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Lions Challenge 2013 fixtures announced

November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lions Challenge 2013The Lions announced the list of fixtures to prepare the team and keep the players match fit during the first half of 2013 in the run up to the wooden spoon knock out matches.
Not all the matches have been approved by the IRB as yet.and there is no information available at this stage regarding sponsorships or TV exposure.
Essentially, apart from the SA Franchises, the schedule is broadly arranged against progressively stronger teams.
19-Jan-13 vs Russia @ Ellis Park
23-Jan-13 vs Cheetahs @ Ellis Park
2-Feb-13 vs Bulls @ Orlando Stadium
9-Feb-13 vs Kings @ Ellis Park
23 Feb-13 vs Namibia @ Windhoek, Namibia
16-Mar-13 vs Mont de Marsan @ Ellis Park (Current 14th in Top 14)
13-Apr-13 vs US Invitational in Irvine, CA, USA
20-Apr-13 vs US Invitational in Vancouver, Canada
27- Apr-13 vs Chicago Lions @ Chicago, IL, USA
11-May-13 vs Agen @ Ellis Park (Current 12th in Top 14)
1-Jun-13 vs Samoa @ Ellis Park
8-Jun-13 vs French Barbarians @ Ellis Park
15-Jun-13 vs Stormers @ Ellis Park
21-Jun-13 vs Sharks @ Ellis Park
12-Jul-13 vs Montpellier @ Ellis Park (Current 4th in Top 14)
20-Jul-13 vs Grenoble @ Ellis Park (Current 6th in Top 14)
27-Jul-13  Promotion relegation away
3-Aug-13 Promotion relegation @ Ellis Park

13 responses to Lions Challenge 2013 fixtures announced

  1. Who is Warren Tecklenburg?

    • Ex-Blue Bulls/Tuks loosie, age 26. Showed a lot of potential when younger but never made it into the Bulls Super Rugby side

  2. May the Lions go from strength to strength and Lion SUPPORTERS let us give them full Ellispark everytime ,come on guys.
    When QUEENS play at ELLISPARK lets have packed stadium and boo them that whole game – spread the news Lion Supporters
    Hope the Lions become strongest union in S.A.

  3. Nice, I like that the Lions have actually got off their assess and got all this together. The same cannot be said for the Queens the last few years since they begged to play in SR.
    Hope that some of the games will be televised. And I really hope all the Lions supporters go and watch the games at ellispark!

  4. Nice list o fixtures, shouldnt be to taxing for the players, and trip to the USA will get them used to travelling to play games. I would have liked to see some UK based games in there though. The games against the Top14 teams will be invaluable. The youngsters will get to play against a completely different culture of rugby, which can only make them better, especially with the pack.

  5. so they going to play in America?

  6. Well, if the first attitude is that “it’s always going to look empty”…then you might have a problem… Bottom line: you need your teem to be supported big time during this Lions Challenge if you want to see a promotion/relegation game and if you want the team to get back to SR…

    Lions have taken the initiative and created a credible series to keep themselves up in the game and I’m sure they will also do all marketing they can but it is also for fan clubs and the biggest die hard fans to mobilize the people as well…

    Fight back gdamt!!

  7. Why does this Union waste it’s money by touring overseas. No need to tour. Arrange more games in JHB where all the supporters reside.
    All games scheduled for Ellis Park, look like exciting fixtures, especially vs Kings.

  8. Baylion,

    I hope you are able to mobilize the Lion supporter base to go to Ellis park even stronger than during the SR for these games. I think this would be crucial for 2 main reasons:
    1. Lots of public in the stadiums would make it very difficult to SARU to make yet another U-turn regarding the promotion-relegation match. If the stadiums are empty, that just might give them a comfortable excuse for a U-turn (which definitely wouldn’t be a surprise). Especially if EP will gather a lots of crowds in their enthusiasm.

    2. Little public means also little revenues, and the worst thing that could happen is that the players don’t get paid in time ect.. That would make the whole promotion-relegation very difficult and would probably mean that the Lions would be destined to remain an average CC team for a long time.

    I will play my part and will most definitely go to the game in Soweto, and bring my friends – it was so great in the S14 final in 2010. Thou I will have to wear my blue jersey…

    I truly hope you Lions supporters get all Lions supporters to support your franchise in numbers, especially now when it really counts!

    • I would have preferred the Lions to use a smaller stadium than Ellis Park but I suppose that’s part of the exercise. 10k – 20k people in a 65k seater stadium is always going to look empty even though that’s more people than the Kiwis or most NH teams pull. The GLRU and other entities will have to push promotion of these games.

      To expect the games to pull 40k – 65k would be ludicrous. That’s more than a Lions vs Sharks, Bulls or Stormers pull. Maybe we can come to some co-op agreements with Chiefs and Pirates although a Pirates fan told me the other day that they are mostly Sharks supporters.

      • Thing here is, Ellis/Coca Cola Park is in a very bad part of the City and I don’t go to games at night, even if it is the Cheetahs playing. If they were to move to FNB Stadium, that would attract more people.

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