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Lions Updates – Bandise, Waylon, Butch are gone, Mitch isn’t

November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Latest News: I enjoy legal stories and tv dramas and one thing I’ve learned from reading John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Scot Turrow and others is that being found “Not guilty” isn’t quite the same as being innocent. It often only means that you had better lawyers. I think it is time for the GLRU to review the quality of legal advice they get from their legal team.

While the details are still shrouded in mystery the indications are that John Mitchell was found not guilty and it would be interesting to see what the arbitrator’s “recommendations” are.

The Lions obviously felt they had a case, or were advised so by their legal team, but were given another drubbing in a “Courtroom Contest”. Not good.

While it is in the news that Mitchell wants his Lions job back as he still has some “unfinished business”, I cannot see that this would be a good thing, not with what has played off over the last few months.


Another ex-Lion Bok, one-tester Heinke van der Merwe, was apparently placed on standby in the UK after the idea to use Brian Mujati fell by the wayside due to the SA law that requires national sport representative to be SA citizens. Mujati isn’t, he doesn’t hold a SA passport, in fact he isn’t even an SA resident. Let’s not go the Ireland route of sourcing anyone with a remote SA connection to play for the Boks.

November tests Round 1:

I’m trying a new idea and am following the bookies’ handicaps for my Superbru picks:

Italy by 8, England by 32, Wales by 10, South Africa by 3, France by 3, New Zealand by 26

Player Losses & Gains:

With attracting much notice another young Lion has started plying his trade in France. Lock Sebastian De Chaves (Lions u/19, Lions u/21, Vodacom Cup, 2010 SA u/20) now plays for Mont de Marsan, France.

Three player whose contracts had ended has left, Bandise Maku (confirmed) and Waylon Murray (potentially) for the Kings while Butch James postponed his retirement to play back-up to Pat Lambie at the Sharks.

Lions Player Losses & Gains

Games for 2013: While there’s still no clarity about the games planned for the Lions in 2013 as a number of issues still need to be resolved (tv time, sponsors, IRB and SARU approval) and with the Lions facing a drop in income from sponsors, season ticket holders and gate receipts their plans might just all come to naught unless these issues can be resolved.

The future: With the Heineken Cup in turmoil after the English and French threat to pull out when the current agreements end in 2014 this might be a good time for SARU to negotiate a spot for the non-playing franchise with the “new” European competition from 2015.

Meanwhile Tony McKeever seems to be out walking the forums punting his Super 6 idea, originally devised for the Kings, as a solution. Whether that will ever fly with the rugby officialdom, given the history between SARU and McKeever, remains to be seen but it is time for SARU to get off their collective asses, stop spouting platitudes and put some real and permanent plan on the table for the Sixth Franchise because at the moment they are damaging the rugby futures of at least two franchises and six unions.

6 responses to Lions Updates – Bandise, Waylon, Butch are gone, Mitch isn’t

  1. It is a broad speculation to say that a person just has better lawyers in the case of a not guilty verdict. I believe John just got sick and tired of how things are being run at the Lions that he has spoken out, and the admin obviously doesn’t like that. They seem to scramble only when their heads are on the chopping block instead of always giving it all no matter what the circumstances. I have said it before and will say it again, Kevin and his team and those ppl they surround them with may be nice guys, but are not good for the business. Get them out.

    • I realise it is a simplistic view but, sh!t, we never seem to win these courtroom and arbitration battles :( so either the GLRU isn’t getting the right advice or they aren’t listening to the advice they get.

      • Having all these courtroom battles constantly is whats wrong with the union in the first place. Arbitrations and lawsuits shouldn’t be featuring that much in a successfully managed business. Something needs to change, because i really dont see any change between the current and the previous admin / management when it comes to professional relations and handeling those situations.

        • I agree we shouldn’t get into these courtroom brawls. Matters should be settled quietly and quickly because having it all over the media and the web just creates more insecurity. I appreciate that KdK & Co has had a lot of baggage to sort through but the JM issue was a new issue which should never have reached the level it did

  2. i found the bit about GLRU’s lack of proper legal representation very funny. one would think that they would have sorted their legal issues after Albert and co contract saga years ago but it seems that it is not the case.
    dont they know you never go for the budget option when it comes to your lawyer.
    anyway, nice knowing whats happening to the lions or not happening.

  3. I also felt a Super 12 with a second tier comp with maybe Japan and Arg sides maybe 8 -10 teams is the way to go. With promo/releg matches between top and second tier teams.
    But this will prob never happen.

    Another option is to get the S15 up to S16 and have two pools an A and B pool. OR to just get a S16 and play it in S14 style with no dubble derbies.

    But all this can and will only happen after 2015.

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