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To go White or not?

September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so let start at the current situation. PdV and his two stooges has taken the Bok rugby into the gutter. Losing to Aus on the Highveld. Something not even achieved by Rudolf or Harry. Thus making PdV the worst coach in 60somthing years?

Is it a coincidence that the Boks defence looks a lot like the Lions defence in the S14 I think not.

We have all forgotten about PdV insisting on players like Rose, John at tight head, Ruan at flyhalf, Januarie ect. ect. Its a joke. Even Brussow last year was an accidental miricle because of Burgers injurie and then suspension.

Everybody that is saying PdV is not so bad and should be kept on. Just imagine if PdV was white would he still have had his job?

(pun intended)

OK so Jake did not have a smooth sailing tenure at all. But one have to remember that in 2006 and esp. in 2007 SARU did their at most best to make Jake fail. Forcing players like Sepakha, Tsibelika and Watson on him. Something Pietertjie did not have to do.

Do I think Jake is the best coach to help the Boks now. No. But I do believe Eddy Jones is a very good coach and like John Mitchell did for the Lions Eddy might be able to do for the Boks

Just think for your self if you were Deans or Henry would you rather go up against PdV , Dicky and Gold OR Jake and Eddy?

PdV should face the facts he is a joke in the media and now a joke on the field. Sorry Boet you had a nice run but it was just not good enough.


Morne Steyn

September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So a while back I wrote a post in which I asked how good Morne Steyn really is. A lot of people (most Bulls fans) said he was the real deal and was one of the worlds best.

Well after his preformance in 2009 how could I argue or anyone for that matter?

This year has been a real up and down season for Mr. Steyn with even his kicking going of the boil for a period of time.

For me he deffenately got BMT and he has got a predicious boot. He can do good place kicking as well as teritorial kicking (esp. on the Highveld). He can score individual tries. Altough most of them has been from close range.

My biggest problem with Morne is he struggles to get the backline running and attacking. Esp. from 1st phase. You see the Bulls backline did run a few times this season but me thinks that has got a lot more to do with FdP creating play and shifting to flyhalf then Morne getting them away.

Morne and FdP is such a good combination because FdP can take all the presure of Morne on attack. But this is what is bothering me is FdP so good that he would make any flyhalf look good?

I’ll be the first to admit Steyn played a lot better last Sa with Hougaar and that any flyhalf would struggle with Januarie. But even so the backline was not running all that often and most tries came of broken play or of Hougaard (alla FdP) creating the gaps.

So nearly a year on and I’m still wondering how good is Morne Steyn really? 


Ps. If the Sharks don’t stuff up young Lambie I wonder how good he will be?

Will another younster be ruined by the Sharks

September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well this all started in the 90’s when a guy called Gaffie du Toit transferred from Griquas to Durban. He was a very talented flyhalf but the Sharks played him fullback, wing and never gave him the chance to settle at flyhalf. Would he have been a decent flyhalf who knows I must acknowledge he had a few mind problems.

After him their was Brent Russel who played WP under21 and had the rugby world on fire. But the Sharks again played him out of position and his career went downhill from there.

After him it was Frans Stein who everybody knows would make a good fullback and prob a good inside centre. The Sharks played him at wing, outside centre and flyhalf. A waste of talent.

Then came Ruan Pienaar who excelled at scrumhalf but the Sharks played him flyhalf , wing and fullback. (OK so the bok management needs to take part of the blame) Now he is gone.

Then it was John Smits time. Ok again the Bok management have to share the blame. But it is funny how when the boks played John at 3 the Sharks gave him game time at 2. And when the Boks decided they made a mistake and moved him back to 2. The Sharks played him 1 and 3? Maybe that’s why he is so way of the pace this season?

Now I will come to the reason I wrote this post. With the Sharks buying Potgieter and Pretorius they will have a flyhalf extra next season. Which is not a problem in my books. Pretorius will prob get injured and not play a game.

But my problem is that they know that Lambie is to good a player to sit on the bench. And they paid a pritty penny for Potgieter and promised him some game time at his preferred position of flyhalf. This leaves Lambie, who could be the best flyhalf South Africa has ever produced, out in the cold. They will prob play him fullback or inside centre. A waste!!!

If they stuck him on the bench and only let him play 20 min a game fine. ‘BUT PLEASE DON’T MAKE HIM ANOTHER UTILLITY BACK!!!!!!!!! We have enough of them and no real world class flyhalf.

Please Sharks don’t ruin another youngster.

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