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Taking Chances

November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is great to see a new player grab his opportunity to play sport at the highest level with both hands and make a statement: “I have arrived!”.

This year we saw a number of players debut for the Springboks, many of them performing well but only one really stamped his authority on the game, Eben Etzebeth.

Last weekend in the Ireland vs Argentina game young Craig Gillroy took his chances and made his statement and it was great to watch.

FAF du Plessis

But few players this year made as bold a statement as FAF du Plessis over the past week. In his debut match against the Aussies he started with a half century and followed that up with a match saving unbeaten century in the second innings. Now, in his second test, he made another unbeaten half century to save some face for the Proteas.

I realise that good starts in international careers don’t always mean longevity and that poor starts don’t always mean the scrapheap, Jacques Kallis being a good example of the latter, but in the modern game you normally don’t get many opportunities to prove your worth, which makes FAF’s first three innings in international cricket so heart warming.

Well done FAF!

5 responses to Taking Chances

  1. He was excellent and deserves all the credit he gets. but lets not get ahead of ourselves, this happens plenty in cricket and the player becomes a one hit wonder (Richard levi perfect example) I have also personally seen it happen in lower levels of the game plenty of times. All i’m saying is let the guy play his game let’s not all make a huge fuss of it and put pressure on him. but yes hopefully will turn out to be the find we have been waiting for.

  2. Who would have thought he would turn out to be such a legend after looking like a chop on “show me the mommy” all those years ago…

  3. If it wasn’t for Faf we would’ve lost the 2nd test and be dismissed for less than 150 today! Lets hope his brilliant form continues for a while longer. But the rest of the Proteas team need to step up now otherwise we’re gonna lose our no1 status.

    Etsebeth is my player of the year. Habana got back in form and scored some brilliant tries, but Etsebeth, in his first springbok season, was mammoth. He should’ve been the SA player of the year, and also be on the list for the IRB player of the year in my honest opinion.

  4. Apparently Faf is the first player since recording that managed to have scores above 70 in his first 3 successive innings. Maybe we should give him a bowl this evening?

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