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Stormers vs Cruisaders

June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Stormers vs Cruisaders on paper:

15. Conrad Jantjies vs Tom Marshall

        Marshall is the Cruisaders 2nd choice fullback and in a way so is Jantjies. This is a difficult one to call. Marshall’s recent

        form  prob edges it. But then he has never played a game like this. So maybe its even.

14. Gio Aplon vs Zac Guildford

         Again tough call. Guildford has been playing pritty good creating tries and scoring them. But then so has Aplon. I’ll have

         to give it to Aplon by the closets of margins. Again he has some international experience.

13. Jacque Fourie vs Robbie Fruean

         Fruean has been quite good next to SBW with some brilliant runs. But JF is a clasy player and is a defensive

         mastermind. He is also one of the worlds best finishers. So for me its JF by some margin.

12. Jean De Villiers vs Sony Bill Williams

         What a big match up. SBW the talk of the town and JdV the old hand who has preformed since 2003.

         SBW biggest asset is offloading in the tackle but this could be his biggest weakness if placed under presure.

         For me SBW edges it because of current form en defensive capabilities. JdV has never been the worlds best tackler.

11. Bryan Habana vs Sean Maitland

         In years gone past it would have been a tricky one but on current form Maitland has to take it. He has been a deadly

         finisher and although most of the magic happens inside him he scores when it matters. Habana has been slowly getting

         better but not enough yet!

10. Peter Grant vs Dan Carter

      OK so this is prob one of the easier ones not that Grant is totaly useless but Carter is possibly the best 10 the world has

      seen to date. I will just say one thing. Carter does not like Newlands and has had his worst game in Nz colours there.

9. Dewald Duvenage vs Andy Ellis

     Again a close call but I will give it to Dewies just because he is such an imortant part of the Stormers game. Ellis has

     played well esp against the Hurricans but Dewies when not injured was influential in every Stormers game.

8. Nick Koster vs Kieran Read

    OK so maybe in 2 year the stats may proof different but at the moment Read has to take it quite comfortably. He is the \

     All black and is in pretty fine form.

7. Francious Louw vs Richie McCaw

    I have placed him against McCaw because he is the Stormer’s fetcher. Last year at Newlands he had one over McCaw.

    But Dickenson was the ref then and McCaw is not world player of the year for nothing. He is one of the best cheats in

    the world. And I says that with the most respect I can. So McCaw by a mile.

6. Schalk Burger vs George Whitelock

    George has done nothing wrong but he is just not Burger. Burger has been in top form and everywhere on the field.

    He also gave away less penalties the last 2 seasons and is the Captain of the team. He brings the physicality but has 

    become a linking player as well. So it is Burger by some margin.

5. Andries Bekker vs  Sam Whitelock

    Now all benches aside Bekker has been one of the form locks in the comp. He has had one bad game against his old

    rival Matfield. But one has to take into considaration the throwing quality he had to put up with. In open play his handeling

    and speed puts him streets ahead of basically any one on earth. He has also lifted his physicality of late. Sam is a good

    player but just not good enough.

4. Reinard Elstedt vs Brad Thorn

    Brad is a solid player that brings physicality and scruming strength to the Cruisaders. And although Elstedt has been a

    ravilastion in the Stormers side esp. against South African opp. he still lack exp. and consistancy. So it Brad.

3. Brok Harris vs Wyatt Crockett

    Brok has done and OK job through the season but he is no Franks. And against Crockett who has just about scrumed

    everyone into submission he is going to struggle. The truth is SA doesn’t have great tightheads and Brok is SA’s best.

    So it is Crockett by some margin.

2. Tiaan Liebenberg vs Corey Flynn

     Truth be told I don’t know to mutch about Flynn he is a solid player but when you watch the Saders play you don’t hear

     his name to mutch. He must be a good scrummer cause the Saders has been very strong in that department. But

     Liebenberg is also a very good scrummer and carries the ball quite a lot. Frankly I don’t know I will give it a draw.

1. Wicus Blaauw vs Owen Franks

    OK so if Tank is to believed this is where the Cruisaders might win the game. Franks is unriveled in the Southern 

    Hemisphere. Lets just hope Blaauw can stand his ground long enough so Dewies can pick the ball up.

    No questions Franks by a long long way.

 So the Cruisaders takes it 9.5 out of 15. That is quite some margin.

Luckaly like many a Bulls fan has told me unfortunataly (or fortunataly) Newlands pitch is grass.

That and the travel factor combined with the rest of the Stormers makes it pretty 50/50.

One thing I know it will be a close one!!

Good luck Stormers and may you win even if you are NOT the BEST team.


Why Kroeseiders.

June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK so this topic has been disussed to hell and back but I’m borred.

So why do the people of the Cape support the Kroeseiders and All Blacks (and any other team from Nz)??

Well there has been many a explanation.:

1. The most popular is the fact that in the Apartheid era they were not alloud to play for WP and Boks and so always 


     the visiting team. Which I can understand. BUT aparteid ended 17 years ago and although its effects are still being felt.  

     Many of the Kroeseiders are 25 and below and can not remember the apartheid era (and they will testify to that).  To add

     on that the Super rugby series is only 15 years old.

2. The second reason they give is that the Kroeseiders is a beacon of freedom and evrything that is good and pure about 


     The god given ones. SORRY but this can’t be it because the Kroeseiders are the only club team in the world that still has a

     racial quota. There is only alloud 3 max “darkies”* per team. It is actually in their clubs rules and regulations.

    * darkies is actually a term quoted from Andy Haden ex-all black and refers to people from Pasific Island origen.

3. The third reason they give and this is growing in popularity. The playing style of the Kroeseidres is so good running rugby

    and fair play form the centre point of their game. Now nobody will agrue that the Cruisaders are a brilliant team full of


     Even I can admire their play, especially if that cheat McCaw doesn’t play.

For me I think all these excuses is just a smoke screen and if the Cruisaders adopt the Bulls playing style they will find a different reason just as quickly!

No it has a lot more to do with attention. You see they feel left out. They crave attention and will do anything to get it.

The more they are interviewed, discussed and cursed the more they feel important and self worthy. It is just like a naughty child!

They don’t really care that it is the Kroeseiders or Sony Bull Willemse. I mean last year it was the Hurricanes and 10 years back it was the Blues. They just support the “other” team to get the attention!

It doen’t mater how mutch snoek, papsak and passion gaps Sckalk and his team promised them they would not budge. **

Now that it is off my back. This is still a free country ( at the time off writing this blog ) and they can support whom ever they want.


Ps I don’t think the WP management really cares they just want big attendance numbers at the stadium and TV viewership. Doesn’t really matter which team are supported. Sad but true.

**this actually is a joke. If any person finds it offensive I am truelly sorry. I am not suggesting that all the Kroeseider supporters eats snoek, drink papsak and have passion gaps. Just some of them. (this is actually an extention of the joke poor form I know, but as I said I’m borred.)

Stormers chances??

June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

So it comes down to the Saders vs the Stormers for SA’s chances of retaining the Super Rugby cup (although it is set to be a new one.)

For me the biggest problem the Stormers face is their inability to win the big matches when it matter especially at home.

Their losts to the Reds , Kroeseiders and Bulls were all at home. Especially the Bulls and Saders games they should have easily won. For me they are still chokers in big matches think back 2009 CC semi they should have won against the Bulls, 2010 S14 and CC finals although not deff wins but the way they played look like a team that struggled with presure.

This said the Kroeseiders this time have to travel from Nz to Sa and play a rested Stormers side. In their previous meeting the Saders only had to fly from Londen and still had a bye the week before the game. Thus this will be a lot harder.

For me it comes down to these battles:

1.Will the Stormers front row be able to stand their own against Franks and Crockett? I know they deff wont dominate but          can they back track at a pace so that either Nick or Dewald can pick the ball up.

2. Can Grant and De Villiers tame Dan and SBW?

3. Can Bekker steal some off the Saders line-outs?

4. Will Joubert penalise McCaw at the brakedowns or will he let them kill the ball everytime the Stormers get in their 22?

For me point 1 and 4 is deff the two biggest questions to be answerd!

Who will it be? I don’t know but as a Stormer supporter I am not overly confident thats forsure.


The ref situation!

June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well with all the articles about old Brycie’s preformans this past weekend.

I can’t help thinking the Saders send him a copy of the Bulls vs Saders match of 2010.

Where old Jonker Plonker totally nailed the Saiders.

I can only hope that Joubert on Sa returns the favour. But I doubt it, thinking back to 2010 final where he nailed the Stormers a habit like that is difficult to break.

Lets hope for a fair game on Sa and that the ref will not be the talking point on Monday.


Ps why couldn’t Dickenson have been the ref. He hates the Cruisaders and always give the 50/50 to the non Nz teams. Lol 


June 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Truth be told the S15 ended with the best 6 teams ending in the top 6.

Truth be told John Smits best poss. seems to be on the bench.  OOOPS looks like 3N this year is going to be hard to watch.

Truth be told there is a reason why no team in history have defended the World Cup…. cause you can ‘t do it with the same team!! Maybe du Preez, Matfield, Habana, Smit, Botha, Burger, Rossouw are to old now to keep up with SBW, Gilford, Cooper, Genia, Carter ect?????

Truth be told the Stormers haven’t won shyt. And I’m not so sure they will, they still keep losing the hard difficult games esp. at home.

Truth be told that Cheetahs attack is something to behold. 4 Tries against the Stormers take some doing.

What a game from the Sharks! BUT Bulls will have to admit that they only played on great game of rugby this season and that was against the same Sharks in Durban. For the rest of the comp they were pretty poor.


Personally I think it is the mangement of the Bulls falt they under prepared the team and kept on with their old game plan that is out dated and only really works at high altitude.

That said that game plan might work in a certain degree in Nz end of the year cause if I understand it reightly it will be raining every game in that time of year. But to kick all your poss. away and to hope the opp. will make mistakes is not really a sure way of winning games.



June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized







S15 play-offs!

June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So work is kinda slow this week and I’m borred. So here again is some nonsensical text.

In my mind (granted I’m a Stormer) if all the teams had their best players available:

The best team in the comp is the Crusaiders. Even though they will only end up in 3rd place (prob) they had to content with a lot of injuries to key players ie Carter, McCaw and basically all their locks. So being on top of the Nz log with that in mind is really something.

The second team is the Stormers they, as the Crusaiders, also had multiple injuries to key players and still manage top spot on the SA log. They are not totaly in the same class as the Cruisaders mostly because none of the Franks brothers play for them. And Mrs Grant on his best day isn’t Dan the Man.

The third team and maybe the they should be second. Is the Reds they started slowly but the went like a house on fire. I’ll put them third cause they played twice against the force, brubies, rebels all teams the Stormers won with ease. They are starting to struggle of late but with home ground advantage they will be a tough apponent.

In my mind the log will look something like this:







So its basically 1-3 in reverse.

If the Saiders don’t pick-up anymore injuries I can’t see them losing. Well except if a Aus ref …..

Cheers of to work.

So how bad are the Stormers really?

June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is an interesting question and not that easy to awnser.

On the evidence of Saturday the are way below par and even “kak” . It was only their unforging defence that kept them in it untill the end.

But then you have to consider a few things:

1. They did have to travel 6-7 time zones to get to Newlands. Now a lot of people say that they are profesional and this should not matter but if you have ever done the trip you will know it is difficult to stay awake not to mention playing rugby.

2. Their last break was on easter the only team in the comp that has to deal with this.

3. Their 5 choice flyhalf was on display. And in a presure game he was always going to struggle.

    Just to put it in perspective try to name 5  flayhalfs in other unions?? Difficult?

The team was not help by the coach either who insited on picking Januarie and Deon Fourie. The obvious wrong choices for the opp.

We will see this weekend against a brilliant Cheetah team how serious they are about this comp.

Their achillies heel 1 and 3 is still whats holding the back and getting propper props just seams to be difficult for the Cape team. Maybe the two youngsters Kitshoff and Malerbe will change that in future.

Still the most worring thing as a Stormer supporter must be the fact that all their crunch games were lost at home Reds, Crusaiders and Bulls. The BMT is just not there.

Ps. None of the favourites for the tittle set the world a light this last week. Maybe a this comp is just to long for any team to dominate?


On a side note: One of either the Bulls/Sharks will prob have to travel to NZ/Aus for their 1st playoff and then have to flyback to RSA to play the Stormers and then have to flyback to Nz/Aus to play the final. (this is if they want to win)

But as I have understood out of the comments below this travelling will have no impact on their preformances so they should still be favourites!!


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