February 26, 2013 in Rugby

12 responses to ATT : BAYLION

  1. As a Lions fan, i find that flippen hilarious! :) Ja wat, moet maar die k#k vreet vir n jaar.

  2. And this all because I think that Pat “He who may not be criticised” Lambie had a forgettable game, apart from his goal kicking that is?

    I’ll be supporting the Sharks this weekend so I hope he has a better game.

    • what evidence do you have that he had a “forgettable game” because every other opinion from experts across all rugby sites say he had a brilliant game BESIDES his goal kicking

      • I have long ago stopped judging a flyhalf on his goal kicking.

        The fact is that Lambie kept handing possession to the Cheetahs so that they eventually realised that Lambie wants them to start running the ball – the Cheetahs are a bit slow, you see, but when they finally grasped the concept after about 60 minutes they started running at the Sharks and the score went from 26-5 to 26-22 in about 10 minutes.

        Simple really.

    • in fact he was even named flyhalf of the week by a new zealand based website, who have about 10 guys voting on the team of the week

  3. OUCH! I wonder if Baylion can still feel his nuts after that kick to the groin?

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