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Hello from the Netherlands

August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Good day bloggers,

Thought I need to post something to help keep my sanity while I am abroad, It’s extremely different here to South Africa so it’s vital that I keep up to date with the SA sporting world, which by the way is a million times more exciting than the Dutch sporting world. . . .. oh and whats up with Julius Malema and his riot causing court case? it’s making headlines this side and while watching it on the news this morning it almost was like watching Libya or Afgan. . . . .it’s giving our country a bad name up here. . . .sis on that fat shit.

The Lions hammered my Sharks and it’s not any easier this weekend when we go up against the Bulls . ..oh well such is life. Can’t waitfor the world cup and the Proteas getting their season off!

Anyway time to read some blogs now….cheers

Where’s Inlahnzi ?

August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m getting tired of this Chaps David Copperfield disappearing tricks . . . Is he pulling another one of his tricks again? perhaps the 3rd coming? Or is it that Frank Bone and him have gone on a little Romantic getaway on some exotic/erotic island? Cause Mr Bone’s also been missing in action. . . . .the mystery continues but I’m sure these two chaps have sparked something off

Any information regarding the missing blogger would be greatly appreciated

Bone and Inlahnzi?

Bismarck – “John Smit is our Captain”

August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Maybe this can die down the fire a bit, I honestly believe most of us have no cooking clue what we are talking about and should look at the facts first, clearly Smitty is still highly regarded in the Bok camp, I’m still behind my Bok captain and shame on you if you’re not

You’ll also note that the article explains that Smit had a solid game when he came on . . which is exactly what I saw. . .remember Smit is a Hooker not a bloody loose forward. . . yes Bismarck is a freak of nature but don’t expect all Hookers to be. Johnno does his job 100%

Source :

SPRINGBOK hooker Bismarck du Plessis defended his angry reaction to being replaced by John Smit in the Boks Tri-Nations Test against New Zealand at the weekend and shot down suggestions there was bad blood between him and the Bok skipper, writes Zeena Isaacs .

Du Plessis was replaced by Smit in the 61st minute, but walked off the field shaking his head angrily — a response which shocked the media and public.



Despite proving himself consistently as SA’s best hooker, the player has had to make way for Smit in the front row to accommodate the Bok skipper, something that is expected to occur throughout the Rugby World Cup. But Du Plessis yesterday denied he was bitter about the situation and spoke openly about his respect for Smit as a player.


“John is our captain and I have great respect for him as a player and for his help to make me the player that I am,” said Du Plessis. “But competition brings out the best in us all and it is always good because when I am sitting on the bench I know I can push him and vice-versa.”


Asked about his angry response to being substituted, he played down the seriousness of his actions and said: “I enjoyed myself (on the field) and (when that happens) you don’t want to go off irrespective of who you are. If you haven’t played in five or six weeks, you want to play as long as you can to get your match fitness up, so it wasn’t disapproval, it was just that I enjoyed myself out there.”


But with Bok coach Peter de Villiers rating both players highly and Smit delivering a solid performance against the All Blacks, Du Plessis will in all likelihood start as Smit’s back- up in their opening Cup clash against Wales in a little over two weeks.

De Villiers quickly shot down suggestions by one of the media members that the team’s best 40 minutes this season was in the first half with Du Plessis starting the Test, and said: “I can’t agree (with that). We played very good rugby last week (against Australia when Smit started). And secondly, the guys weren’t headless chickens on the field (against New Zealand), we had a captain out there. So I trust both of them, I know their abilities and both players are technically and tactically sound. I think we are in a better position than we were a few years back.”


Looking back at the All Blacks Test, Du Plessis was particularly impressed with the team’s scrummaging and scramble defence, but said that they had to work hard to improve their fitness levels ahead of the spectacle given the limited game time they have had in the build-up to the tournament.


He singled out the scrums as one of the key areas to success in the World Cup and said: “If we play at night the field is going to be wet and slippery and the ball will skid. So I think there’ll be a lot more scrums, that is why we have been working so hard in that department.”

Friday Funnies and my weekend preview

August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Regarding the sporting weekend…. I think The Sharks will reclaim the number 1 spot after WP beat the lions and the sharks smash the Leopards, Bulls should also pull through but it won’t be easy

The Springboks I think will win, with Lambie at fullback anything is possible, Matfield needs to keep his cool, either way I don’t rate him as a captain, and at least Smitty is on the Bench in case things go wrong. I honestly feel the John Smit Saga has come to a rest after he has put in a few good performances in recent times and has justified his place in the Springbok team for the world cup……

The Boks will win on Saturday, and in fact I have a feeling they’ll smash the All Blacks by a 10 – 15 pointer

Another brain fart by Supersport in not broadcasting the Sharks Leapords game and I’ll have to suffer by watching it on Live streaming.

But I suppose in the bigger scheme of things the Province game is more important. . . .still I’m a Sharks supporter and I wanna watch my bloody team play rugby. . . catch a wake up Supersport

Enjoy the glorious sporting weekend ahead while I pack boxes in preparation for my move to Europe. . .Adios!

What Google thinks . . .

August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Haven’t blogged in a while but I’m sure you haven’t missed me…..well I haven’t really missed you either.

Was bored so thought I would check what google has to say about our sportsman and our sports . . . then I did the same for England. . . .pretty interesting

Hashim Amla

Bakkies Botha

Graeme Smith

Jacques Kallis

Luke Watson

Googles take on South Africans

So what can we learn from this? Well to start off with it seems our prolific Batsmen is indeed a terrorist . . who would of guessed it? Seems Google has mixed feelings about Bakkies. . . .apparently he is a Christian . . . .and a thug? Graeme Smith is gay, married and fat . . .oh and he is their captain? It also seems Google is having trouble identifying the sex of Kallis and at the same time accusing him of being racist!! Luke Watson is a gay black doos . . .ya ok so Google got one right! And to top it all off with, according to Google South Africans are rude arrogant and lazy .. . .which apparently also makes us the best!

But what did Google have to say about England?



Andrew Strauss







Kevin Pietersen




Stuart Broad





Jonny Wilkinson






Googles take on Poms







So what does this tell us? Andrew Strauss is a Jewish cheat . . .aren’t they all? He is also a cricket bat. . . ok.

Kevin Pietersen is England’s biggest problem….wow ok . . .Stuart broad is rubbish, tell us something we don’t know

Jonny Wilkinson is overrated and is back . . back where?

Poms are lazy arrogant Dogs which are also so cute . . . . right

O ya did you hear Patrick Lambie will be starting at Fullback for the Springboks this weekend. . . this was confirmed when Gio Aplon went missing on Tuesday after François Steyn ate him


Bromance at sport24

August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

ya love is in the air here hey

Drink 17

August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s in a drink? No really what makes a drink so special, so unique and so bloody good? Most bloggers know that I am a rather big fan of drinking and I have absolutely no problem with it, I love my drink and I’m proud of my knowledge regarding the drinking world. There are certain drinks for certain times and occasions and I have come to master most of them. . . So without further a due, I present to you my new guide for drinkers :

Drink 17 – Part 1


By Sheriff

This week’s drink – Wellington and coke

Brief Description

Ah yes don’t we all enjoy a brandy and coke now and then? This drink is mostly associated to drunk Dutchman who support the Blue Bulls rugby team in Pretoria, South Africa, however it has been noted that a large number of the English population enjoy the dark tinted drink too. This drink is extremely popular among the young/teen population and has notably been responsible for a large number of pregnancies in the teen population. It’s sharp rugged taste is what drives the Alpha male to its potent effects and distinguished taste. This is a must for the adventurous male


Best way to prepare/pour

There are many ways this drink can be prepared but very few ways in which absolute perfection meets absolute enjoyment. Wellington and coke must be served with 5 blocks of ice, approximately 6cm X4cm in diameter (no less no more) one thing most drinkers tend to neglect is the fact that the brandy must be ice cold before pouring, that’s right keep your wellington refrigerated at all times! Reason for this? Well there are two. . . .1. the warmer Brandy is the more alcohol is released from the liquid. 2. The warmer the brandy is the faster the ice melts. So make sure both your coke and brandy are ice cold, insert ice in glass pour 2 and a half shots over the ice followed by a slow but consistent flow of coke over the mix and enjoy.

Best suited for which occasions ?

Wellington and coke are best suited as a post Match drink on a Friday or Saturday night or when you want to piss of the wife.

Positive effects

Wellington produces a wide range of positive effects, these include, a feeling of self confidence, extreme happiness or excitement, a feeling of immortality and an extremely positive outlook on life

Negative Effects

Negative effects normally only occur the day after consumption but have been noted to occur during consumption too, some effects include, extremely painful headache, dry mouth, depression, feelings of regret and in extreme cases pregnancy

PS : it has been noted that these negative effects can be minimal if one substitutes coke with coke light or coke zero due to the decreased levels of sugar, however we do not recommend this


Don’t over drink this mixture while around your spouse

Don’t forget to add coke

Don’t forget to add Brandy

Don’t Drive

Don’t mistake fugly woman for beautiful attractive woman

Final ratings:

Effects: 8/10

Taste : 8/10

Social benefits : 6/10

Chances of getting laid : 5/10

Girlfriend/wife happy meter when consumed by you : 2/10





Bottoms Up!

Enough is enough Anneleen!

August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok enough is enough person, before I begin let me say that if you are indeed real then you are a very sweet woman, probably not sexy but sweet (sexy woman aren’t normally sweet, and that’s the only point behind my reasoning)

It just doesn’t make sense that all of a sudden, one day you just popped up and started being all nice and stuff to EVERYONE, now even if you are real there has to be at LEAST one blogger that pisses you off??? What’s your deal? No really, I think most bloggers will agree with me when I say you are quite a mystery and a rather strange character on these blogs.

Once again I must strongly emphasise that if you are indeed Anneleen then please ignore this post as your contributions are much appreciated and welcomed. However If you are another Hugo/Stormy or Sheriff/SportDoctor scenario(yes, guilty as charged) then low and behold you will be judged accordingly.

A few points to take into consideration :

  1. Is Anneleen even a real name?? No really?
  2. If I google image your name it’s mostly hot babes that appear and as stated above hot babes aren’t sweet, which you are? So explain please?
  3. Why no blog? No really, you contribute to every single post but you do not have a blog?
  4. No Avatar? Another mystery, you would have though you would have put up an image of yourself or an avatar after being here for so long?
  5. Are you Inlahnzi????????

The Curiosity has gotton the best of me and I need answers!!!. . . . .please?

A few things to say about rugby

August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a few points to ponder

So two forgetful performance from the Springboks and although both games were painful to watch, Springbok rugby is not in any danger yet despite the beliefs of some bloggers and so called rugby “experts” we can say what we like about the team that went down to the AB’s and wallabies but the fact remains that this was a B team or even a C team. Let’s stop worrying about SA rugby and get behind our A team when the Kiwi’s and sheep shagers come to our shores . . .it’s payback time bitches

Patrick Lambie will do to Morne Steyn what Morne Steyn did to Francois Steyn. Steyn will probably play his rugby in France next year while Pat Lambie will become known as the first choice Flyhalf for the Springboks, no, not centre and not Fullback but Flyhalf! Lambie clearly has a better rugby brain than Morne and with a bit of experience and with Percy Montgomery by his side, Patrick Lambie could become a Rugby Sensation. . . .I have no doubt about that.

Blue Bull Rugby is in serious trouble at the moment and I don’t see it changing anytime soon unless serious steps are taken immediately. Just last year the Bulls were the Super Rugby champions, they have litrally gone from hero to zero in an extremely short period of time, they are no longer the big shot of SA Rugby, no that title belongs to either the Stormers or the Sharks,

The Sharks look set to defend their Currie Cup title with the current squad gelling nicely together, they could replicate the 90’s and dominate Currie cup rugby for some time, with the likes of Mvovo, Lambie, Coetzeer, Ludik and their young front row I suspect the Sharks will do well in the years to come

John Smit is finding some real form at the moment, scoring two tries in his last two matches, his brilliant captaincy came out once again on Saturday when he turned down a 3 pointer and opted for the lineout instead, scoring his try off the back. Seems as though the tough customer Springbok captain is back and might be back to his best come Rugby world cup 2011

Just my two cents