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Bok team so far.

March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now I knnow its very prematurely and prob a waste of effort. But I’m waiting for a client and borred.

So here it goes.

15. Gio Aplon – this is the most difficult possision as no one really stands out. So maybe Jaco Taute i don’t know.

14. J.P. Pietersen – has been injurred a lot. But in the little game time he had he was sensasional.

13. J Fourie – still the best in this possision that SA has to offer.

12. J d Villiers – not his best season to date but there are no other pretenders.

11. Brya.. Ha just joking. Bjorn Basson well its not his fault that Meisikind and Steyn never supply him with any ball.

10. Pat Lambie – Top points scorer in S15. Can’t argue that.

9. Sarel Pretorius – I know FdP will prob come right soner than later but up to date his been of the boil.

8. D Vermeulen – he has been unlucky thus far but is strong and big on defence.

7. W Alberts – nobody can challenge him this season he is a man mountain.

6. H Brussow – he’s back!!!!

5. A Bekker – slowly getting of his park bench he tought Matfield a thing or two on SA.

4. S Sykes – he has silently got the Sharks moving forward. Pitty the Bulls never play Big Flip I do rate him.

3. J du Plessis -another possision where we are verry thin.

2. B du Plessis – has been struggling in the line outs but if he has Bekker to aim at he can’t mis. His loose play is brilliant.

1. Beast – I’m tempted to go for Smit but he has a bit to proof.

So there you have it just some fun to get the time by.



March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Super Rugby has certainly stirred the emtions in rugby fans.

Rugby as we know it has changed.

For me the most irratating thing about it is the fact that I now have to support Aus and Nz teams when they play SA teams.

You see all this conference based rugby forces one to hope that all the other teams in your conference lose as mutch games as possible esp against over seas sides as that would not aid any of the other teams in your conference.

Now I don’t know about everyone but at least for me it was always nice support other SA teams when they play overseas teams. I even supported the Bulls against Nz and Aus teams.

The way things stand now I must hope the Sharks and the Bulls lose tommorow so that it will be better for my team. That sort of sucks because I esp hate Aus teams and don’t like them winning even against each other.

For me this whole Super Rugby experiment stinks and the only real benificiary is Aus rugby and they bring in the least amount of money!

The conferences should be changed to pools where a draw take place to see in which pool you end up.

But who am I to complain Go Force and Highlanders YOU BEAUTIES!!