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Spears a 2013 Super team!!

January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

With the Spears asured a Super rugby berth in 2013, what to do with the RSA conference is a big talking point.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. 6 teams in the SA conference is just to many.


Well the only REALISTIC option is to amalgamate the BBC in to the Lions.

1. The Bulls have lost their Director of coaching Mr. Meyer they are soon to loose most of their assistant staff and have also lost most of their big star players.

2. The Lions are in financial trouble and can use the Bulls money. Like if they would flatten Loftus and then sold the property as a housing developement.

I have posted before on this issue and got a lot of possitive feed back. And now more than ever I believe that this is the right option that will be best for South African rugby.



January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

So the Proteas sneak the game last night and was a bit lucky although needing less than 6 runs to the over and only for five they stil might have cantered it.

That said I was very surprised that the Proteas rested Kallis when it was a known fact that Amla would not be available.

I can understand them bringing in Pietersen and Ingram ( both have a bit of experience at this level) for the game but was a bit saddened that Levi did not get a run. BUT could understand this cause the loss of Kallis and Amla.

BUT NOW with the series clinched and two dead rubbers to play I would like them to play Levi. He is an brilliant talent and the Proteas need someone in the line of a David Warner who does not feel pressure and can miss hit a six.

Adding to this that Greame Smith is seriously out of form Levi is a must.

But something tells me that the more the Proteas change the more they stay the same. With the new coaching staff just as unwilling to really experiment as the previous bunch. 


On a side note I am more and more convinced that Dale Steyn is better suited to test cricket and that someone else should get a chance.

A tough year for STORMERS/WP.

January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Haloa to all of you.

I can’t help having a bad feeling about this years S15 as a Stormers supporter.

It all started at the end of 2011 when the Stormers management decided not to hang on to some of our best young talent. (or could not hang on?)

Then there was the whole saga surrounding the Saracens game that never happend due to top managements phallus measuring antics.

Then ofcoarse was the whole Rassie saga where it seems again top nmanagement pushed him out (WHY?)

Now it seems our defensive coach Nienaber will also be leaving (prob can’t blame him)

With all this happening in preseason, just before the longest rugby season in history, it just doesn’t bode well for the Stormers franchise!

Now the Bulls will be re-building after their mass exodus of players. The Lions (aparantally cash stricken) might fair better but prob won’t be tittle contenders. The Cheetahs will struggle because of the length of the season.

SO that leaves us with the Sharks who will prob be our only real hope. (they do have a very good draw as well)

So here is to hoping I am totally wrong and the Stormers win the S15.