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Inlahnzi’s Hottie not so hottie

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Lambie and Boots and all

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Woke up this morning, got to work, opened a can of Monster and opened my internet browser and typed in the following address : now please do remember by the time sport24 loaded I had been through half a can of Monster, and that stuff is no joke hey, it literally pumps pure adrenalin into your body. . . anyway so there to my absolute pleasure lies the heading “Boks switch Lambie and Steyn” I almost flew through the roof in excitement and the overdose in caffeine didn’t help matters at all. So ya I was pretty excited.

I must be honest, I am rather Nervous for tomorrow’s game, not only for the Springboks but for Pat Lambie in Particular, you see most Morne Steyn Fans will Drill Lambie should he make a few mistakes and not set the scene alight. You see the truth is a lot of expectation has been put on the shoulders of young Lambie and I like most of you believe he could make the step up, and low and behold if he does, It would most probably be the end of the road for Morne Steyn in Springbok Rugby.

Imagine Lambie goes out there and has an absolute Blinder, maybe even scoring a try of his own, what will happen to Steyn? Will he go to the world cup with Butch James already there as an experienced Flyhalf ? Why take Steyn to a world cup when James and Lambie are there? (provided Lambie has a good Tri Nations)

Another thing to ponder is whether Lambie will play in the home leg of the Tri Nations provided he has a good game on Saturday and when will the Springbok coaching staff take Lambie seriously as the first choice Flyhalf at the world cup ? if not at least the second choice Flyhalf?

Lots of questions and most should be answered in the next couple of weeks. . . . .

Watching boots and all last night One of the topics Darren bought up is John Smit as captain and first choice Hookers, not surprisingly the entire panel agreed that Smit is the man for the job and it was quite an honour when Darren mentioned that he had been looking on the sport24 blogs and that the subject of Smit as captain had dies down a bit. So it’s good to know that people do take us seriously at times and do read the blogs. . . .anyway just a thought

Enjoy the game

Sharks sign Riaan Viljoen

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from the sharks website

The Sharks are happy to announce that they have signed Griquas fullback Riaan Viljoen for the 2012 season.


Since 2008, he has represented Griquas in the Absa Currie Cup, the Cheetahs (Vodacom Super Rugby) and played two tour matches for the Springboks on their end of year tour to France, Italy, Ireland & England in 2009. His move to The Sharks means that his career has come a full circle, returning to where his career all started when he played for The Sharks Under 19s and Under 20s in 2002 and 2003. He spent the ensuing years – 2005 to 2007 – playing for the Valke before making the move to Kimberley in 2008 to start his career which saw his star rise.


The following year he made his Super Rugby debut and also represented the Royal XV against the touring British and Irish Lions before heading for the northern Hemisphere for the Springbok tour.

A prolific scorer, he has accumulated 33 tries, 78 conversions and 14 drop-goals for a total points’ haul of 552. A strong and quick runner, he brings a monster boot to his array of skills, often converting from 50m or more.




Date of Birth: 1 April 1983
Place of Birth: Carletonville
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 92Kg
Position: Fullback

Did I miss the game you watched ?

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Hello Bloggers.

I’m a bit Shocked this morning, you see I obviously did not watch the same Springbok game that everybody else did, you know the one where John Smit was so Pathetic, so Shocking and as that fat fuck Olie le Roux said “dreadful”

Ya well Ollie and Smit have never seen eye to eye anyway and Ollie should probably reconsider that “dreadful” diet his on shouldn’t he?, I honestly thought Smit had an OK game, ya he’s a bit off the pace but can you blame him? He hasn’t had consistent game time and he’ll get better and better the more he plays, what stood out for me was how he created his own try, he swung a pass out wide to one of his forwards and raced back to the ruck where he collected the ball and sprung over for the try. Ya good rugby brain my man

Enough of Smit, let’s talk about some of the other chappies. Morne Steyn, I’m sorry but this guy is just not doing it, the moment Lambie replaced him the Boks looked more potent on attack and Lambie’s little switch pass was what sparked the first try. So my Bok Flyhalf for the world cup is going to be Lambie, Let Steyn sit on the bench and bring Lambie water or a kicking tee. . . . or some Oros or something

Olivier – nuff said, absolutely useless. AD Jacobs should have started, he looked good too.

Dean Greyling – a big no no for a Bok front Row

Ashley Johnston – I still rate him but had a crap game to say the least

Gio Aplon – had a few good breaks but the Wallabies blew him away

So where does this leave us ? worrying times indeed

Saracens to play in Cape Town ?

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Wow , wouldn’t this be great ??


Source :



Newlands Stadium 

Newlands in Cape Town is home to Super Rugby outfit Stormers



Saracens have applied for permission to play their Heineken Cup round five match against Biarritz in Cape Town.

Sarries have lodged the request with European Rugby Cup, the Rugby Football Union and South Africa Rugby.

In a statement the club said it is “committed to acting in the best interests of European rugby”.

It added: “In addition, the club will consult widely and seriously with season ticket holders and supporters before reaching any final decision.”

“We are an English club with a strong South African flavour”
Saracens chief executive Edward Griffiths in early July

The tie, scheduled for the weekend of 13 January 2012, could be played at the 51,900 capacity Newlands Stadium.

Playing a competitive fixture in South Africa would continue Saracens’ relationship with rugby in the country.

The arrival of Springbok captain John Smit after this year’s World Cup will take the north London club’s quota of South African-born players to 12, although four of these are English qualified.

Club chief executive Edward Griffiths said after the announcement of Smit’s impending arrival: “Our player recruitment is always done from a rugby perspective, but having a World Cup-winning captain will obviously do no harm.

“We are an English club with a strong South African flavour and he fits well with that.”

Hugo the schizo

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Now don’t all jump on your horses and accuse me of giving this useless piece of dung the attention that he so desperately seeks but Bloggers I think we’re dealing with a psychopath here, This guy has a serious problem ladies and gentlemen and I think it’s time I analyses his disease once and for all and put the cast to rest. you see Hugo is a chop. . . a big fat chop and although he enjoys writing, I must admit that he’s writing personality is rather shocking to say the least. . . let’s have a closer look at this strange species . . . .please do take notes.

I Present to you. . . . . Exhibit A

The Hugo-Sapien



The Hugo-Sapian – A fairly large species and cousin to the Gorilla this creature for some unknown reason has a rather small brain with insufficient intelligence to reason or understand normal human behaviour


Now as I understand it Hugo has two Blogs, one here on sport24 and the other on Die Burger. Now to find out exactly how brain damaged this guy is one needs only to go through his posts and see the absolute shocking tail it portrays, allow me to continue. . .


We are dealing with a schizophrenic man here, let me prove it. I’ll take one Subject and show you how serious this is, how bizarre this is and how crazily stupid this is. The subject? John Smit, yes Smitty will be the subject in today’s medical trial, so without further a due let me begin.


These were Hugo’s thoughts on John Smit a little while ago, they are extracts from his blogs, and I have even provided a link for you :




Post Title : Die “pleaser” en die parasiet – Snor en Johno



03 May 2011 – “Terug by John Smit: soos verwag het Snor hom bokkaptein vir die WB gemaak. Vir die eerste maal is my ondersteuning van die Bokke gekwalifiseerd: ek steun hulle, maar nie vir Johno nie. Jy verdien nie om bo Bismarck te speel nie en is nie eens die derde beste haker in die land nie. Sonder Smit en met Jean de Villiers kaptein, sou ek my geld op die Bokke gesit het. Met John daar, is my geld op die All Blacks.”   – Source


03 May 2011 – “Die vriendskap tussen John Smit en Snor is dig en waarskynlik op ‘n verlede van beloftes en dies meer gebasseer. Dit gaan ons waarskynlik die WB kos. Snor is ‘n “pleaser” en John ‘n parasiet. Ek verstaan hulle sakke bult, maar ten koste van die Bok en sy ondersteuners.” – source


So here we can see clearly Hugo is mocking John Smit and questioning him as a rugby player, calling him a “parasite”  





Post Title : Smit the poor man’s Bismarck – source



 21st June 2011 – “Smit is the poor man’s Bismarck; but luckily for Smit, Snor seems to be the champion of “poor men.”

21st June 2011 – “I have to ask myself if the Boks will win similar and even tighter games in the World Cup with Smit in the team. The answer clearly is no”

21st June 2011 – “I know there is a saying, “fuck GOOGLE, asks Hugo” but really anyone who cannot see the difference between Smit and Bismarck and that it would be a lottery to pick Smit ahead of the real deal in tight games such as against the All Blacks and the Wallabies, is stupid”

21st June 2011 – “Snor is however not a brain surgeon; and although he is not quite an idiot, he is stupid enough to pick Johno”





There are plenty more of these Smit-Bashing articles but I think there is enough here to show that Hugo really hates John Smit and is not a big fan at all . . . or is? In a weird twist and turn of events Hugo all of a sudden changed his mind, I’ll get into the reason just now but here we see a completely different view on Smitty :




Post title – Magic of Schleck, Trott and John Smit – Todays Post


22nd July 2011 – “Wat my veral positief maak is dat John Smit sy kritici se monde sal wil snoer. John weet as hulle more wen, gaan die Kaap Hollands wees en sal die doemprofete, waarvan ek een is, nie maklik weer sy rol in die Bokspan bevraagteken nie.


Verloor die Bokke sal John se aansien ‘n verdere knou kry. Daar is vir hom baie op die spel en hy gaan so gemotiveerd wees as kan kom”


Post Title – Finally the Truth about John Smit


14th July 2011 – “John Smit is the best rugby player and captain this country ever produced and this is official and probably the result of scientific methods of measuring people who played in different eras and positions”

14th July 2011 – “John Smit is a great person; an international icon and the captain amongst captains. Nobody can take that from him, not now not ever”

14th July 2011 – “Finally, John Smit is the Bok captain for the WC and I fully support him. The Boks is my team and I will be loyal to them forever. I will believe in them as I still believe in the Proteas. I will believe in the Boks regardless whether they succeed or fail.


I have a feeling that time will prove who the real John Smit and Bok supporters were; and I think we will be surprised. “





Ok so WTF?? I don’t get it. . . . Did his opinion change due to the bloggers understandably hostile approach to his unethical views of John Smit? and if so does that not rule out the statement that “most South Africans do not support John Smit” ?


Your thoughts . . . . 




The John Smit fairytale

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just read this article which was sent to me on mail. . . .A must read! Brilliant article

Apparently the source is Sport24 but I can’t seem to find it



There’s a massive amount of conjecture around John Smit or Bismark du Plessis being the first choice starting hooker for the Springboks at the Rugby World Cup (RWC) later this year. Smit’s undoubtedly the best leader, Bismark’s undoubtedly a more skilled all round player – and this brings into focus the argument about what exactly makes a better player: is it just the measurable statistics (yardage, rucks hit, tackles, etc.) or should it include the “unmeasurables”, like an individual’s contribution to things like team resolve, collective brains trust and experience?


But the argument about these 2 players is bigger than just being a selection conundrum: it’s about making a World Cup win this year something bigger than just a World Cup win.

Certain events on a sports field transcend the contest and the result, and add to our national psyche. They reaffirm for all of us a larger truth about the potential for greatness residing within all of us, and not just the genetically fortunate sport heroes we chose to idolize.  Nothing does this more so than an underdog coming out on top against the odds – and in his own way, John Smit is a bit of an underdog; public opinion has him pegged as not being the best selection for the Boks, past his sell-by date as a player with a younger, fitter player ready to assume his position in the team. Add to that the fact that he is leading the Boks later this year to attempt a successful defence of the RWC crown – something never achieved before – and all the elements of a potential fairytale are there. And it is these sporting fairytales that are so closely linked to our perception of what it means to be uniquely South African.

Take Graeme Smith coming out to bat with a broken hand in a cricket test match against the Aussies at the SCG in January 2009; we’d already won the series, and the result of that particular game was thus irrelevant in the context of the series’ outcome, yet out he came in no small amount of discomfort to try and draw a game – not win it, draw it. Now, the more cynical amongst us might contend that Smith was being self-serving, building his own reputation as a hard-as-nails scrapper and sending a clear message out to the Aussies that the South African cricket team doesn’t give an inch ever – investing in future contests one might say, but I beg to differ. The rub-off effect of that particular action affected all of us who saw him come out to bat, and the effect was clear: an ordinary guy who has chosen to dedicate himself to something can, with a little bit of self-sacrifice and the sac to front up, achieve greatness. History books show us that we lost that test by 103 runs as Smith eventually succumbed in the dying moments of the game – but the truth is I sure as hell didn’t feel like we’d lost after watching all 29 minutes of his innings.

Or consider the image you no doubt have burnt into your memory at a formative age of Nelson Mandela coming down the tunnel at Ellis Park in Francois Pienaar’s number 6 jersey before the 1995 RWC final. This particular image is clearer to me than even that of Pienaar and Madiba actually lifting the cup – and the message is clear: we are uniquely South African, and if we stand together we can overcome big obstacles.

These individual fairytales made true by the individual larger-than-life sports icons that featured as protagonists in them are the stories that make the impossible seem possible in our own mere mortal lives, and certain lessons come through as universal: perseverance, hard work, self-belief and support make us achieve things individually and collectively that may be better than we think we are capable of; making excuses and not taking ownership of your actions are out of place and unacceptable.

Maybe this attitude won’t make you win at everything all the time (how boring would that not be as a spectator), but it is possible for you to change a predicted outcome and reverse the odds.

I believe that John Smit particularly has had circumstance present him with a unique opportunity. Lifting RWC 2011 and defending the crown for the first time in history is not something that too many rugby players will ever be able to do. True, the backbone of this SA squad will all be there for a second time, but none of them are under as much pressure for their place in the team as Smit is. What he has is the chance to earn glory on aninternational stage against the odds, and forever write his name in the history of SA rugby as probably our greatest captain ever (which he probably could claim irrespective of the outcome of this RWC.)

The message here is universal, and more instructive than any description of his physical durability to last as long as he has in top flight rugby, and larger even than Smit’s long list of achievements: if John Smit lifts the RWC again, and plays a significant on-field role while doing it, it will be proof of the fact that nice guys actually do win. Not of world cups or rugby games, but in life itself. Forget the Hollywood myth about life being full of morally ambiguous anti-heroes and the like, because we have a chance as South Africans to see one of our own prove that perseverance, humility and all-round niceness combined with a work ethic and dedication can get you somewhere in the world. And win us another World Cup, of course.

Against public opinion, coach Peter de Villiers has backed Smit as his first choice selection, thereby making it clear that in his opinion his “unmeasurable” contributions outweigh any edge that du Plessis may have in his on-field stats. Is John Smit the best hooker in country? Debatable: Bismark du Plessis would probably be the first choice pick for any other country on the planet.

But John Smit does stand a chance of making South Africa winning the RWC 2011 much more than just a rugby success story, he can make it a South African fairytale.

A. von Mollendorff


Another week, another round

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So It’s week 2 of the 2011 Absa Currie Cup and what a first week of rugby it was, WP and Griquas sharing the spoils, Lions just holding on to defeat the Pumas, The Sharks downing the Bulls and the Samoans thumping Australia at home. Week two will be no different and in fact it should be more spicy as our Springboks take on the Wallabies with a so called “B” team.

It must be said by reading all the interviews and press releases with the Springboks, our boys seem to be extremely confident, they might not have their top line players but that will probably bring another dimension to the Boks as Australia should not know what to expect .. . this game should be interesting

Here are my Predictions for this weekend’s Currie Cup fixtures :

Leopards Vs WP – Potch


Even though WP coach Allister Coetzee won’t admit it, his troops are feeling the pain from last week’s draw against the Griquas and will come out firing for this clash to make amends for their supporters and for themselves. The Leopards were anything but a Rugby unit against the Cheetahs and I don’t expect anything to change this weekend. The Snore of the weekend and WP to take it comfortably :

WP by 15

Pumas Vs The Sharks – Witbank


The Pumas continued from where they left off last year and showed great courage and determination against the defeat to the Lions, they should take some confidence out of that game and will be ready to go at their home turf, The Defending Champions on the other hand dismantled the Bulls last week and with John Plumtree having announced the exact same starting XV the Sharks should build on that win and perform once again. Don’t expect a walk over but Sharks to take this one

Sharks by 12

Griquas Vs Lions – Kimberly

The Lions have not been able to beat the Griquas in Kimberly for some time now and Although they beat the Pumas in Johannesburg it was rather unconvincingly wasn’t it? On the other hand the Griquas showed great temperament to draw against Western Province in Cape Town which certainly must be a massive confidence boost. Lions coach John Mitchell has made three changes to his side but I honestly don’t think that will do the trick, I would love to see a Lions win but Griquas will have the edge.

Griquas by 9

Blue Bulls Vs Cheetahs – Pretoria


Were the Bulls horrible in Durban or were the Sharks just too good? That question should be answered this weekend. The Bulls lost by an embarrassing margin of 19 to the Sharks in Durban while the Cheetahs hammered the Leopards into submission in Bloemfontein. The Bulls go into this match unchanged and although they will put up a fight the men from the Freestate will just be too tough for the Blue Bulls.

Cheetahs by 5

So there we have it my predictions for this weekend’s Absa Currie Cup round. My prediction for The Springboks Vs Wallabies game ? extremely tough to make this pick but realistically thinking I predict the Australians to come out on top by 12, this is just due to the fact that I have never seen this team play before as a unit.

Hopefully the Bok’s prove me wrong


Currie Cup Fantasy League

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thought I would just brag

1 Wesley Rousseau Sheriffs county 8 228 228 228
2 Lee Morris Wesbank Boys 369 200 200 200  
3 Paul Muirhead Sharks0504 1811 181 181 181  
4 Kris Lindenberg Goosamas XV 1930 180 180 180  
5 Lee Richardson Frisbee 2037 179 179 179  
6 Alasdair Fraser Sweet XV 2230 177 177 177  
7 George Traut GeorgeTraut 2347 176 176 176  
8 Horatio Kitchener Kitchener 2932 171 171 171  
9 Christiaan Pretorius Chrish 3253 168 168 168  
10 Schalk van Niekerk Blood n Guts 3830 162 162 162  
11 Roelof Nepgen SportFanatic 4698 150 150 150  
12 Jonathan Faurie Cuban Crusaders 6563 76 76 76

And we’re off!

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Week one of the 2011 Currie Cup is behind us and now us Superbru players can start fine tuning our selections from here on in. The first week of superbru should always be used to experiment as one never really knows how a team will perform in a specific season, after week one however the picture becomes slightly clearer and begins to take shape more and more each week.

So a few mixed results and a few good signs for this to come.

The Lions were hardly impressive and if it were not for a few moments of individual brilliance the Lions well may have lost this game, This Lions team has made a few steps forward recently but how will they fair against the likes of the Cheetahs, Bulls, Griquas, WP and Sharks this season ? all 5 of those teams are noticeably stronger than the Pumas.

The draw between Griquas and WP was not expected but nor was it a shock, I wouldn’t read to much into this game and I’m sure WP’s engines will be up and running by week two or three.

The Cheetahs did what most thought they would by demolishing last year’s whipping boys, the leopards sounding a warning that they are real contenders this year as they are most years.

The Sharks rather unexpectedly hammered the Bulls by four tries to one in a rather one sided affair also showing the other teams that they won’t give up their Trophy without a fight, still it will be interesting to see how they shape up to the other teams.

Weekend results :

Lions            31-27     Pumas

WP              26-26     Griquas

Cheetahs    40-12      Leopards

Sharks        35-16     Bulls

Cereal_Killa had a smashing weekend on Superbru claiming top spot with 4.50 he is joined by Jaco K followed closely by Darwinia who sits on 4.25 who is closely trailed by REM on 4.00 points.

Not a very good start for Kitchener who currently lies on 34th position. Let the excuses begin!


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