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TriNations round-up.

August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well at least we won. We could have lost and losing would have been a worse result.

For me Pierre Spies and Morne Steyn played a lot better. (but the match was played at loftus and next years WC is not)

We will see next week if they can repeat the feat. Still think Lambie should get a run at 10.

Victor Matfield had a good game but then he was always going to go all out on his 100 ‘s game. The problem is the previous 4 games where he was anonymous.

JdV slipped a tackle that cost the fisrt try and that is a major attitude problem. The rest of the game he was good.

Juan Smit de great things but made a lot of mistakes. So he has a lot to work on.

John Smit was poor again. Time for Bismark??

Hougaard was brilliant he made a lot of mistakes but he just gave the boks energy on attack. That had been lacking the 3N.

J Fourie was his steady self and probably was the best bok out there.

F Steyn was average at best. Me thinks he needs time to adapt to the bok team again.

JP Pietersen showed that wing is a specialized position and had a brilliant game.

Burger was his steady best with an outrageous work rate. Still thinkwe need Brussow next year. And Burger , Smith and Spies should share 7 and 8.

Steenkamp continued his impressive season.

Chilli boy gave a way 2 pen in 20 min. Sorry not good enough.

We need a defencive coach and a attacking coach. Or just a decent head coach. Because coaching the Boks is like coaching Man City this year with all the talent at your disposal if you don’t win 80% of your games then you are not good enough.

Sorry Pieter but you still have to convince me you can coach and not just make stupid jokes at interviews.


Time to lose the old baggage?

August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Is it time to lose the old baggage? I think so and some of the not so old baggage!

Guys like John Smit, Victor Matfield, Bryan Habana are all to old for there positions and will fit better with the golden oldies teams.

John Smit had another shocker! I think that is his 20 shocker in a row for the boks? (thats including his stint at prop)

Victor Matfield is another he was anonymous this tri-nations. Did not steal one ball and did nothing else a passenger in the team.

Bryan Habana is on a retirement policy down at the Cape and try as he might he can’t do anything right and if he goes for one more intercept try I will personally shoot him!

OK so all these guys had a huge season last year followed up by an intensive S14. So why not rest these guys this year grow the group and come next year if they show decent form chose them again? Is that so difficult?

Then their is the question of the players like Morne Steyn that is so one dimensional that he sucks the life out of any back-line move. Sorry without FdP his true colours came forth and he was found wanting. Badly.

Spies is another that shines for the bulls but come Bok time he is nowhere to be found. Personally if think the space in test rugby is just not enough for him.

Burger actually had a good game on Saturday. But he is no fetcher he should play 7 or 8. Or on the bench and sub with Juan Smith. We need a decent fetcher pity Brussow is out for rest of the year.

JdV is another that has had an anonymous season. His stint at wing was disastrous and his comeback at 12 was quiet. Although it was difficult to do anything with Steyn kicking all the ball away.

My point is all these player are seasoned guys who we all know when on form can preform. So why not give them the season to rest play the youngsters start running the ball. Then next year after the S15 if they show form chose them again.

There are a lot of youngster that could have done a lot better think. Basson, Lambie, De Jongh ect.


Is Winnig everything??

August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Over the years we had some great sports men who new how to win. My question is when does winning at all cost start to become detrimental to the person and the sport.

It can be explained like a buisness man making money at all cost becomming very sucksessful but damaging so many people and things on the way that it becomes very hard to justify the actions.

In sports there are a lot of examples of this:

Micheal Shumacher he won 7 world championships and nobody can take that away from him. But the incident where his team ordered then team mate Barrichello to slow down so that he can win. This was not cheating at the time, but was really bad sportsmanship. He was booed on stage.

Albeto Contador this years Tour de France where he took advantage of a mechanical problem of Schleck to win the tour. Nobody can take the win away but he will always be remembered for this and how the crowed booed him on the podium.

The same can go for any of the cricketers that have scrached a cricket ball. To help swing or spin.

Richie McCaw playing obstructing rugby. Holding defenders back ect. Cheating.

This is just a few I can remember right of my mind.

Now a lot of people will say hey do what you can get away with.  Rules are made to be bend and broken. But these people are all superstars of their sports and young children idolise them. And the important part is they get huge sums of money from sponsors. So they do have a responsibility to their fans and to promote good sportsmanship.

Now some of these players are just commen cheats others probably just got caught up trying to win everything.

I so times just wondered would Shumacher not be a greater champion if he had 2 less world championships?

Would Contador not be a better cyclist if he had waited?

Would Richie not be the worlds real best rugby player if he played more with in the laws of the game. (I’m not talking about hands in the ruck. I’m talking about pulling defenders back ect.)

Probably depends on which side of the fence you are from.

Springbok team

August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

If no one was injurred and everyone was availeble this would be my team:


15. F Steyn

14. JP Pietersen

13. J Fourie

12 JdV c

11. Bjorn Basson

10. M Steyn

9. FdP

8. Spies

7. Juan Smit

6. H Brussow

5. A Bekker

4. B Botha

3. J du Plessis

2. B du Plessis



16. CJ vd Linde

17. Fllip vd Merwe

18. Flo

19. F Hougaard

20. J de Jong

21. R Pienaar.

22. G Botha


I know it is some big calls but Matfield , Burger , Habana , Smit has been so off the boil that they cant even make the bench. I will have Matfield in my coaching staff though!

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