding Force. They do seem to get momentum at the right time. 

The Cheetahs was very unlucky not to win this weekend and Steve’s penalties against Coenie (when he seemed to dominate) coupled with the fact that Sias again missed a sitter was their down fall.

The Snoremers again proved they are the most borring team in Super Rugby history. Their inability to score tries when they have momentum is mind boggling. It looks like there is some real frustration building up and they have now resorted to thuggish tactics. That man called Elstadt is a real piece of work first head locking a player and then kneeing a player (much smaller than himself) in the head!!!

I must admit that the scuffle next to the touch line was the most exciting part of this game!!

The Lions well the less said about the Lions the better.

So my prediction is still the same a Bulls – Crusaders final at Loftus easy. Snoremers to lose at first play-off game!!

Tot weder siens…..

Resting the Boks before the 1st test.

May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Nz franchises said it before the start of the season. They will rest All Blacks before the test window if the coach asked for it.

Now I don’t know whether he will or not and I know their central contracting system makes it a lot easier for them.

I just wonderd if Coetzee and/or Ludeke will be willing to rest the Boks if asked by Meyer.  Meyer might have secretly wished that by the time 2nd of June came a long that there would only be one contender for conference honors. As things stand the Sharks , Stormers and Bulls are all still in with a shout.

An article on News24 (Rob) suggested Meyer might be tempted to not pick to many Bulls or Stormers for the 1st test as they may well be bruised and fatigued come 8 Jun.

BUT is it fair to Meyer or the Boks shouldn’t the Boks be the no 1 priority? Shouldn’t totally smashing the Poms be our no 1 priority? ARE WE NOT INTITLED TO MANSHAMING KITCH BELOVED ROSE PETALS???

OK so a fatigued or second string Bok team should still be able to win the Poms. Is it fair to the players, sponsors, coach and most importantly the spectators not being able to see the strongest possible Bok team “rested” and raring to go??

Maybe its because I am a Stormers supporter and because of WP Vodacom cup sucsess I feel confident about our team sans any Boks.

But personally I feel that Meyer should name his Bok squad of 22 players and they all should be rested of the weekend of the 2nd of Jun fixtures. I mean there is 16 games in the regular season of Super Rugby is one game to much to ask from our franchises? (all of them are local derbies)

Hey but thats just me. And if the Stormers lose to the Waratahs and Sharks I might be sining a different tune. (No come to think of it I will still be OK with it.



May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok so I would be dishonest if I said I was happy with the Stormers game on Saturday. 

OK so Steve do not know much about scruming and gave all the pen in the 1st half to the Stormers and the 2nd half to the Cheetahs. Which kind of dictated who had the momentum. But not all the blame could be laid at his feet. I think Coenie really wanted to show up Brok (not the most difficult thing to do) but in the process failed to bind and scrumed around Brok a lot. 

Brok on the other hand, when Coenie got the bind and the hit crumbled like a fat cookie.

Elstedt is a real disapointment this season. After starting so brightly last year he is now a penalty and yellow card machine. 

His perpetual diving over the ruck when the Stormers are on attack really breaks our momentum. And this silly of the ball play of him reminds me to much of Bakkies when he was a bit out of form. 

Last year it was FH this year it is 8th man. Carr was the 3rd to go ( if you think about it Burger could have helped thier so maybe 4) and now their is a real crisis at 8. Jebb seems more like a lock – big, strong, OK defnce – but lacking speed and handeling abillity. 

The Stormers really need a 8th man in the mould of Keegan. A fetching type of 8th man that can create play. Dare I say it Puke Watson type of 8th man. With out Burger, Koster, Carr the Stormers is lacking an ofloading type of loosie. Yes Vermeulen leaves a big gap in the pysical department but we now have Elstedt and Etzebeth to fill that void which we did not in 2011. 

Bekker is not 100% fit. I know AC can hardly rest him with all the senior players out but he is struggling with that back injury. He is like a 4th loose forward when at full tilt and can really hit a gap and ofload. At the moment he is just going through the paces to survive untill 60 – 70 odd minutes. His line-out capabilities is also compromised. 

Then the Stormers backline. Defending like Trojans but hav no idea what to do with ball on attack. It is diificult to select one player who is to blame. But one thing I have noticed is Dewald is either passing or kicking. He hardly ever takes a snipping brake around the fringes. This places a lot of presure on Grant to create everything and also gives the defence only one line of attack to worry about. 

I really hope they can start preforming a bit. Four try bonus point is a luxery but they can aleast look like they are trying to score rather then just defend. 


Ps. Greenman where is your Sias man of the match preformance???


May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

So after Wynand “the special one” Olivier got injured the 18 – 19 points on tour always had to be adjusted to 16 – 17 points.

It’s like Barcalona losing Messi or Real Madrid losing Ronaldo your attacking capabilities is just not the same.

BUT the Bulls did what they had to do to get a deserved win in Sydney. The Tahs tried their best but it was never going to be enough to beat the Mighty Bulls.

To all the Snoremers it is 2 out of 2 on tour and counting.

The Highlanders are injury depleted and now wíll even be less of a factor.

On the otherside the Snoremers themselfs is yet to beat a tough Cheetah side and may well fell short.

From the start of the season it was always going to be a Bulls Crusaders final at Loftus.

So to all you naysayers looks at the Super Rugby log who is sitting pretty  at the top. NO NO it is not the Snoremers.



May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Coetzee said today that although plans to bring back Flo is now gone. He is still on the look out for a 7 or 8 who is experienced on a short term basis.

Firstly that can’t instill to much confidence in the young players. But that aside who would you bring into the squad.

There is no experienced loosie in SA at the moment worth brining in. (otherwise he would have played SR)

So one would have to look at Eng(brittan)/Jap. (I think france is still going at it?)

A few names Ernst Joubert, Danie Rossouw, Pedri Wannenburg are all suitable candidates but will all be difficult to persuade.(No one has any relation with the Stormers)

He can even go with a forign player.

Who would you choose and why.


A quick question!!

May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Read on FRG that Flo is training with the Stormers from today.

My questions are:

Does anybody know more about this?

And what is the Super Rugby Rules this year in bringing in uncontracted players? Last year with the Schalk Brits issue the Nz/Aus changed the rules. Are Flo even allowed to play??


Bulls to make a clean sweep?

May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now a lot of so called experts say that the Mighty Bulls will only win 1 game on tour. 

To them and all your uninformed rugby supporters (aka stormers supporters) the Bulls can and probably will win all 4. 

First up is the Rebels a team in a deep hole without Cipriani or James O’connor this will predictably be the easiest 5 points for the Bulls since they played the Lions a few weeks back. 

Next up is the Waratahs now they are a bit better than the Rebels but have been struggling all season and I can’t see that change. Bulls will get their 5 and move on simple as that. 

Then we travel over the Tasmin to Duneden. The Highlanders had an average season up to now and even the Snormers beat them at home. I expect the Pink Machine to show no mercy and take another 5 points. 

Lastly it is the Chiefs. Easialy the most tricky of the bunch. The Chiefs has an exciting backline and with their forwards providing some deacent ball they have been good. But unfortunatally for them the Bulls have the most dangerous backline in the S15. 

The Chiefs might have SBW (he has been struggling without Carter) BUT the Bulls have the form 12 of the season Wynand “the special one” Olivier. 

So yes I do expect it to be a tough old battle and I’ll concede this is not a guaranteed 5 points but 4 will do!!

So there you have it the Bulls to comfortably take between 18 -19 points from tour and become SA and overall log leaders!!

I predict come July that the Bulls will sit pretty at the top of the log and would by then have won 3 games against the English as well!!

Oor en Uit!