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The Lions Challenge on TV

January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

According to Beeld newspaper Supersport has confirmed that most of the Lions Challenge games will be broadcast LIVE on DSTV starting with the game against Russia on 19 January.

However, for some reason the game against the Kings on 9 February will not be broadcast and neither will the Lions’ games during their tour of the USA, which is understandable.

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5 responses to The Lions Challenge on TV

  1. What a pity the game against the Kings will not be broadcast! It’s the Ultimate grudge match if there ever was one!! <aybe Cheeky and the SARU did not want the public to see how the Lions humiliate the Kings….

    • It is a bit weird that this is one of the games not to be shown on tv. Ah well, let’s hope we wipe the floor with them but I can see the Kings fielding a “weakened” side, playing all their fringe players, to have an excuse

    • Apparently the Kings confirmed the game too late to be included in Supersport’s schedule. There is also still a possibility that the US games can be broadcasted. (As per today’s Lions Challenge launch)

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