Stinky vodacom

May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

In an attempt to cover the homosexual nature of the Bulls’ pink jerseys, the Bulls will be playing in pink at Loftus for CANSA, the CANSA idea was only added after people started mocking the Bulls for their gay-like shirts, it was never the original intention…and to ad insult to injury, Vodacom will donate R 20,000.00 for every try scored by the Bulls, against the best defense in Super rugby, this just a week after they signed a R1 billion deal with Pirates and Chiefs, I bet R1 billion goes a hell of a lot further to fight cancer than let’s say, at best, R 20,000.00


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Did you know?

The blue whale is the largest whale and the largest living animal, also it’s blue

Share your Chappies did you nose and save me the effort of unwrapping more


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Salt’s bad for you, assault more so…HAHA…okay, now that I’ve made only the funniest joke ever, I should warn you all to cut on your salt in take, ever heard the old “salt’s bad for you” saying, well, turns out it is, so reduce your salt consumption and live a longer, in all likelihood, not happier, life…on a rugby note, pick the Bulls for a win

Kitchener’s sucking my balls

March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Haha….noooo…he’s not, in fact, my balls aren’t being sucked at all, cheeses people, you think I’d be writing a post whilst my balls are being sucked, how weird would that be? Whom round these parts have ever had their balls sucked whilst posting? Probably in the region of nobody I’d guess

On a sport related matter, if you got some money lying around, pick that shit up and go put it all on a Lions victory tomorrow…sommer soos met 10+ punte my maat

A poem for niels

March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Soccer and football

they’re very alike

a ball kicked

and dribbled

passed and

sometimes thrown

into a net

then a goal

it’ll be

he with the least

has less

than the one

with the most

but he with the most

is not always the winner

Ke mugo – feel it, it’s here

November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized


Haha…first I introduce you clitters to English and now I’m headlining with what appears to sound like Zulu or Xhosa or some other indigenous language, it’s not real African language, so don’t go reporting me just yet.


This post is in actual fact of no importance to you clitnet people, it’s more just for ASBED, whom was crowned Bloggers & Boogers Currie Cup Champion on Superbru, you lot know nothing about Superbru?


So then why you ask, am I not just private messaging the man instead of doing a whole post? That’s a very good question, one to which I do not have an answer, there’s no real need to write a post about an individual who won a mug, unless and of course such said individual’s mug is an original Inhlanzi mug


Waa paaa (say that with sort of a whipping sound)


Waaa paaaaa


If you’re a black person over the age of 40, whips probably scare you so no need to make the whipping sound, should you so wish, those bloody apartheid agents, ruining my posts to this very day, I dream of a day where we all fear no sound…with the exception of “BOO” of course.





Haha…scared you all…back to the mug, here it is…








It’s awesome hey, I bet everyone who sees this mug will be like “wow, that’s an awesome mug” or like “geeze louise, where did you get that awesome mug” or perhaps they’ll be like “my life would be complete if I had such an awesome mug”…well, sorry for you losers, there can be only one B&B Currie Cup champ and none of us is or are him today, perhaps maybe one day, you and or I too will, but till then, we can all just dream and hope…



Welcome me to cLitnet why don’t us

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Good Friday afternoon beautiful people of cLitnet

Some of you have seen me around, I’m originally from the sport pages, but then I stripped my moer for the clones and Darwinia mentioned what a nice bunch of bloggers you are and here I am.

It’s all a tad Afrikaans? How ever do you cater for the foreign folk? Fortunately for us, I too am Afrikaans, but prefer the English, it caters for a broader community you see. Once I had black guy reading my blog, it’s more the name than the language that got him clicking on me, he soon realized I’m not black and left, never to be seen again. Do you have any black bloggers here?

Anyway, what exactly do we blog about here? You know the old sport bloggers hey, forever sporting up every thing, is sport not allowed here? How about homosexuality? Do you talk about that here, personally I’m no homosexual myself, but I find them to be very funny and straight talking, in the sense that they say what they think, not straight talking as in they talk about sport all the time, we real men at sport24 just love the sport, there’s nothing manlier. Did you know the average homosexual male is better looking than the average heterosexual male, there’s a fact you won’t find on a chappie wrapper.

Here’s a tip

November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s that simple

Clown clones

November 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Quite a few clones making the rounds today hey, I’m yet to find a cloned Inhlanzi, you’d think I’d be the easiest to clone, a stick man flying on a sheep, they’ve cloned sheeps for real, it wasn’t an Australian doing the cloning either, well, not the dolly cloning, this cloning of bloggers could be anyone really, you’re guess is as good as mine, but it’s obviously someone who’s extremely bored and not very intelligent.

Don’t get me wrong, the original idea of cloning my buddy Kitch is good, commenting and going crazy like Kitch good too, but one should probably consider doing more research on the clonee before starting the clone, imagine if those dolly cloners were as lazy as this guy, we’d have woolness teehless sheep running wild, sheep without teeth, ask any Aussie and they’ll all agree they’re no good for nothing, all good girls bite.

Not to worry people, these clones will soon disappear, I doubt there’s anyone retarded enough to amuse him, or even her, self too long with this silly little game.