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Keegan Daniel takes a dump

April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Smith picks country over IPL

April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok so I know I overdo the Smith posts but let me be, I digg the guy.

Anyway isn’t it great knowing we have a captain who puts his country first before the IPL. as some might know Smith went into surgery today for an ankle operation that will see him ready and fit for England. he could have had a few shots of anti-inflamatory and participated in the IPL (possibly gotten himself a few runs and proven himself in the T20 format) but instead he chose to rather undergo the op to make sure he is ready to battle England

Perhaps the Indian players could learn a thing or two from biff. we are talking a lot of money for Smith to just let go. but he did it for his country, the same country that gives him stick day in and day out.

proud of you boy!

“In the last Test (against New Zealand last week) Graeme had a lot of discomfort, and with the load of cricket that is going to be played this year we decided we should have him assessed,” Proteas team manager Mohammed Moosajee, who is a medical doctor, said yesterday.

“Surgery becomes the best option because there is a loose fragment of bone and the doctor needs to do a debridement, which is shaving off a bit of bone.

“Sometimes when you have pain in a joint doctors can go and inject an anti-inflammatory or some cortisone into that area. That allows the inflammation to settle down and the symptoms to be relieved, but often that is just a temporary measure.

“When you’re looking at something more long term, keeping in mind the challenges we have ahead, we thought it might be the best opportunity to go in and get him sorted out. Graeme is disappointed that he’s not in the IPL, but playing for his country is paramount.”

Good choice Skipper!