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Weekend rugby impressions

August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

A weekend of mixed fortunes, surprise results and disappointment for some, jubilation for others. I didn’t watch all the games that won’t stop me from making a few comments. :)

My Superbru:

Currie Cup: 2/3 (bloody Cheetahs)
Rugby Championship: 2/2

Cheetahs vs Sharks

One of the matches I didn’t watch. The Sharks have managed to scrape through their matches so far with two wins and a loss but it’s the Cheetahs that must be worried as they find that winning on grass a lot tougher than winning on paper.

Griquas vs WP

A stop-start affair but that could have been due to the poor livestream feed I had. It looks like the trip to Durbs have taken the toll on Griquas but they seem to have achieved what they planned for this year.

flatbullBlue Bulls vs Golden Lions

A game that was heading in the same direction as the previous two Lions games until Morne Mellet got carded and the Lions took control, a control the never again relinguished while running in 42 unanswered points. For their performance the Blue Bulls deserve the Blue Cow Ice Cream Award for their melt down.

Full match review:

If you didn’t watch the game you can get the full episode of the Blue Bulls’ humiliation here –

All Black vs Wallabies

I didn’t watch the match but Aussie rugby is in real trouble.

Pumas vs Springboks

Well done to the Pumas for a great come back after last week but Sjoe Bokke! Daai was close!

8 responses to Weekend rugby impressions

  1. Yeah, that Lion’s game was my only error.

  2. Regarding the OZ v NZ game and Pumas v Bok game:

    Strange days ahead, I’m a keen AB fan and strangely enough a kiwi lol.

    As far as the new RC format goes formally the TN, we are all in the same boat regarding coaches ie Hanson for Gods Zone, H. Meyer for the Boks and McKenzie for the Ozzies. For me, I’m worried about our (NZ) team for the future with older players whereas the Boks and Ozzies seem to be breeding new players and under H.Meyer there seems to be a game plan for the near future.

    Early days.

    • There’s a lot of push for youngsters in the national sides but if you look at the last RWC, the average ages of the squads were fairly high. Players need time to learn their trade and the tendency now to push youngsters early comes at a cost.

      26 Australia, United States, Wales
      27 Canada, Fiji, Georgia, Namibia, Russia
      28 Argentina, England, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Tonga
      29 Ireland

      • Yeah, suppose so but the same could be said for J. Smit v Bismark. D at the RWC regarding age compared to experience ie hot head v cool head?

        I noticed Mealamu wasn’t even called up as hooker…….actually, I’m taking away my previous comment regarding up and coming AB’s and age.

        Forget my previous post, Ben Smith at wing was a revelation but still it’s early days. HM has a game plan as does Hansen but we’ll find out when the AB’s face the Argies in Mendoza as a yardstick where we are all at. As I posted on Powa’s Article……thanks heaps for softening those Argies apt Bargies for us lol.

        • One thing about the ABs, they seem to have youngsters waiting in the wings in virtually every position

  3. How impressive was that call of your on the Lions game :)

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