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October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

A while back my friends and I discussed who will be left out of the S15 in 2013 when the Kings will be included?
The answer then was easy the Lions! They were in financial trouble could not win a game and had big problems among their admin.

BUT forward a few months and the scene has changed and dramitically so. The Lions are CC champs and on the way had beaten the WP and Sharks the 2 best placed SA teams in this year S15.

(Sure the WP has had so mutch injuries that the fact that they even managed a semi spot was a acomplisment in it self. But thats another story.)

So the dicision to cut the Lions will not be so easy. In fact the way things are shapping up the Lions will prob genarate a lot of money and might once again become a power house in SA rugby.

So who will be cut? The next logical answer will prob be the Cheetahs. Why? Because they are the smallest union and produce the least revenue for the money hungry leaders of SARU.

BUT to keep out one of the biggest tallent producing regions out of the S15 is just madnest.

And this got me thinking: Why do SARU want the Kings in the S15 in the first place? OK to keep the goverment of their case who wants to enlarge the economy of the ANC stronghold which is the Eastern Cape BUT also to spread the game more equally over the whole country.


So where in SA is there an area that allows a team to be cut from the S15 without taking the game to far away from the fans?

The answer of corse is Gauteng where Ptown and Jhb is only a stones through away from each other AND fans can easialy drive from one city to the other.

Now before all the Bulls fans start ripping their computers appart hear me out.


Nobody can argue that in the previous decade the Bulls was the prominant team in SA and diserved to won most of the comp they did. But thats in the past and like Liverpools dominance of the EPL every era comes to an end.

If the Bulls get dropped then it will spread the game nicely across SA with all the majors cities represented with a team in the S15.

And if all the Bulls fans will take a moment to think about it with out their emotions clouding their fimble minds they will have to agree. That this is not only the smartest dicision SARU can make but really the ONLY feasible one there is to make.


And yes they day the S15 continues with out the Bulls will be a sad day just like the day the last Dodo was shot but the world must go on. And in 10 years time nobody will even remember that the Bulls even ever played in the S15.

Ps: As a true neutral no provincialism was ever considerd in writing this article. It is mearly a true reflexion of the facts.

Sorry for spelling errors my spell check is a broken.