Protea Myths and going Forward

December 6, 2012 in cricket

Since the Protea’s Recent series win over Australia in Australia there have been a few comments on certain aspects of the team, some positive but to my surprise a few negative comments have been made too. So the reason for my post is to give my opinion on some of those comments, and given that I watch, eat, sleep, play, breathe and talk cricket some of my opinions might be useful.


1. Graeme Smith didn’t use Tahir properly hence his career ended.

Ok yes, sure, Biff went up to Tahir and said “here my boy, here’s the ball, this little red thing, see how many runs you can conceded in an over, the more you concede the better you are and hey while you at it, don’t take any wickets, you’ll be dropped if you do”  and Tahir didn’t bloody disappoint did he? did exactly what his captain asked of him.

2. Ab Can’t bat when he has the Gloves

Yip we all know cricketers are superstitious sometimes. but AB takes the cake hey? Those damn wicket keeping gloves have some magical power which turn a brilliant batsmen into jelly, Give it up, the guy went through a bad patch of form all cricketers do, keeping wicket has nothing to do with it.

3. Jacques Kallis is getting old.

Ya think? The guy wears a wig for Fu**s sakes of course he is getting old, he can’t bowl anymore, Kallis has another 2 or 3 years in him max (if not less) will he leave a big hole? Yes the size of the one in Kimberly

4. Morgan Deane is Smoking hot

Yes she is


My Team for NZ and P


Graeme Smith (Cap) Alviro Pietersen Hashim Amla Jacques Kallis Ab de Villiers Faf du Plessis JP Duminy Robbin Petersen Vernon Philander Dale Steyn Morne Morkel


A few observations:

Our openers – Smith is probably the most prolific opener of his time and should be around for another 5 or 6 years if he wants to. he has in the past talked about stepping down as the captain so he can pump up his already brilliant average( 49.53) but has sine put that suggestion to bed saying “as long as I feel I can contribute as a captain, there is no reason to walk away” Smith is also on the verge of captaining his 100th test. nobody in  the History of cricket can say that. wow. Alviro is a top batsmen, one just feels he has a habit of throwing his wicket away once he is set. hopefully he works on that and we start seeing some big hundreds, all in all our opening pair average over 45 which is pretty good and they are becoming a settled unit.

The Three Musketeers:

Amla, Kallis and AB provide a sensational top order and if by some chance our openers fail these guys are more than reliable however I think it’s time we start looking for a long term replacement for Kallis, his time is coming and we can’t ignore that as much as we would love to

Middle/lower order:

With faf, JP and Robby P there, we have more than enough batting power down the order and Phillander being the all rounder that he is can also score a good 50 or 60.


For me it was such a relief to watch Robby P in the action and I honestly don’t want to see Tahir near the side again (at least not for these two home series’) It’s a perfect balance. The speed and accuracy of Steyn, the Bounce and power of Morkel, The seam of Phillander and the mystery and intelligence of Robin P



4 responses to Protea Myths and going Forward

  1. I cannot agree more with you on Robin Peterson! I wonder why he has never gotten a good go at it from the start. In hind sight it did him a world of good as he is a mature bowler now, that will still have a couple of years in him, spinners last longer. The rest of your myth busting is okay, but my only concern with AB is his back problems. If he is going to keep in tests I would rather have him only as captain in the ODIs with a young gun coming in as w/k with the idea to be the test w/k in future.

  2. Good post.
    JP has torn a achilles tendon and will be out for at least another 4-5 months. So he can’t play against Nz and prob won’t be ready for Pak either.

    On AB it is worth noticing that his biggest know came after the shortest stint behind the stumps. But that might be coincidence I’ll wait and see. For now we do not have an alternative for tests.

    We won’t find a like for like replacement fo JK in our lifetime. That is a fact!!

  3. “…and given that I watch, eat, sleep, play, breathe and talk cricket some of my opinions might be useful.” LOL! Your cricket doesn’t interfere with your DRINKING!!

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