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Weekend Rugby Reviews and Impressions – 13/14 September

September 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another weekend of rugby where the BIG talking point is not the quality of the rugby played but the quality of the officials, specifically one Monsieur Poite (pronounced Pwat as in Twat) who decided that a legitimate tackle by Bizzie deserve a yellow card, which was later converted into a red.

And up at Loftus Michael Rhodes once again used the wrong side of his brain when he decided to used the boot to get rid of Jono Ross’s hold but connected with his face instead in a no-look stomp.

I get the impression that the quality of refereeing has gone down since the new TMO protocols came in and the duties of the TMO were expanded.


Currie Cup:
Last week: 2/3
Overall: 8/18
Success rate: 44.44%

Rugby Championship:
Last week: 1/2
Overall: 6/8
Success rate: 75.00%

Currie Cup: 

Cheetahs v Golden Lions: 26-23

I am not going to complain about Elton Jantjies’s ridiculous penalty/yellow card, nor am I going to complain about the Cheetahs’ retreating scrums not being penalised even once for scrumming in, standing up, not staying bound. I’m not, I promise. No, the Lions made enough mistakes all on their own in the first 50 minutes to be the architects of their loss without needing the help of the ref. And he did overrule the TMO on Volmink’s try otherwise we would have had another TMO decision gone wrong.

Griquas v Sharks: 24-25

Can anyone tell me when the Sharks are going to start playing some decent rugby again? Yes, they won but only due to a try in the dying minutes after a Griquas yellow card. The Sharks’ high school coaches are just not getting it right. But a win is a win and it leaves Griquas at the bottom of the log and out of the contest.

Blue Bulls v Western Province: 18-29

Even after Rhodes’s brain fart and WP left to play most of the match one man short the Blue Calves still couldn’t mount a decent enough offence although they did “win” the second half 12-9 and two tries to zip. Meanwhile WP stays unbeaten even though they just cannot build a gap between them and the log jam below them on the log.

Next matches:

Friday, September 20 2013
19:10 – Western Province vs Griquas: DHL Newlands, Cape Town

Saturday, September 21 2013
15:00 – Sharks vs FS Cheetahs: Growthpoint KINGS PARK, Durban

17:05 – Golden Lions vs Blue Bulls: Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Rugby Championship:

New Zealand v South Africa: 29-15

I don’t think the Boks would have won if Bismarck hadn’t been yellow/red carded but we’ll never know. Does Monsieur Twat’s mistake warrant another anti-ref Facebook petition? I don’t think so but others with more time on their hands seem to think so. Anyway, Ellis Park is sold out for the return bout and the Bokke need to sort out some serious issues, including playing a scrummie that don’t suck.

Australia v Argentina: 14-13

OK, it’s official. The Wobblies stink and the Argies are on the rise and they will hope to get their first win in the Rugby Championship when the face the Aussies in the return bout.

Next matches:

Saturday, September 28 2013
17:00 – South Africa vs Australia: DHL Newlands, Cape Town

Sunday, September 29 2013
00:40 – Argentina vs New Zealand: Estadio Ciudad de la Plata, La Plata

10 responses to Weekend Rugby Reviews and Impressions – 13/14 September

  1. That elbow to the face thing isn’t refereed nearly consistently enough. Its also not that simple, because the first thing a 10 learns when the rugby gets niggly is to lift his blind elbow to the tackle height and move it around. Many a schoolboy jaw has been broken that way. Should that also be a carded offense? (ironically the advice to Carter on twitter immediately after was to remember to keep the elbows up)

    Rhodes’ red was rough on the team, and the fact that the Bulls couldn’t win shows that Pine needs to make some serious plans.

    I understand the yellow against Jantjies, he deliberately committed cynical play in the red zone.

    • What foul did Jantjies commit? There was no Cheetahs players trying to get the ball from him and he dropped it. The argy-bargy with Oupa was a nothing event.

      • I thought Jantjies watched the Cheetah players approach, and then tossed it out the back of the hand over the advertising boards. I’ve never understood that reasoning. Just boot it into row F as your crossing the line.

      • 2 players in close area to Jantjies. Sarel and Oupa. Sarel had to jump over the boards to get to the ball

        • Did he have to hand it to him? Or put it on the ground near the line, ready for a quick throw? I can accept if he threw or kicked the ball away but that was ridiculous.

          • He did throw it. They were approaching him, and then he tossed it about 5-8m out the back of his hands away from them. The clip is in the highlights on Supersport.

          • I suggest you look at the clip again. At no point did he watch the Cheetahs players approaching and he was next to the advertising board when he dropped it with both Cheetahs players at least 2 metres away from him. The ball might have rolled a few metres after hitting the slope of the advertising board. Pathetic decision by the ref.

          • Just rewatched it on slowmo. He knew they were there. And that little throw was definitely deliberate. It wasn’t just dropping the ball.

          • So, what did he have to do at that point? Hand them the ball so they could have a quick throw? It is simply ridiculous to expect any player to do that at any point.

            How many times do you see players struggle bit before releasing the ball when opponents try and grab it or drop it a bit out of reach without a penalty or even a talking to. As I said, if he threw or kicked it away I can accept it but this was anal

          • He wasnt smart in the way he did it. He came to a complete stop and then tossed the ball in such a way that it was obvious.

            I never understand why players get themselves into this position. Just kick the damn ball away as you go over the line.

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