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Sport24 Blogs vs Sportbud

October 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some former Sport24 bloggers set up an alternative platform at Sportbud and have been active at recruiting bloggers away from Sport24 Blogs. As a blogger you need to decide what you are trying to achieve with your blog and whether this has to be an either/or decision.

There are two main issues that I feel should be considered:

1. Audience/traffic: On the Sport24 blogs you have a much larger audience for your blog as you piggyback not only on Sport24 but also on’s traffic. At Sportbud your audience consists mainly of your fellow bloggers and some generic traffic you get from search results.

Sport24 is a blogging platform targeting a wider reading public while Sportbud is more a social media site where they are building a community of sport lovers who comment on each others posts. At Sportbud you’ll probably get more comments on your posts than on Sport24 where the vast majority of your readers do no actively participate on your blog.

Lions Pride Sport24 traffic

2. Look/feel: Sport24 blogs allow you to set up a dedicated blog with it’s own look/feel that’s aligned to your blog’s focus. At Sportbud there is a generic look/feel and no real sense of individual blogs with the main commentary happening on and from the front page.

With the customisability of the Sport24 blogs you can extend your blog to include advertising, links through to your other web sites, your facebook pages and to other bloggers on other blogging platforms. So far I do not see this customisability on Sportbud.

In the end you need to decide what you want from your blog. Do you want to build a wide readership or do you want more comments on your blog posts? For the short term the second option might outweigh the first – it’s always nice to see reaction to one’s posts – but new bloggers will join on Sport24 and new readers will post comments.

My decision is to keep going on Sport24 but to also participate on Sportbud. My Sport24 blog gets 15,000 visits a month and I’m not prepared to throw that away.

6 responses to Sport24 Blogs vs Sportbud

  1. I was also sad to see the virtual demise of the sport24 blogs but it was reaching a point where the sport discussions were becoming secondary. A small group of bloggers and/or trolls were in constant bitter and very personal attacks on each other. From what i have seen so far the Sportbud blogs are focussing on the sport.

  2. Guys why are you getting upset here? Let him keep his 15 000 views, he is about the only guy that actually blogs here so of course he is going to get hits, no shocker there.

    I for one started blogging to get interaction and discuss with other sport lovers , not write or in some cases copy and paste and only get read. Also one must include search engines etc also get counted in there for indexing etc.

    To each his own I guess, and it seems that Bay will remain on his own here for another while, I choose Sportbud and SportChat.

  3. I posted this and linked it on Sportbud, not as an anti-Sportbud post, but to give my perception of the two that they perform different functions.

    I appreciate that this platform offers less than the old Letterdash platform but at the moment it offers more, as a blogging platform, than Sportbud.

  4. Bay, as a oupa on these blogs I can tell you now that the functionality this platform brings is far from the ones letterdash had. Also, I have a WP blog of my own and find it much more user friendly then this one, and even you can be creative with your design, it is still limited.

    I have no problem with Sportbud, on the contrary I think that in it’s short life span it has not only created a platform where like minded individuals can talk sport and banter, but it will also grow into so much more. As sportbud and sportchat start to gain momentum, so will unique visits and visitors from around the globe.

    At the end of the day it is about users having a say in what they think.

  5. On another note, I have statistics for last week, when we received over 50 000 hits in just the one week. at the moment we also on about 2000 unique daily visits.and non registered users can also read the blogs as guests

  6. Yea it depends what you want, remember sportbud is new, lots will change as we develop including members being able to fully customize their blogs and profiles. we’ll get there, the purpose of sportbud is to build an active community of sports fans something we had here before sport24 removed Letterdash and added wordpress. and on top of that we are anti advertising, we don’t want to make money or have ads splashed all over the site.

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