The best Proteas team of all time

December 3, 2012 in cricket

I’m speechless, words can’t describe how I feel being such an avid Proteas supporter, wow what a series, what a team, what players, what a coach and what a fine captain. Smith’s South Africa are number 1 and there they shall stay.



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  1. Was an awesome performance by our boys! May they stay no1 for a few years to come!

  2. No matter what the status of the current Aussie team, they’ll always be a tough nut to crack at home. And this Protea team have done it twice now.

    Today was a real remarkable achievement and I was grateful for streaming media for allowing me the opportunity to see the last dismissal.


    On another note. Ricky Ponting, what a legend! If it wasn’t us playing them today I would have backed him to score a match winning century on his swan song.

  3. This was a truly dominant display! To win by more than 300 runs was as emphatic as you can get.

  4. Great gesture by the Preoteas to give Ponting a “guard of honour”

  5. Great gesture by the Proteas to give Ponting a “guard of honour”

  6. Brilliant stuff. Go from strength to strength Gary, Paddy and the boys.
    And Ricky Ponting, what a legend!!
    BTW definitely the best Proteas side ever but not the best South African cricket team for that we need to remember Barry Richards, Mike Procter, Eddie Barlow and the Pollock brothers playing in one team.

  7. Bangladesh doesnt get beaten that bad : )

  8. Lets see if the boys can turn in some home form and then we can dominate the game for the next few years!

  9. Don’t forget Ponting was sledger ring leader in his day with Warne, McGrath and Healy. Wish sledging dies out – better for the character of cricket

  10. What about the Springbok cricket team of 1969/70 team that thrashed a strong Australian team 4-0. With such players as Graeme Pollock, Peter Pollock, Barry Richards, Mike Proctor, Trevor Goddard, Eddie Barlow etc. Surely still the best SA side ever?

  11. One should be careful saying the current Protea team is the best ever, based on their performance the past couple of years. Apart from their own capabilities and talent, one should not ignore the fact that their opponents “allowed” them to have much of their successes due to under-par performances by their opponents. Many of the Proteas’ opposing teams have lost stars due to retirement in recent years and are in a rebuilding phase. We narrowly escaped defeat in the 1st and 2nd test against the Aussies. I still salute them for their fighting spirit, but stop short of naming them the best Protea team ever.

  12. Sherry, I think Ali Bacher was being a gentleman by calling this side the best over the team he personally captained; do not take his good manners as proof that the current lot are indeed better.

  13. They deserve this success and I wish them further achievements.

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