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CAPE TOWN STADIUM – intresting facts…

November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I dug up on the interweb.

Fast facts

  • Location: Cape Town, Western Cape province
  • Alternate name: Green Point Stadium
  • Coordinates: 33° 54′ 12″ S, 18° 24′ 40″ E
  • Capacity: 66 000 seats (55 000 permanent)
  • Status: New construction
  • Cost: R4.4-billion ($600-million)
  • Architect: GMP Architects
  • Contractor: Murray & Roberts / WBHO joint venture
  • Construction began: March 2007
  • World Cup matches: 8

Read more:

It was origanally planed to have a 68 000 capacity with 13 000 seat temp for the Fifa WC only. As far as I can tell it ended with 66 000 and still the 55 000 permanent capacity.

In the original planning there was going to 250 VIP suites and 2000 premium seats. But it ended up with 150 VIP suites. ( in one article on RW the auther states that their is only 100 suites; does not matter 250 is still not enough)

And as far as I can tell this is where the problem with WPRU starts cause Newlands Rugby stadium has +- 300 and ofcoarse a lot of refenue is generated through the renting of these suites.

When the stadium was planned Invetec was going to be one of the big investment groups with the plan that they will run the stadium post 2010. (Investec in those days was WP rugby main sponser.) Ofcoarse they dropped their sponsership and the stadium is now run by the city of Cape town.

But when WP rugby union set their minimum requirements for the stadium the Gov and SAFA kind of told them politely that this is a soccer stadium for the soccer WC and rugby must now take a back seat.

And since then the WPRU and The City of Cape Town has not been able to come to an agrement.

On a personal note: I’ve been to the new stadium and it is awsome. The facilities are world class. The problem is the location

cause there are no parking around the stadium and although they tried to counter that with the fan walk it still isn’t the same.

A braai at Groote Schuur primary before the game where the oom from Upington forces you to drink some of his own mampoer and the kuier after the game so you can wait for the traffic to calm down.

All of that will be lost at the new stadium.


The 10 000 extra seats will be nice though esp for semi’s , finals and tests.