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Morne Steyn to Stade Francais?

November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The French rugby web site, Le Rugby Nistere, reports that Morne Steyn met with Stade Francais management in London. Apparently the French club has has Morne in their sights for a while now.

If one believes the team, Richard Pool-Jones have already found their happiness in the person of Morné Steyn. The international springbok (28, 42 caps) Stadistes leaders have met in London on the sidelines of Test Match between England and South Africa. And there would be more than a few details set to formalize its coming.

Translation by Google Translate so forgive the mistakes.

7 responses to Morne Steyn to Stade Francais?

  1. Just saw the Bulls wont lett him go .”Springbok flyhalf Morne Steyn’s apparent move to Stade Francais has been denied by the Vodacom Bulls on Tuesday.

    A French newspaper report said that Steyn was in the process of finalising a contract with the French club but the Bulls have no knowledge of any negotiations as Steyn is under contract to them.

    Bulls High Performance manager Xander Janse van Rensburg confirmed to that Steyn, who only returned from the Bok tour of Ireland, Scotland and England on Monday, was still under contract until the end of 2013.

    However,’s sources say that Steyn will meet with coach Frans Ludeke this week to discuss the offer, which has apparently been made.”

    • This could still see him released after SR as he will probably be in the Bok squad and not be available for the Blue Bulls for the CC.

  2. Morne has already signed a contract with the Bulls until 2014. So a big payout might be needed for a move before that time.

  3. This could do Morne a world of good, conditions up north suit his playing style, so does the forward oriented gameplans. Hopefully it brings his confidence back up, and we have 4 FH competing for the world cup spot, competition is always healthy.
    On the other hand, it could be HM’s master plan, get Morne playing up north for a few years before the world cup. Then he can say well I wanted Morne in the WC squad because he is now very familiar with the conditions, as he has played here the last few years.

  4. Very interesting. But if I would venture a guess. I think this will only happen post 2013 SR. When the new EU season starts.

    I wonder if the Bulls will give young Pollard any game time from the bench next season. I know it sound absurd but he is deff big enough. Maybe against the Kings or something.

    • You’re probably right as the Euro competitions are already on the go, assuming this is true/comes off. I don’t see the Bulls letting go of him easily.

      Pollard is in the Bulls larger squad. They’ll probably first give him a run in the Vodacom Cup to see how he goes at senior level. No need to rush him.

  5. This might be just what he needs to open him up to wider experience. He seems way too stuck in the Bulls-strategy and way of play. Hopefully he will come back a more rounded player and pull a Percy rather than a Derick…

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