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I’m now sick and tired of this pathetic Springboks game plan, so mus\ch so that I don’t even want to watch a bok game untill either The coach is removed and sent to jail and replaced by another coach (Nick Mallet anyone?) or the game plan changes immediately,

But the point of my post is Patrick Lambie, Springbok Rugby is destroying him, as Nick Mallet said in the Studio he is playing under instruction, What scarred me the most was Lambie actually looked like Morne Steyn last night and thats rubbish. Lambie please, leave the Springboks they don’t deserve you, If I were you, I would move to Britain and play for Scotland, where you will be allowed to play your natural game, It will be sad losing you but for your own good kid, leave the BOKKE they are ruining you


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  1. Hehehe! It hurts when your Lambie boytjie doesn’t match up to the standards of Morné Steyn, doesn’t it?

  2. Steyn will play against England with the old boring gameplan of 10 man rugby. Did Hougaardt, Pietersen, De Jongh and Kirchner actually play ?????

  3. I hope your scars will heal soon :)

    We have seen the future. A series of Morne clones at flyhalf for the Boks.

    • well if that is the case then I would rather have the young talented flyhalfs in he country play else where, I can’t support a team who doesn’t put the interest of the fans and their country first

  4. Lamby proved these past 2 games that he’s not an international flyhalf, he proved it under Pieter de Villiers and Now he proved it once again.. No reason for blaming HM for Laimby’s shortcomings

    • and you once again proved what a Blue Bull freak you are and a morne steyn lover, your comments on Springbok rugby are irrelevant

  5. This is all part of HM’s devious plan to ensure that Morne and Goosen remains his top 2 flyhalves – one contender must play a game plan “foreign” to him and the other doesn’t get any game time

  6. i think that we need to ask korne krige what he is teaching his kickers? because he is the one who is supposed to teach them when to kick and when not to kick.

  7. Whilst it was good to get a win, one only has to watch the French, Argentinians, Kiwis and even the Irish games this weekend to see how inventive other teams are with ball in hand. England are going to whip us if we keep playing this nonsense. France and NZ looing streets ahead of the rest, with Aus and Argentina looking like the next level. SA are at best 6th right now.

  8. that might be true but fact is Laimby wasnt regarded as a good enough FH under PDV, and now he showed that he isnt good enough 2 years later…. sorry boet but maybe Laimby should stick to FB

  9. What a pathetic article. You sound like every other current SA supporter (ungrateful, biased and narrow minded). You think lambie should leave the boks for another team… really!? This is Meyers first year for goodness sakes. Did you even know this is his first time coaching in three years? Like to see you produce the same results he does. Even if the wins aren’t won in a convincing way it’s still a win. Now go do something a little more intelligent (like being patient) before making a stupid rash article and making yourself look like nothing more than a 5 year old spoilt brat hmm?

    • Listen here you little insignificant turd, if you don’t like my post, go jump in the fucken lake, I don’t care if Meyer has coached the boks for 1 year or a 100 years, you don’t treat players like fucken puppets, let them play there game,

  10. LOL I dont even watch Springbok Rugby anymore, I just watch the highlights, so much better, because they only show the fun parts of the game and to be honest there was nothing fun about this weeks highlights.. Ja Sherif I for once have to agree with you. HM is a, Sorry for my Afrikaans,true a D&%S. He simply cant coach he is useless, and he is destroying our rugby and talent. I am honest I cant support this KAK rugby we playing.Sorry Springbok rugby is boring. Rather watch the Pumas, France and All Blacks.

  11. One of the most boring games of rugby I’ve ever seen…was the 2007 World Cup Final.

    I don’t know where this opinion that South Africa plays brilliantly entertaining rugby comes from – sure we’ve done it once or twice every few years, but the fact is in the past 2 decades we have played “boring” rugby. The French, for example, have ALWAYS played with more flair. So the Aussies and Kiwis as well.

    The last time the Boks were really entertaining against a quality side was 2008 at Twickenham. That team barely scraped past the Scots as well if I recall correctly and that was our World Cup winning team with loads of experience.

    So I really don’t see why all the stupid fans are throwing their toys out of the cot.

  12. You do know he can’t go play for another country, right?

    Coaching or not, Lambie tactical kicking was poor and his distibution was not good at all, luckily the Cheetah Captain was there to save the day.

    • Yes he can, he has Scotish connections, he could be playing for Scotland in a few years if he makes the move now

      • What Dutch is saying is……surly you know that once you have played test rugby for 1 country you can not represent any other country at test level…

      • I hope that is a joke?

        I think everyone knows that cnce you play International Rugby for a Country, you can only play for that Country.

        The only one that slipped through the cracks was Beast who played a friendly match for Zim once.

  13. I have no? idea why im watching this rubbish….

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