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Bulls vs Stormers

March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

15. Zane vs Joe: With Zane playing some of his best rugby at the moment – running, chasing, passing – their is really no contest Joe will be found out.

14. Akona vs Habana: Close call Akona a no nonsense solid played against a former Bulls great. Habana has been scoring tries although a tad lucky ones. I think Akona will keep Habana quiet.

13. Sadie vs Juan: Sadie only starting at the Bulls he has still to produce his best and maybe this game against his old team might just be what he needs to start delivering on the promise he has shown through his young carreer. Juan has not been the same player since his breakthrough season in 2010 and can only step inside. Sadie to show who is boss. 

12. Wynand vs Jean: With Wynand back to his most ruthless best I pitty Jean who is not the player he was in 2007. Wynand is not just 2 times the player that Jean is at the moment but also a real model of a rugby player. No contest. 

11. Bjorn vs Aplon: Aplon is a decent rugby player and if given enough ball can be a handful but Bjorn is the inform wing of the S15 and is majestic in the air. Aplon is just to short to compete against the man of Bjorn stature.

10. Morne vs Peter: Morne had his off game against the Blues so sorry for Peter but this will only happen in 3 years again. Morne to demolish Peter. BTW Peter has really been quiet since back from Japan not doing anything. While Morne has been sending his backline to the try-line weekend after weekend.

9. Francois vs Dewald: Francois is probably the best 9 in Super Rugby and Dewald is average at best. Francois will be running the ball all over the show and will win the game for the Bulls like in 2011.

8. Pierre vs Duane: The majestic muscular beast called Pierre is back on form. His is bigger faster stronger smarter than Duane and better looking. Nuff said.

7. Jacques vs Rynhardt: The young torpedo Jacques is causing some sleepless nights for Rynhardt. The way he ran over the Reds will cause the whole Stormers team to worry. Rynhardt is also just comming back from an injury so will be a bit rusty.

6. CJ vs Siya: Siya has been impresive in his debut season but so has CJ. None of the two are real opensiders but I feel CJ is a bit better suited to 6 than Siya is. A toss up but will give it to CJ.

5. Juandre vs Andries: Andries has been out for a long time and has not been the same player since his return. Juandre has been playing like Victor did back in the day when he first started. Andries may have the edge in length but Juandre has Victor behind him.

4. Flip vs Eben: Eben is the talk of the town but still is a youngster. Flip has now 3 seasons or so behind him and will use this to his advantage. Close call maybe even.

3. Werner vs Steven: The fire crotch will be a formideble prop when his older. But for now Werner has the edge over him. At bearly 20 he still have mutch to learn and Werner might teach him a thing or two.

2. Chilli vs Tiaan: Chilli is the next bok hooker and Tiaan just another Super Rugby hooker. Tiaan has been struggeling in the line-outs and Chilli has been on the mark. Chilli is also miles ahead in broken play.

1. Dean vs Brok: Dean will break over rated Broks back in 2 maybe 3 places. Seriously they should take him off he might seriously get injurred. Also Brok think he is a centre but he is not even a prop.

Thats the teams Bulls edge it comfortably on the bench things are pretty even.

The only thing going for the Stormers is the fact that the game will be played at soon to be sold Newlands. Homeground is an advantage. But the Bulls wont care to mutch about that Morne will still slot his kicks and the Bulls will win with between 7 to 15 points becoming log leaders.

Tot wedersiens

Groete uit die rugby hoofstad van die wereld. 

Bye Bye Newlands??

March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

So WPRU president Tobie Titus has anounced at a press conference that there is a real posibility for WPRU to move from Newlands Rugby ground to the City of Cape Town Stadium.

It was made clear from the start that this is only the start of a exploratory committee to see whether such  a move is at all possible? And that the time frame is not months but years.

A lot has been said in the media about this and most bloggers on this site also believe that WPRU should move to City of Cape Town Stadium.

The biggest stumbeling block being the lack of private suites in the new stadium which ofcoarse have financial implications for the union.

As CEO Theuns Roodman explained it: If you leave your own home to go live in a rented home the sums must add up or you will fall on your back.

Everybody is mum on the discussions mostly because there have not been a lot of discussion on the matter as of yet. Probably the only real intersting thing is that there is any discussions at all, because of the bad vibe that consisted between WPRU and Ciry of Cape Town up to now.

On a personal note it will be sad to see no more top flight rugby at Newlands and all the traditions that goes a long with it. Will probably miss the braai’s at Groote Schuur Laerskool the most. But then at least there is +- 12000 more seats at the new stadium and anybody who have tried to get tickets for Newlands for important games can tell you its close to impossible. (especially if you a job.) And during the WC the capacity was up to 24000 more.

I am wondering why WPRU are considering this move?

I only ask because financially I can’t see it being such a good move yes there is +-12000 more seats but will they be albe to sell those every game? And with the lack of Boxes which is rented on long term contracts one wonders if there will be any financial gain for the union?

Is it political presure from gov? We all know that the stadium is running insolvent not making nearly enough money to even cover the running costs let a lone pay down the costs of building it.

It sure will be interisting to see what will happen in the future will WPRU only play important games (or sell outs) at the new stadium and the others at Newlands? How will this impact the players not having just one fortress but two? OR will all games be played at the new stadium even if it will be only half full?


PS. I do find it intersting that everyone media, bloggers , politicians is willing to put so mutch presure on WPRU but nothing is said about the Sharks or Lions that is in the same possition.


March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ps what I have learnt from this blog is that Bulls girls are way easier than Stormers girl OR their fans have way more time for photoshopping semi porn pics.( I would guess the latter)


Young guns stay at WP!!

March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well by now this is old news and probably not worth making a fuss about.

BUT for once I can congratulate the WP admin for making the right decisions. It was said to see Sadie and Whitehead go. (maybe in WP knew Fourie wasn’t coming back it might have been different?) But thats done and dusted.

With Kitshoff and Malherbe WP do have two good props for the future and in Kolisi and Etzebeth two future Boks and all off them are still only 20yo!!!

It is a lot easier to uncover good centres than it is discovering good props so maybe the money for once was spend on the right personel.


PS. with no Stormers game this weekend the TV ratings will be the way down. I saw that the Stormers vs Canes game was the second most watched game in SA only being beaten by Stormers vs Sharks.

It is a bit sad that (for Aus and Nz) the top 6 games are all SA games with the top Nz game only in 9th place.

TMO’s ………… !

March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well done to the Bulls for playing like real SR tittle contenders. They are deffenataly not my favourite team but one can’t deny that they destroyed the Cheetahs on Saturday.

BUT now I first have to moan a bit.

Johan Meuwissen, I am sorry, but you are my dosie of the week!!!

Craig Joubert asked Johan “Is there any reason I can not award the try?” and his simple response should have been yes Dean Greyling had a double (infect tripple) movement.

What does he do… Ask Craig if he saw the ball grounded with the first attempt or second attempt. Now any half-wit could see that Craig’s was uncited for the first grounding and only saw the last grounding which infact was grounded over the line.

Now in the grander scheme of things on the day the try did not really have such a big influence on the game but it could have been different.

TMO’s have a lot of difficult calls to make on whether a player was in touch or not; or whether the ball was ground on or infront of the goal line but when they have the luxury of a million replays and have such a easy call to make how can one get it wrong??

This isn’t his first brain fart either in 2009/10 he also dissalowed a try by Pieter Louw that was easy to see was a try.

I know that (unlike I like to believe) you can’t use the worlds highest IQ’ers for TMO’s cause doctors and scientists are probably more important. Surely some of these half-wits can’t be the best we have got?