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Rules is Rules

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

When the Kings was introduced as the fifth Super Rugby franchise in last year, it sparked fury amongst supporters, OK, a reasonable amount of them.  Most of them will wish that they have a very hard and long season.

The reason for the inclusion at the time SARU made the decision was to make sure that the untapped talent from the region be used.  Now many post has been written on this topic, but I just want to get something straight…

Cheeky Watson has known for a while now that the Kings would get their date in 2011, heck, I bet you he even knew it before hand.  Now for me, it is stupid to send a team to play Super Rugby that doesn’t even feature in the Currie Cup, that just screams suicide.  So Oregan Hoskins probably asked Cheeky what he would do about getting together a squad of 35 players for the 2013 Super Rugby season, and he said that he will buy a few players from other provinces, and also look abroad.

Now buying from other provinces is not a problem, heck, you just let an entire Lions team start to worry about their futures, so the Lions did the other unions a favor by loaning in most cases these players out to other unions.  They would then have a strong case for assembling a group that can at least win a game or two.  But it seems that Cheeky (forgetting the sole purpose of this union), has gone on and got 5 foreign players on his paysheet.  And he has included all 5.

Now Mr Watson (puke) Sr, I would like to know how you would feel if say I did the following:

The Sharks to my knowledge are the first South African team to play your beloved Kings.  What would you do if we secretly bought 5 foreign players because of say…some injury worries.  You would roll out your pathetic squad and we would announce ours, and there that 5 names would pop into your head, let’s say for instance we would get the services of say, Martin Castrogiovanni, just because we short on prop, and then say Jerry Collins because Keegan Daniel was just pulled to the sidelines for 8 weeks, Fred Michalak, because Butch James decided that he wanted to retire early and focus on book sales, Sonny Bill Williams because he wanted to make up for the White Buffalo incident and because Tim Whitehead was also out for a few months and just for the fun of it Geordon Murphy because Riaan Viljoen decided to go back to Freestate.

What would your response then be?  “No this cannot be done, this is against the rules”

Do you understand the point I am trying to make?  If SARU says that you could only field two of them players, why are you bothering with naming all 5 that is on your books?  Was the Melbourne Rebels, Western Force or Cheetahs given the same fair chance?  What makes Cheeky Watson different then anyone else?   Even so, I could ask why SARU just not get rid of these fools, and try and do something worthwhile for the Union, by uhm, first letting them find some winning ways into the Currie Cup, who by the way, is much stronger now that it is 6 on 6.

I am so sick of this parade.  It is unfair to the people of the Eastern Cape, and especially the youngsters that has to come through the grass root level, something else they clearly need to address, but hey, who am I ranting to?

Daniel Adonga, Kenyan born Flanker

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by REM

The missing links

August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized


When it comes down to it, assembling a squad that will be competitive in Super Rugby is by far the biggest challenge facing the Kings. I believe that the main reason given by them to be included in Super Rugby, is for the world to see the talent the Eastern Cape has to offer.


Indeed they have produced some great players over the years, as did the Golden Lions. But yesterday while watching the game between the Cheetahs and Bulls, one thing became evident. The Bulls looked headless chickens, committing basic errors. But the main ingredient missing from their normally well oiled cog was the fact that they had mostly a bunch of rookies that must still get used to this level of play.


Take into effect that the Bulls were hit hard with Bok Selections, some of them very questionable indeed. There is solace for the Pretoria based team in the fact that with every Bok selection a union gets, they get reimbursed by Saru. They can then use this money to buy up even more school boy players. So as I say, the real challenge for the Kings would be to buy players, basically contradicting the reason why they were allowed Super Rugby exposure.


There is though, plenty of players playing in the Currie Cup, not playing Super Rugby, that could make name for themselves at the Kings. I don’t see players from the region, coming back home for the sake of being involved with something “new and exciting”. Yes there will be one or two big names, lured for the money, but I don’t see the Ndungane twins leaving their Unions to come back home after so long. I also don’t see Steven Sykes, Ryan Kankowski, Tim Whitehead, Jacques Potgieter or any other player, playing for a big Union, suddenly up and leave.


They might promise First Team rugby, but they are not promising playing for only one year, and that is why Cheeky Watson wants to challenge the decision made by the General Council, to give them three years. Now comparisons are made from when Louis Luyt was still in charge, and using his NP contacts in the backrooms of Sports and Politics. Suddenly I am hit with a huge amount of admiration again for Louis Luyt, and realize that this is someone we need at the helm of SA Rugby again.


Had he been in charge, we would not be subjected to roll over for our SANZAR partners just because the Jelly Fish put in charge cannot negotiate properly. I am sure for the sake of argument that a 6 year old kid can do better. Suddenly I miss the days, when rugby was not professional, when players had an alternative career, where players like Divan Serfontein and Uli Schmidt was Doctors and on weekends be ready to face off against the best the DAME of World Rugby had to offer. Suddenly I wonder, how good must it have been to play in a Springbok squad that featured the likes of Frik Du Preez, Danie Craven, Dawie De Villiers and Mannetjies Roux.


Ja, on this Test Day Saturday, a weekend with a Ultra Marathon of Sport on the Telly, I suddenly feel reminiscent of the days when sport was simple. I hate the politics, as I am sure many of you do. I always dreamt, that when I am blessed with a Baby Boy, that I would teach him the fine arts of rugby, I would work my arse off to get him into the best rugby schools, go see him play for Rondebosch or Paul Roos, see him off to Varsity to play for Maties and maybe make a career for himself, but the way this is heading I would rather send him to Arizona to swim with Roland Schoeman.