Congrats Biff!

January 31, 2013 in cricket

Just a quick congratulations to Graeme Smith, he will be captaining a test side for the 100th time tomorrow, a record that will probably stand the test of time and never be broken. he deserves all the accolades and honors he receives tomorrow and we should all be extremely proud of him. He really is a fine example of what South Africans stand for, gusty, steely, no nonsense and of course courageous and fearless.

He has had his critics along the way but has also had extremely loyal supporters (me being one of them) but even the most critic person can no longer brush aside the mans greatness, he truly is a South African Hero and cricketing legend and will one day go down in History as one of the Greatest South African sportsman and one of the greatest cricketers to pick up a bat.

Not only are his achievements with the bat brilliant but his attitude towards do or die situations has been superb, he has always led from the front and carried the team through tough times, there have been moments of diversity and darkness but he has always brought the team out of it, we are now the number 1 test team on the planet and Graeme must get a lot of credit for that. he is truly an inspiration to South Africans who want to achieve their goals in life, I wish him all the best for tomorrow and for the rest of his career. good luck and thank you Biff


“Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. ”
Harry S. Truman


6 responses to Congrats Biff!

  1. Biff is a true show of character. I joke about him quite a lot but deep inside I appreciate what he does for SA Cricket. I hope he demolish the Pakistani bowlers. (My previous record was 2 days, lets see how long this lasts – Sherifffff you know what I’m talking about :-) )

  2. Alcohol makes you forget. I forgive you.

  3. Yes, CONGRATS! Still remember that advert, “people say I am to young…….don’t worry about my age, I’m not”….., or something to that effect. Think he was 22 at the time?

  4. I guess most of the people won’t be able to watch the test series.
    SABC will not be broadcasting the matches. Not many can afford DSTV.
    SABC however, is able to broadcast American Basketball. And for hours on some nights. A Sport that is totally insignificant to us South Africans. While cricket is one of the traditional South African sports. Neither do they show any rugby. Another traditional sport. Doesn’t it cost more to show American basketball on tv, than local sports?

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