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November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I received the following email from the NSRI and ask that you spend 5 minutes at your computer, download a template letter and ask the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) not to change their BBBEE codes of good practice as it will threaten Sea Rescue’s funding.

Saving Lives At Sea

Email content

The impact on NSRI of the new proposed Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) broad-based black economic-empowerment (BBBEE) codes of good practice is serious and threatens our funding.

The proposal calls for a pro-rata sliding scale where a full allocation of BBBEE points are earned only by organisations with 100% “black beneficiaries”.

Currently our donors can earn a full allocation of BBBEE points for the Socio-Economic Development section of their scorecard since more than 75% of our beneficiaries are “per definition black”.

Sea Rescue has always been non-racist and non-sexist. We are audited to comply with various laws, and our mandate remains the same.  We save lives – regardless of status, colour or creed.

Since the State gives us less than 10% of our annual income, we are reliant on businesses and private individuals for the bulk of our funding.  Many businesses, especially small companies, support our work and, in so doing, earn points for their BBBEE scorecard.

This new code would have a serious negative effect on our fundraising and impact on our operations.

You can download a letter of objection here.

Please will you write to and or write to THE DTI, Private Bag X84, Pretoria, 0002

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