Hi fellow rugby fans

I started doing blogs about random things just for the fun of it until early in 2011 when one of my friends suggested I start a rugby site and joked that because were South Africans we know our rugby. I thought about it for a while and even started a test blog to see how it will be and not very long after it I registered the site and in beginning of April 2011 SpearTackle went live.

I’m a huge rugby fanatic and played the game as an Nr 8, as you probably gathered from the logo and in the end I’m just a huge rugby fan who wants to share my opinion on rugby news to other fans.

We are a few volunteers voicing our own personal opinions on certain rugby topics and news from the rugby world and we want to encourage you our readers to comment and voice your opinion on these topic.

If you also love rugby as much as we do and you want to volunteer and write rugby articles in your free time  drop me a mail at info@speartackle.co.za and we can take it from there.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and opinions!


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