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HM: Jantjies is 3rd choice behind anyone else

November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

After Elton Jantjies accidentally got more that 5 minutes on the field against the All Blacks when Johan Goosen went off injured Heneke Meyer is making sure that this won’t happen again by once again excluding the youngster from the match 23.

During the winter tests and Rugby Championships Jantjies was third in line behind Morne Steyn and Johan Goosen and now that Goosen is injured he is third behind Lambie and Steyn.

I wonder who will leapfrog him into the top two should either Steyn or Lambie get injured?

13 responses to HM: Jantjies is 3rd choice behind anyone else

  1. What’s the code for Superbru pool?

  2. I would love to see Lambie play behind a forward pack that does not contain 6 boks during super rugby. Then we can compare Lambie, Goosen and Elton fairly. But at this moment in time Elton and Goosen are the best perfoming fly halfs, and they are doing it behind weaker forward packs, and less experienced backline players. Lambie has performed better at 15, he joins the line and becomes a second play maker, but thats maybe because he has played most of his super rugby career at 15. Elton has done his time, and deserves to be 2nd choice fly half on this tour. Next year after each player has a full season of Super Rugby (well Goosen will only play half season, he is bound to get overworked and injured at the Cheetahs) we will have a better marker to judge them all against.

  3. JR that’s just a load of bull… Pat just as every other, tends to sweat when his forwards and SH are put under pressure… He has done very well behind a good forward pack. Reserve your judgement for when he plays behind one next season. that will be apples vs apples and not grapes and bananas you are trying to compare now.

  4. What can Morne Bring from the bench? Experience but that is it- He wont ignite the game if we behind and he cant kick now thanks to louis Koen. Jantjies has major X(no spencer) factor and is a perfect sub if you are behind.

    He didnt even need Morne on Tour Pienaar could cover as 3rd Choice if there were two freak injuries in 2 games!

  5. Agree Lambie is better than jantjies but playing Morne above anyone is criminal

  6. Sherif you a blind Bugger…. How can you say Jantjies is not good enough? When no chance have been given to him to prove himself? Come on dude the guy still performs in a Lions team and he still plays brilliant rugby with a struggling team. And still u say he is not good enough..I can assure you Jantjies will Prosper in Cape Town next Super Rugby Competition. How many playing minutes did Jantjies gain in Test Rugby in 2012? Probly not near to 40 Minutes I guess. And u judging the bloke as not good enough. U flippen got to be killing me. Than I can also make my Conclusion regarding Lambie. He Played full 80 Minutes? But did he play the world on fire? No sir he didn’t.. If I was as biased as you are in my comments I would have said the exact same thing about Lambie, But my opinion remains Lambie must be given a fair chance to prove his worth. You Know I Hate Playing the race card but I think Kevin D mentioned this in one of his Blogs that Players of Colour is hardly given a fair chance to prove their worth in SA Rugby.. Just Look at Mvovo Had 1 bad game, He was immediatly dropped and replaced by an Srcrumhalve after 1 game, 1 defensive mistake. Morne Steyn had 8 Crap games before he was dropped. Thats just one example for you. So what I am saying Sherif is simple Open your eyes and see what is happening to our beloved Springboks under the illusions of Blue HM. He is destroyiong our rugby and our talented players and their careers, He will do the exact same thing to Lambie, Jantjies, Etzebeth, Goosen, Hougaard and De Jongh. I really think Elton played brilliant rugby in a loosing Lions side. He still played like a true General and Yes I can’t wait to see him in that DHL Stormers jersey with De jongh, JDV, Aplon, Habana to his disposal. Daai Seun Gaan Baljaar…But ou Sherif just keep your opinion till next year please than you can Blog again and correct me if I was under the illussions regarding my opinion of Jantjies…And my opinion remains If he was White, He would have had his chance by now. But i hate Playing the race card, but sometimes its important to be noted.

  7. I believe Jantjies is currently our 2nd best flyhalf in the country. We all know Goosen has brilliant talent, but he’s been out injured too much and was rushed into the team too quickly.
    its good that Lambie is getting an extended run, but it is absolutely criminal to not give Lambie a chance too. Especially against the Scots, he should’ve been on the bench at least, maybe even starting. MS should’ve stayed home and rested
    But unfortunately it seems HM has the same opinion of Jantjies as Sherifff. Just a question, if you say jantjies is better than MS, how can you say he’s not good enough to be a bok? Who would you rather have in the team with Lambie then? Catrakillis? grant? Your grandma?

  8. I would play him on the bench behind Lambie personally.

    To be honest the jury is still out on Lambie, Jantjies and Goosen.
    Next seasons S15 will be the deciding factor.
    If Goosen can play like he did this season then he will be there.
    Then it will come down to Lambie or Elton who can use their opportunities the best.
    Truth is although Jantjies has played some awesome rugby the past 2 CC he has not yet preformed at the same level in S15. (maybe the game against Sharks at CC park?)

    I would love to see what Elton can do with the Stormers next season. This season might make/brake his Bok career.

  9. As I said before, he is just not good enough, stop trying to make him better with your emotions and sentiment. He’s not good enough to play for the Springboks and that’s that. 99 % of South Africa rate Lambie a better number 10. yes Elton is a better 10 than Morne Steyn but so is my granny

    • History shows that the majority if often wrong

      • 99% of KZN probably? Where I am from, young Johan has the majority vote.

        But Sherry is right Baylion, Elton just is not good enough, he had his chance, be that against Dan the legend Carter, and played quite well actually, luckily Lambie did not have a bad game against Ireland and be lucky enough to start at 10 again… not like he has had 9 x the chances Elton has. ;)

  10. His time at the Stormers will do him a world of good for his Bok opportunity (I’m drunk I can’t think of the proper word).

    Playing at the Lions in a losing team was not helping him, but if (when?) the Stormers do well next season, HM will be forced to see that he has talent.

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