Meyer: Lambie My Flyhalf – this ones for Baylion

November 26, 2012 in Rugby

Baylion – a very Biased man, known for his absolute obsession with Elton Jantjies, in fact the light that shines out of Jantjies arse could not be quite  brighter in the eyes of old Baylion, you see he doesn’t like Lambie and try’s to play him down in almost every one of his posts, (go through them if you will) I don’t know what it is? he also has a rather strange disliking towards me, some say he is Lobo, nah Lobo was smarter can’t be him. perhaps Baylions woes are dues to the fact that the insignificant Lions will no longer be taking part in Super Rugby? wh knows, anyway after reading this article on Supersport, I thought I would share it.



The players who changed Heyneke’s mind

by Gavin Rich 26 November 2012, 00:44


The best Springbok coaches have been those that have been prepared to admit their mistakes and who haven’t been weighed down by blind spots, and in that respect Heyneke Meyer has offered plenty of encouragement to those who want to see South Africa rise back to the top of the rugby pile.

Meyer has been forthright in admitting that he has made many errors, and got a few selections wrong on the way through an often turbulent first year at the helm of the Boks. And on Sunday he admitted before returning home to South Africa that there had been several players he had been wrong about and who had surprised him.

Patrick Lambie, after being backed to start at No 10 in every game of the just completed end of year tour, is of course right at the top of the list of players that Meyer may have a lot more faith in now than he had when he started out back in May.

Without quite saying it in as many words, Meyer made it clear that Lambie would be at the top of the flyhalf queue when the international season starts next year. He said Lambie had done all he had been asked to do when he was selected to wear the Bok No 10 jersey, and his praise for what Lambie did on tour has been a far cry from the message he gave the Sharks player when they first met for a one-on-one interview.

Back then Meyer made it clear that he considered Lambie more of a fullback than a flyhalf, and that Lambie was low down on the list of flyhalves but second on the pecking order when it came to fullbacks.

“I did think Pat was mostly a fullback. I had seen him play as a youngster in that one Currie Cup final (Sharks against Western Province in 2010) when I thought he was very tactically astute, but I thought he had lost a lot of that since then,” said Meyer.

“He hasn’t played much as a flyhalf since then, and I felt that there were big improvements he needed to make in his tactical game. But then I started seeing in training that he could play a good tactical game, and against England at Twickenham he really underlined it. I thought he was brilliant in the wet conditions.

“One of the things I really like about him is that he never panics, and he is so level headed. One of the problems before was that he was never one of those guys who boasted an 85% success rate in kicking for goal. I wasn’t sure he could handle the pressure of being the frontline place-kicker in a test match. Remember that Frederic Michalak appeared to end the last Super Rugby season as the frontline kicker for the Sharks.”

Meyer said that as he still rated Morne Steyn’s ability, the decision to select Lambie as the first choice flyhalf on tour had been a huge call for him to make.

“He is not a natural flyhalf, but he is getting there and the more he plays there the better he will get. He is great at seeing space and playing players into it. And his goalkicking on tour was good. He showed me that he can kick under pressure. One of the reasons we won at Twickenham was because for the first time this year we ended with a 100% goalkicking record.”

While Lambie has earned a thumbs up from the coach, and the Sharks’ decision to play him exclusively as a flyhalf next year will certainly help his cause, the man who really shocked and astounded Meyer this year was actually loose-forward Francois Louw.

After starting the year by invoking the ire of many Bok supporters by ignoring the claims of specialist fetcher Heinrich Brussow, Meyer eventually acknowledged that his loose trio lacked balance and an SOS was sent to the former WP player, who has been playing for Bath for the past 15 months.

“Francois was definitely the player who totally blew me away. I think we saw in these tests over here in the northern hemisphere that it is not so much about the battle on the ground. In Super Rugby there was a lot of blowing of players for going off their feet when cleaning at the ruck, but I haven’t seen it once in the November tests this year.

“So I don’t know if you need a specialist openside, but Francois brings so much to our game and he has really been phenomenal for us this year. The good thing is that Marcell Coetzee also appears to be learning from Flo, so we should next season have two players who can both play to the ball and carry when needed to.

“Francois also plays really well with Duane Vermeulen, and he is another guy I have been surprised about. I normally like my openside flank to play to the ball, and the blindside flank to be a carrier, and then the No 8 to be a really pacy guy like Ryan Kankowski or Pierre Spies who can contribute in broken play.

“But although Duane is certainly not the quickest No 8, he brings so many things. He sets the lineout drive so well, and he is a great stealer, and works well in tandem with Flo in that regard. He is the perfect player to have at No 8 in the northern hemisphere conditions.


15 responses to Meyer: Lambie My Flyhalf – this ones for Baylion

  1. I wonder if Baylion has a poster of Elton Jantjies on his bedroom ceiling like Darwinia has a poster of Matfield on hers?

  2. Good read! Great that Flo, Vermeulen and Lambie will be right up there come next year!

  3. Lambie will also be my number one but I will defnitely pick Elton ahead of Morne. And when Goosen is recovered they will both be benched.

  4. How will a loose trio like this play out 6.Flo 7.Duanne 8.Kanko with alberts as the sub and for rotational purposes 6.Brussouw 7.Coetzee 8.S Burger with Kolisi as a Sub your imput??

  5. Also read the article.
    As I have said before you can’t entirely blame HM for Lambie not getting much game time at 10 earlier in the year.
    Plumtree shifted him to 15 and thus blocked his further development. Next season if Lambie gets an extended run at 10 we will see how he goes.

    As for this tour. He deff played better on the weekend but the conditions did not really allow for a more attacking game which was sad.

    I still believe a fit Goosen is in a class of his own. As HM said Lambie is not a natural FH but if he works on it he could become a damn good one.

  6. It will be good to see how Lambie fares as a fly half for the whole Super Rugby season. It will also be good to see how Jantjies fairs when he is surrounded by a Bok players. I will reserve judgment on Lambies god-like status, 2 absolutely terrible games followed by 1 good game. And dont give me this bull about playing to HM’s gameplan, great FH’s adapt and think for themselves, we don’t want a robotic FH, he is the key decision maker.
    Next season is an exciting time for South African number 10’s, very few countries can say they have 3 potential international fly halves unde that aged of 23. The problem now is, do we have the scrummies to provide them the quick ball & support they need.

  7. I must be doing something right if I rate an anti-me post. :)

    For balance I offer you this :

    However, the Boks are fortunate that England did not capitalise on the majority of Pienaar and Lambie’s mistakes.

    • And they also lucky they didn’t capitalize on an Elton Jantjies mistake, that would have been coming off the bench to play. anyway Jon Cardeinelli writes a bunch of shit, I think Meyers opinions count more don’t you? he is after all the Springboks coach isn’t he? funny how you go out of your way to find dirt on Lambie. give it up pal

      • Seriously Sheriffff, lighten up. You take criticism of Lambie far too personally to the point that you post this childish rant post with a C&P article.

        Grow up.

        • Actually I don’t take any of this seriously, I just like irritating people here, and you seem vulnerable to it, so ya, it’s sorta like a hobby you know? I cast the line and the fish bites. you the fish mate

  8. You really think Meyer is gonna stick with lambie when M. Steyn starts slotting penalties again? I’m sure that Steyn will be back in the no10 jersey as soon as he’s found his kicking boots again. Meyer kept on saying he knows morne will be back to his best soon.
    Lambie will have to perform pretty well in the super season to keep the jersey ahead of Morne, Goosen and jantjies..

  9. hill said on May 9, 2013


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