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It’s not the kicking of Mornetjie that grieves me

September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everyone is getting frustrated with the Boks kick-and-chase game in general, and that of Morne and Kirchner in particular, so it’s with interest that I see that, believe it or not, Morne is actually not a kicking flyhalf.

According to the stats he:

  • Kicked=8 (40%); Ran=2 (10%); Passed=10 (50%) vs Argentina in Cape Town.
  • Kicked=9 (27%); Ran=1 (3%); Passed=23 (70%) vs Argentina in Medonza.
  • Kicked=6 (27%); Ran=5 (23%); Passed=11 (50%) vs Australia in Perth.

No, it’s not his kicking that’s the problem, it’s the fact that his kicking, running and passing game is so ineffective.

Interesting comment from Heyneke Meyer: “I’m a big believer in a guy sticking to his strengths, and I think Morne is a great player in his own right. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, so I don’t think that he needs to change the way he plays. It’s more about the outside backs who must use their opportunities

So it’s not Morne’s fault that the backline doesn’t perform?

5 responses to It’s not the kicking of Mornetjie that grieves me

  1. I think the game plan is box lick and kick n chase. Do combined stats on 9 & 10 might give a clearer picture

  2. “We’ve won a Tri-Nations with the same game-plan and in 2007 we won the World Cup with these tactics. We have to stay with this strategy,” Steyn told Fairfax Media earlier this week.

    Talk about living in the past!

  3. Exactly what we’re saying. Loubser comes out with these stats and then says look, Argentina and Australia and New Zealand is kicking more than is. It’s not the NUMBER of kicks, its when, where and how you kick!

  4. Spot on. He recieves the ball so deep that the rest of the players around him get the ball way behind the advantage line or on the back foot. If your pivot is not attacking the gain line the rest of the backline will suffer, no matter how much flair they have. Goosen showed the difference of attacking the advantage line and the backline automatically started breaking through holes. Its easier from a defensive perspective to defend a team that has a flyhalf deep and not attacking the opposition line.
    I watched a bit of the Sharks under21 vs Cheethas and the Sharks picot was great at doing just that.

    • I added a quote from HM to the post. As you can see he feels it’s not Morne’s fault but that the backs don’t use their opportunities.

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