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RWC 2015 – A Walk In The Park

December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Something will have to go seriously wrong with Springbok rugby for the Boks not to end top of the table in their Pool during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Unlike the “Pool of Death”, Pool A where Australia, England and Wales have to fight it out for two spots in the final 16, South Africa was drawn in an relatively “easy” pool with Samoa and Scotland in Pool B.

Pool A

Oceania 1 (Fiji?)
Play-off winner (Europe 3/ Africa 2/ Americas 3/ Oceania 2/ Asia2)

Pool B

South Africa
Asia 1 (Japan?)
Americas 2 (USA/Canada)

Pool C

New Zealand
Europe 1 (Georgia?)
Africa 1 (Kenya/Tunisia/Uganda/Madagascar?)

Pool D

Americas 1 (Canada/USA)
Europe 2 (Spain?)

6 responses to RWC 2015 – A Walk In The Park

  1. What bothers me is that we have done better in past WCs with stiff opposition to test us before the quarters and semis. Now just riding on the easy wave could make us become complacent before the real test comes. Here hoping im wrong….

  2. We do have an easy pool but that just mean we have a more difficult QF and SF.
    I would think it is better to have a more difficult pool then when QF time comes and the pressure is on you have easier games.
    Pity we and Nz is again destined to meet in SF.

    They should let the rankings control the pools. ie 1,8,12,qf,qf ; 2,7,11,qf,qf ; 3,6,10,qf,qf ; 4,5,9,qf,qf this way you give the highest ranked teams the easiest route to final which is fair.

    But the NH guys would not like that then they will never have teams in the finals.

  3. The RFU’s original idea to maximise revenues by using Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to host all of Wales’ pool matches now seems unlikely to say the least. England will hardly be keen to sacrifice home advantage in what will be a crucial encounter….

    • It will be interesting to see how they schedule the matches. With one of Oz, England and Wales to fall out I’m sure you’re right.

    • However, tournament organisers England Rugby 2015 (ER2015) refused to rule out Monday the possibility that England may have to travel to Cardiff for a key pool clash.

      Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) chief executive Roger Lewis, speaking at the draw, said: “It is very important to remember that Wales was included in England’s bid for matches in the Millennium Stadium.

      “What was penciled in (for the Millennium Stadium) was eight games and the Welsh government and Cardiff city council would provide financial support to the tune of £1.4 million ($2.25 million).

      “We would be very welcoming hosts. The discussions will now begin.

      I think they (England) would embrace the opportunity to play in the finest rugby stadium in the world. :)

  4. I hope England go out early

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