Test Drawn – Send Rudolph home

November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

So Test match drawn, sucks doesn’t it? Well if you consider we were a man down I think a draw is a fair result. we were on the back foot for the entire game bar day 1 so to get a draw out of it being a man down is a good result For South Africa. Good batting by Amla and Kallis, AB will be getting a bit annoyed now as he hasn’t had a big score in a while now. Biff failed with the bat in this match but I’m sure he’ll get big runs this series, his battle with Patterson was classic, and they’ll be battling through out the series.

Rudolph is a bit of a concern for me, both his dismissals were to average balls and both were stupid shot he played, with Duminy out I think it’s time to drop Rudolph and bring in Both Faf and Dean Elgar, I know some are suggesting to rather bring in Tsolikile and have AB just bat, but honestly we need as much batting power in our line up as possible because the Aussies have shown they are going to play some cricket.

No Balls? Morne Morkel needs to be punished, simple as that, it is absolutely unacceptable, 2 wickets!! 2 wickets! that would have changed the entire complex of the game, He is not the only one that is guilty but i can tell you know, Smith and the coaching staff will have some harsh words for him.

We need Tahir and we don’t need rory, send him home, don’t know what Smith was thinking but it was the wrong decision.

My Team for 2nd test:

1. Graeme Smith (C)

2. Alviro Petersen

3. Hashim Amla

4. Jacques Kallis

5.AB de Villiers (vc)

6. Faf du plessis

7. Dean Elgar

8. Vernon Philander

9. Dale Steyn

10. Morne Morke

11. Imran Tahir



That gives us batting all the way to number 8 as well as a strong bowling attack. perfectly balanced. Faf and Elgar are sill inexperienced, particularly Elgar, so our Big 5 will need to score the majority. I still reckon our bowling attack is superb and I’m sure we’ll bounce back.




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  1. Given our lack of depth in the batting department, to me it would not make sense to drop Rudolp. Ja, he may have been a bit silly in this test, but he is a class player and should bounce back when needed.

    • Ya some disagree, looks like opinion is split, I just really would like to give faf and elgar a shot. they could be our future middle order, and faf even a future big 5 :)

  2. Our bowlers dropped us badly in this test. We need a dossier on the Aussies!

  3. I just dont think we should panic that much. Our bowlers did not had much luck and the deck played for me very flat,. We would have scored more than 500 if it was not for the Duminy injury. Tahir is a must and If we should make a change to the Batting I will let AB just focus on Batting and get a specialised keeper like Tsolikile to keep. And If possible drop Rudolph and bring in FAF. But otherwise I think AB has not perform well with his new role as WicketKeeper/ Batsman. So make that change take the Gamble with Tsolikile. I think he deserves his 2nd chance because AB is not performing as well in his new role as we expect him to do. And I think with AB in the Field you already save 30-40 runs per test because of his fielding abilities, And we need him to get big runs with his Bat.

  4. A disappointing end to the test. Especially with all the talk from our side of how good our bowling attack is etc. And then we cant even get more than 5 wickets!! 565/5, and then we end up on the same pitch 165/5! Very poor cricket from us, and good cricket from the Aussies!
    And why don’t we ever see any aggression from our players, bar Dale Steyn? He’s the only guy who can sometimes give batsmen the evil eye. I din’t watch any of todays play yet but I hear that the Aussies were really aggressive in the field and doing a lot of talking. I’m not saying we should revert to those sort of tactics, its but a little more aggression and attacking cricket wont hurt.
    I always liked J Rudolph but I also think it is time for him to go now. He’s brilliant at domestic level but he just doesnt make it at international level. Maybe its just a slump of form and he should be given a chance to cement his place in the team, just as other players were given? I dont know, but he better shape up quickly!
    Kleinveldt also had a shocker of a game. I’d replace him with tahir, and bring Faf in for Duminy. Faf can also bowl a bit

  5. My Team for 2nd Test

    1. Smith ( Bat)
    2. Petersen ( Bat )
    3. Amla ( Bat)
    4. Kallis ( Bat/Fast )
    5. AB ( Bat )
    6. Faf Du Plessis Bat/spin
    7. Tsolikile WK/Bat
    8. Philander ( Fast )
    9. Steyn ( Fast)
    10. Morkel ( Fast)
    11. Tahir ( Spin )

    I think this is a much more balance side as Faf Brings the same as Duminy the xtra spin option if required to bowl. The specialised Keeper is a must for test cricket. We can gamble in the shorter format with AB as a Keeper/Batsman. Test Cricket is a total different thing. Play your specialist.

    • Ya it’s a tough thing, If Tsolikile is to play I think I would play Philander ahead of him, batting wise

    • Why pick Tsolekile? I’d rather take Khun or Van wyk who are also really good batsmen. If you include Tsolekile it really weakens our batting line up. Even if Philander comes in at no 7, thats actually our tail already.
      In general I dont think AB should play keeper, period. Not even in the shorter formats. You cant expect him to be captain, top order batsman and keeper.

  6. Hey guys,

    What about Robin Pietersen instead of Tahir? Never lets a team down, is a much better batsman and, quite frankly, Tahir has failed to impress so far in his career.

    • very good idea! Was actually wondering why R peterson isnt in the test team. Tahir is a mediocre spinner at best. And a useless batsmen and not a great fielder either

    • I don’t think they see Robin as a test player, He might be an attacking bowler but will leak a few runs to many in test cricket, can’t do the holding job can he?

  7. Tsolekile is a better batsman than you give him credit for,i’d also go with Kedafie’s team and I think its better to phase Elgar in. Rudi’s problem is that he is not playing the attacking cricket that got him recalled in the first place,but how about this team 1.Smith(c)2.Peterson3.Amla4.Kallis5.AB6.FAF.7.Tsolekile8Robin.9.Phillander.10.Steyn11.Morkel and I think the time and how AB played will be hugely beneficial as he was middeling the ball and left well outside off

  8. He has been doing a good holding job hence being included on tour,he can adapt his bowling these days

  9. I agree about Faf and Dean both playing, but Rudolph is actually a pretty decent batter, would give him one more chance. Also agree on Tahir instead of Rory.

    Smith needs to let this game go and put it behind him.

  10. Think R Peterson will do better job than Tahir or Rory…disappointing ..in the end lucky to not lose really…and yes we were on the backfoot with one man down and out…

  11. I live in Brisbane and let me tell you what you didn’t see on television is that the pitch was beginning to deteriorate, some balls were staying low, Nathan Lyon managed to get a wicket, and that was only after 4 days.

    I would have been VERY interested to see what would have happened if South Africa batted like they knew there was still another day to play, and were all out for say 350, leaving Australia 200 to make on the final day, and face some pressure. (the top order didn’t handle the pressure too well at 40-3- and that was on a flat wicket).

    Another thing I want to point out is that there are AUSTRALIAN commentators who believe that the Morkel wicket of Ed Cowen was NOT a no-ball. One of them even said to Bret Lee on the cricket show that he will go to his grave believing that Mokel has some part of his heel behind the line.

  12. Absolutely agree with your team, great pick. Also agree about cutting out no-balls, but the one that actually counted was NOT a no- ball- even the Aussies think so.

    The BIG error for me is why our top order batsmen ( Amla) who already have a century to their name don’t get a little more selfish with the referrals. If you bat top 7 and the decision is either LBW, or something else subjective, then REFER IT- just on principle. “So what” if Steyn is then left with a howler he can’t appeal because there are no referrals left- bad luck son- now get out there with the ball and get revenge!

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