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  1. Met uysh:


  2. wesvulcan:

    As a Lions fan, i find that flippen hilarious! :) Ja wat, moet maar die k#k vreet vir n jaar.

  3. sheriffff:

    glad you see the funny side to it

  4. Baylion:

    And this all because I think that Pat “He who may not be criticised” Lambie had a forgettable game, apart from his goal kicking that is?

    I’ll be supporting the Sharks this weekend so I hope he has a better game.

  5. mickeynelster:

    OUCH! I wonder if Baylion can still feel his nuts after that kick to the groin?

  6. sheriffff:

    what evidence do you have that he had a “forgettable game” because every other opinion from experts across all rugby sites say he had a brilliant game BESIDES his goal kicking

  7. sheriffff:

    in fact he was even named flyhalf of the week by a new zealand based website, who have about 10 guys voting on the team of the week

  8. Baylion:

    I have long ago stopped judging a flyhalf on his goal kicking.

    The fact is that Lambie kept handing possession to the Cheetahs so that they eventually realised that Lambie wants them to start running the ball – the Cheetahs are a bit slow, you see, but when they finally grasped the concept after about 60 minutes they started running at the Sharks and the score went from 26-5 to 26-22 in about 10 minutes.

    Simple really.

  9. sheriffff:

    Dude dude dude dude, I dunno what to say

  10. Baylion:

    Left you speechless, didn’t I? :)

  11. Baylion:

    But check the stats, Lambie (13) kicked nearly as much as Mornetjie (15) and if you’re going to keep providing the Cheetahs with free ball they will eventually run at you.

  12. sheriffff:

    see picture above

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