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Hou jou mouth

May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Friday, just so before 3PM, Keegan Daniel will stand off Nathan Sharpe after the Sharks scrapped through a tough encounter against the Force in Perth.

NS:  Tough game Keegan but you managed to come from behind, and finally get one over on your tour.

KD:  Ya for sure Sharpie, we were unfortunate against the Chiefs and Landers but the boys showed some character to get through in the end.

NS:  Any injury concerns.  I see Coetzee went off at half time?

KD:  No the kid just took a knock and as a precaution we decided that he should sit out the remainder of the game.

NS:  Now reports earlier in the week suggested that there is a huge rift in the camp, claiming you said that there is too much Afrikaans players in a traditional English team.

KD:  Ag Sharpie, in South Africa you get some journo’s that is after sensation that rather pointing out the evidence.  I get on well with my players, as can be seen by some of their social media updates leading up to the game.  I am going to say this, and you can translate later, Beeld, gaan fok jouself….ek is n Suid Afrikaner, not a foreigner so gaan soek kak in die buiteland and los my en my span maats uit. STEK!

Now Afrikanergate in my opinion is a bunch of hogwash.  If there was refutable evidence that Keegan made those remarks, then maybe yes you have a case.  It’s surprising that Beeld is still allowed to run it’s mouth since they are known for publishing stories for the sensation rather then the truth.

So like Daniel would say…a very kind Voetstek from my side will suffice.afr afrikaans-is-sharp

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Injury…pfffft…it’s a massacre.

April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

With the Sharks losing Beast Mtwarira and loan player Andries Coetzee this past weekend, the story is looking rather Glum…for Plum.

16 players out injured.  That is a hefty toll and must be some sort of record.  Still I feel that the Sharks are only to blame for this themselves.  And we also have this little thing called the Academy, and also a VC team, from which we could pull resources.

I still believe, and I will stand by my point that the amount of rugby our players are subjected to is still way too much.  And if Saru has any integrity, they will try and lesson that burden, but I forgot, they need to focus all their energy on 2015 when the negotiations for the new broadcasting deal is due, to which we will probably pull on the short stick….again.  And this while we pull in the numbers for both competitions.

The Sharks departed on their grueling tour of Australasia with a stop in Waikato against the Chiefs this weekend followed up by a tough encounter against the Highlanders in Dunedin.  The tour concludes after stops in Australia against the Warratahs and Force.

My team for this week would be:

1 JC Janse Van Rensburg

2 Kyle Cooper

3 Jannie

4 Bresler


6 Daniel

7 Coetzee

8 Mtembu

9 Reinach

10 Lambie

11 Sithole

12 Viljoen

13 Bosman

14 Jordaan

15 Steyn

Ja, it looks like a kak span without big names like Alberts, Bismarck, Beast, Botes, Whitehead, JP, Mvovo and Ludik not there.  I would move Jordaan since he has played Wing for the Baby Boks and bring Viljoen into the midfield.  The good news is that Butch James, Tim Whitehead, Willem Alberts, Beast, JP and Mvovo should be ready when the teams return, that is if everything goes according to plan.  Bissie should be near ready, I honestly think he is, and that the Sharks were instructed by HM to let him play as little as possible…i dunno.

Keep the faith Sharkies.  We may be in a tough spot, but I believe we can win atleast three of the four games, and when we get off the plane again, we should buckle up.

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Sharks update

April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

What a weekend of rugby.  I am sure you will see many post regarding the game of the weekend, Cheetahs v Stormers, a game this blogger got right on Superbru.

The Sharks came from behind to beat the Crusaders on Friday.  Lambie kicked 7 penalties on the night for a 100% record.  What impressed me about it was the accuracy, and one can see that the extra work he has put in is paying off.

On the worrying front though, with Ludik confirmed out for 3 months, Botes for 2 months and Odwa for atleast a week, the Sharks suddenly look thin.  And with the likes of Tim Whitehead, Dale Chadwick, Bissie, Alberts, Deysel also out, the team has to once again raid their age group teams to come up with the goods.

How bad could it be?

Well firstly I would bring in 4 players from the VC side.  Firstly to cover the bench, we would need two loosies, so Kleynhans and Mtembu can cover 5-8.  For the backline we can bring in Gouws Prinsloo who can cover from 10-15 and my surprise inclusion, Fred Zeilanga.  The kid is class, and he is quickly making a name for himself.

The probable side John Plumtree will field will be:

1 Beast

2 Cooper

3 Jannie

4 PS Du Toit

5 Van der Merwe

6 Daniel

7 Coetzee

8 Kankowski

9 Reinach

10 Lambie

11 JPP

12 Bosman

13 Jordaan

14 Viljoen

15 Steyn

I think the coach will hope that Viljoen does what he did so well against the same opposition during the Semi Final last year.  He was just playing at Full back, but I do think he can easily make the switch to wing.  Sithole can cover the wing from the bench.  I don’t know whether he will bring in Kleynhans, who I believe to be a great player.

The next two weeks will now be even more crucial for the Sharks.  With such an amount of injuries to key players, the time has come for the reserves to hold up their hands and make themselves count.  I think we can still take this game, the Stormers are struggling, mentally, they are a mess, after a player that I believe they could have offered a contract last year kicked them to shit on Saturday.

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Sharks Team….in Cars

March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

A little fun in our BB chatgroup yesterday, had me think back to the days when Andre Joubert was always referred to as the Rolls Royce of Rugby, not just here but abroad as well.  So ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce you to my Sharks team facing the Kings on Saturday:

1 Beast Mtwarira (Lamborghini Avantodor)

Just look at this piece of heaven from the Italian Supercar maker.  Just like the Beast, this car not only looks like on, but performs so on the track as well. Over 700bhp calls for a lot of power, and the Beast benchpressing over 300kg’s, here is to hoping he has another huge game.

Beast Mtwarira, Lamborghini Aventador

2 Craig Burden (69 Ford Mustang)

Now the reason I pick Craig for this piece of history, is the fact that despite his small size, and considering that he was a wing before, he is easily the fastest Number 2 in World Rugby, and to think that he actually (upon reports in last year) bench presses the most in the entire squad.  The Mustang will always remain a special car in any enthusiast mind, brute power and speed, “Eleanor” comes to life when on the track, and so does Craig who has done reasonably since standing in the shoes of Bissie.

Craig Burden 69 Ford Mustang

3 Jannie Du Plessis (Hummer H1)

In my opinion the Doctor had a great 2012, and was my Player of the Year, playing in every Test and one must say improving on previous years.  The Doctor is a tough man, as is the Hummer H1, used primarily in the US Army before being sold.  The Doctor will look to make this a even better year.

Jannie Du Plessis Hummer H1

4 Anton Bresler (Land Rover Evoque)

Anton is starting to make his name in Super Rugby.  Hard as nails, steady on defence and in the air, the Evoque is the “new kid on the block” with regards to SUV’s and took a step back in design from Land Rover, probably because it was designed by Victoria Beckham.

Anton Bresler Land Rover Evoque

5 Franco vd Merwe (Isuzu Bakkie)

Franco has made a massive difference in the front for the Sharks, to whom he is on loan from the Lions.  The former Lions skipper has fitted in well, and it’s befitting that he is my choice for South Africa’s most trusted bakkie, Isuzu.  Able to handle any terrain, and tough on the outside, it’s no wonder he is doing so well, pity that he hasn’t had sufficient time in the Bok jumper.

6 Marcel Coetzee (Toyota Hilux)

Reliable, check, Tough, check.  These two make a perfect fit.  Marcel had another good season for club and country and is proving to make a name for himself, don’t be surprised if the Japanese come knocking soon.  He will relish this game, and it should be a big one for him.

Marcel Coetzee Toyota Hilux

7 Jean Deysel (Lamborghini Diablo)

Deysel has been around the block, even though he only turned 28 in the week.  He showed that given the chance, and when fully fit, he can still give big performances like against the Stormers.  The Diablo off course was once the darling of the automotive world, but is still as reliable as ever.

Jean Deysel Lamborgini Diablo

8 Ryan Kankowski (Aston Martin One – 77)

Kankowski has always been known for his sniping runs and his speed.  Last year was probably our country’s best Eight Man, but he added more power and physicality to his game which makes him more dangerous.  The Aston is their fastest, and probably strongest and look at it! It’s a beauty.

Ryan Kankowski Aston One-77

9 Cobus Reinach (McClaren P1)

The kid had a great year in the Currie Cup last year.  He is fast and gutsy (just like his father Jaco Reinach)  I think that Cobus will come into his own, yes still lots of work to be done but he can be potentially big in the years to come, as can this car.  The 903 bhp Hyper car from McClaren is a beauty, and sure to live a long and successful life like her predecessor the McClaren F1

Cobus Reinach McClaren P1

10 Patrick Lambie (Ferrari LaFerrari)

Pat is the backbone of this team, and if we are to win the amount of games we would need to compete in a home semi/final, we will need him to marshal his troops.  Flashy, attacking and poised sums up Pat, cool head on his shoulders and he will need to have a big one on Saturday.  So will this car from the Ferrari stable.  The car was unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow not so long ago, and with 950 bhp, it is sure to be one of the fastest cars on Earth.

Pat Lambie Ferrari LaFerrari

11 Lwazi Mvovo (Pagani Huayra)

Lwazi is one of our pacemen, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have picked one of last years new cars, which is also one of the most beautiful you have ever seen as his.  Mvovo is strong in the tackle, fast and quickly becoming the more complete winger by not just looking for more work, but becoming better in the air.  Let us hope he continues his form.

Lwazi Mvovo Pagani Huayra

12 Francios Steyn (Ford Mustang 2013)

Our skipper is going to have a good year if he stays injury free.  I think that he came back a better player, and seems to have matured not just in stature but also as a player.  As did the Mustang, the name alone was big in the 70’s but Ford came and after a absence of a few decades bought out the new line Mustangs a few years ago, with more power and this one will be the newer line that has even more fancy gadgets…

Francios Steyn Ford Mustang

13 Paul Jordaan (Bugatti Veyron SS)

I don’t know for sure but would like to think that Paul is our fastest player.  Explosive off the mark and a sure eye for a gap, Paul is just growing every week.  I hope that he gets space to show what he can do with ball in hand.  The Bugatti Veyron pushed the envelope when it was released, pushing out just over 1000 bhp with a top speed of 253 miles the SS version takes the tested speed to over 270miles and with a hefty pricetag of over R10milion, in other words R80 000 for one Tire, it is no surprise that it is such a gem.

Paul Jordaan Bugatti Veyron SS

14 JP Petersen (Mercedes SLS)

Just like the Mercedes, JP is fast, slick and has a wicked turn of speed.  JP has been a excellent player not just for club but country as well.  A good defender, JP, has always been one of my favourite players since starting at the Sharks a few years ago, also one of the experienced players, closing in on a century of games for the Sharks.  Here is to hoping he scores a brace.

JP Petersen Mercedes SLS

15 Louis Ludik (Nissan Skyline GTR-35)

You may think that the new Skyline is a slouch, which Louis is not, but this is the fastest four door car around the Nurberg Ring in Germany in just under 7 minutes which is extraordinary.  Ludik has been one of the most consistent performers in not just Super Rugby but World Rugby over the last year.  He should have been the Springbok 15 but I hope that he gets his chance this year if he continues his current form.

Louis Ludik Nissan Skyline GTR-35

And they will be playing the Kings.


6 Luke Watson (Fiat Multipla)

If Luke wanted to PUKE on something as beautiful as the Springbok Emblem then I really wouldn’t want to be near him once he is in one of these cars, probably the ugliest car I have ever seen.

Luke Watson…Kaaaaak ugly

There you have it folks, my version of the Sharks teams as Cars.  Hope you enjoyed and had a chuckle.  Till Later


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Super Lite?

February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

With the real kickoff of Super Rugby this weekend, every day seem to be a new story of injuries.  And this is a worrying state of affairs.

The Stormers once again had to lay off Schalk Burger for another month, Juan De Jongh, Tiaan Liebenberg and Scarra the other injured.  They should have cover for these positions with Nazeem Carr, Martin Bezuidenhout, Siya Kolisi and Damian De Allande ready for their clash against the Bulls.

Speaking of the Bulls, yesterday news out of Pretoria came through that Dean Greyling and Wilhelm Steenkamp has been ruled out.  This morning news came through that Akona Ndungane and Jacques Potgieter has also been excluded due to injury concerns.

The Sharks heard last week that Keegan Daniel and Tim Whitehead will be out for a month.  With Bismarck already out and only due to return in April, Dale Chadwick out until March, they had to learn that Butch James and Willem Alberts will also be sidelined.

This made me think that all these players out injured should pose some serious questions to Saru and the effect the amount of Rugby will have on some of their top players.  Is this amount of rugby healthy or do they see it as collateral damage?  I am under the strict impression that they still don’t give a rat’s ass about the well being of their players, and this is a tough thing to get around.  I get the fact that rugby and injuries goes hand in hand, but not even a ball has been kicked and already teams are scratching their heads.

Luckily the Sharks have sufficient cover in the loose trio department.  Battle hardened Ryan Kankowski having just returned from a loan spell in Japan, Marcel Coetzee, Tera Mtembu, Jacques Botes and Jean Deysel should be able to provide us with what the Sharks need.  The latter two will play a big role, and eventhough speculation is rife that Marcel will play at 8, I would love to see a loose trio of Coetzee, Deysel and Kankowski.

Only time will tell what Plum does, but he should pick his strongest team to get his campaign off to a good start, he owes us that.


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Pre Season round up

January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Normally around this time of the year, news starts to flood in about Super Rugby squads, movements, injury updates, warm ups etc.  Normally this time of the year, the Sharks have a handful of injuries and they anxiously await to see the fitness levels of some players.

This year seems no different, and even though we are thin in the front row, with Dale Chadwick out for 4-6 weeks and talisman Biscmark Du Plessis out until April, the Sharks will hope that their exciting backs can do the business for them.  And even though it may seem that some of these players are young age wise, some of them are in their 2nd or 3rd Super Rugby campaign.

With some “old” heads in between, the Sharks on paper are a strong side.  I am only concerned about the limited amount of game time we are getting once again this year.  Look, from a settling perspective I understand it, he doesn’t want to disrupt the team by letting players pick up injuries in a warm up game at that.  The Sharks play against the Leopards and Pumas before kicking off their campaign against the Cheetahs in next month.

I am quite excited and somewhat optimistic that the Sharks can go the distance this year.  If ever they should have learned something from past campaigns, they should try and win every game, or at least try not to play catchup rugby.  In their forwards they have some of the best players in this country and their Springbok laden back line can play a attacking brand of rugby, we know the Sharks are capable off.  I also like the fact that Carlos Spencer came in as a consultant for the backs as well as Pat Lambie, the work he has done with Elton Jantjies is something the Sharks will hope he can emulate with Lambie, who we know is one phenomenal player.

Hang in there rugby fans, the season is upon us, and before we know it, the year is on it’s head.

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