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The perfect 10

October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Suddenly, after two good performances for the Sharks albeit in a dominating side, Pat Lambie has forced himself back into the frame for Bok flyhalf. So who will be the perfect #10 for the Boks to take us to the Rugby World Cup?

Morne Steyn? Not everyone’s cup off tea but even though he has been off form he is a proven match winner with the boot and more suited to a conservative game plan. Given that he is our most experienced flyhalf he will remain in the picture.

Johan Goosen? The crowd favourite. A young talent with a massive boot who has yet to really prove himself and he seems to be a bit physically fragile for the senior stage. Given time he can be a force in years to come.

Elton Jantjies? A massively talented player with x-factor. Public opinion depends largely on his performance in his last game. Unlike some of the other contenders who are forgiven relatively poor games he isn’t given that benefit.

Pat Lambie? Another talented player largely ignored by the Bok coach up to now but who will hope that his recent performances will bring more game time at flyhalf, both for his province and for the Boks.

When last did we have four good flyhalf contenders to choose from? We are currently in uncharted waters and it would be a mistake to look at this as an either/or option.

Rather than designating one of these players as the first choice the Bok management and coaches should look at this as a golden opportunity to develop four viable options for the flyhalf berth by sharing the starting and bench opportunities between these four players over the next three years.

Imagine going into the World Cup with four excellent flyhalves rather than only one.

16 responses to The perfect 10

  1. Agree with a rotation policy. SA is currently blessed with Goosen, Lambie and Jantjies. I would also take Steyn out of the frame.

    WRT Goosen being injury prone, I think it is because he gives a bit more than the rest on defence. Reminds me a bit of Johnny Wilkinson.

    • I think Goosen is a youngster playing against men and rather than him becoming scared of getting injured and becoming a liability on defence he should be managed until his body toughens up.

  2. Without the ball ?? Naas was world class, maybe you have not seen the 1983 win against the All Blacks in NZ ??
    You guys just sore because he was a game breaker and a game winner

    • I never said he wasn’t good but the fact remains, he was primarily a kicking flyhalf. And I think you are talking about the 1981 test in Wellington where Naas kicked 5 penalties and 2 drop goals and we scored 1 try.

  3. What nonsense, why did his outside players such as Danie Gerber, Michael Du Plessis, Carel Du Plessis, and Ray Mord became famous ?? O, maybe he kicked the balls away??? Stupid remark !! Maybe you were too young and brainwash then

    • Maybe so but Michael & Carel du Plessis are more famous because of they played for WP than for their Springbok play. Michael only played 8 tests (1 try) and Carel 12 tests (4 tries). Ray Mordt and Danie Gerber were just bloody good :)

  4. In three yeats time Pollard will be 21/22. And dont gelieve the Bulls coached flyhalves out of their talent. Naas botha came to mind !!

    • In two years time Pollard will be 20 and just starting at senior rugby. If he makes the step up he will have enough time for the next world cup in 2019. And if you had seen Naas at u/19 level you will feel that some of his talent was coached out of him when the Bulls turned him into primarily a kicking flyhalf.

    • Yes, Naas Botha who played in 1977 to 1995 which is 17 years ago, although I agree about them not coaching it out of players, I don’t get your point?

  5. I think Morne will be out of the frame, rather target young Pollard

    • Pollard is still at school and isn’t even in the same room as the picture let alone in the frame. Anyway, the Bulls have the unique ability to coach talent out of a flyhalf.

  6. Well so long as we don’t fall back into the habit of picking a flyhalf based on goalkicking ability, we’ll be fine. I’ve never understood the thinking behind selecting the most important ball-carrier and distributor in the team on the basis of his ability to kick a ball off a tee. The man who is going to be central to every backline move should be picked on his ability to run, pass and tackle. Tactical kicking is a secondary consideration (you can always get the scrumhalf or fullback to do that), goalkicking should be a very distant third.

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