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Newlands and the ever present common enemy

April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been keeping one eye on the news, mostly regarding the fans at the Stormers Crusaders match.

A few years ago ( round about 2005), my cousin and me went to watch the rugby at Newlands.  Since his blood is WP blue and mine Natal black, and because the Sharks already played at the stadium, we decided to watch the Stormers v Hurricanes.  Off course I wanted a South African Team to win, but the behaviour of the crowd in particular to the All Black fans was disgusting.

A year or so later, the Sharks made their way to Newlands and off course I was in attendance.  To be honest, I have never seen such a bunch sore losers, like they say in Afrikaans, “Baiebek” when they are leading but sour when they lose.

Through the years I have had my fair share of vocal abuse from the Newlands faithful, and even though I can appreciate the rivalry, it is no reason to act like a complete and utter moron.  I decided that I will only attend Sharks games after the Crusaders Semi Final three years ago, to which the Stormers lost.  Take it from me, I know people that support the All Blacks and Crusaders.  I know them, but it is not up to me to judge and tell them who to support, why ain’t I supporting the Stormers some would ask?  Even my sister is a All Black, and have been for over 30 years.  There is absolutely nothing I will say about it, but one thing is clear though, she or the handful of All Blacks I know are not morons.

So coming to my point, the Sharks will be making the trip to Newlands next weekend, and I will most def be in attendance.  So anyone also going?

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  1. Don’t be afraid my friend. The Sharks have plenty of support in the Western Cape.
    Will be a large contingent there.

  2. I was there this weekend and was disgusted with The Cape Crusader fans, as WP/Stormers Rugby runs through my veins, I also came to the conclusion that you are allow to support any team you prefere,. So although I felt that the Cape/Crusader supporters behaviour was bad and uncalled for, I also came to the conclusion that The Stormers Team must not allow any All Black Team to come and Dominate 80 Minutes of rugby at Newlands, The Fact that the Crusaders dominated the game really pissed me off. After the 11-0 Lead we just went quiet and allowed the opposition to come at us. When are we going to learn that you can not win games with your defence alone and without the BALL.

    So I am making a Plea to all the Stormers Players : Please Never ever allow those Cape Confused Fans and their All Black Teams to ever come and win at Newlands again. Simply because youn as Players will get a stick from those Supporters.

  3. But don’t you think that verbally abusing players when the get off the team bus is taking “support” a bit too far?

  4. Yeah Baylion that is taking it to the extreme.. Yeah I know the Cape Coloured Comminity in Cape Town is Passionate about who they support. And yes you would think that things would change by now. But no they still blame the scarces that Apartheid left on their rugby on the whites, and for that reason the majority of them refuse to move on unless the demographics of WP/Stormers Rugby changes.They Believ that to root for the All Blacks and the Ausies is their way of telling SA Rugby to change… Yes I am also Coloured but I refuse to Support another Country, Simply because my Parents supported the WP and to support WP is something I grew up with. Unfortunately thats how it will be alot of kids today support the All blacks because of what their parents thought them. So Yes I also get frustared with transformation in SA Rugby, But My Country remains my Country, Racism in sport is everywhere, and what is the differnce suporting a white dude in New Zealand is the same as suporting the White dude in South Africa, and in Mark Keohane’s Article he talks about the Crusaders as beieng just as conservative. Check the article out on :

    • REM said on April 3, 2013

      I was walking in the mall once with my sister. I didn’t have any rugby apparel on at the time, but my sister, because the All Blacks played earlier the morning had on her All Black shirt and cap. As we were standing by the till of Tops, this ou toppie tuned me and said it was a disgrace that South Africans, especially coloureds walk with other teams. I don’t think he will ever say anything stupid like that in public again, this after my sister ate him for bfast..and this in front of a full shop

  5. All I can say about the Cape Crusaders I’ve seen on TV and pictures that they mostly remind me of people who attend Start Trek and Xena conventions… so not maybe not your ultimate winners.

    Cape supporters are the only one that consistently keep on booeing the opposition kickers – doesn’t happen anywhere else in SA in this magnitude (except in EP)!

    PS. I met very normal people who support the AB’s for whatever reason, so the above observation doesn’t affect them obviously..

  6. I am the All Black supporting sister, I wish I can just one day walk around with my supporter gear without hearing any nasty remarks. I DO NOT support the All Blacks because off the past and any politics!!! I support them because I believe that they are the best team and with all the downright rude remarks I get when going to Newlands or just walking the streets with supporter gear, it will be damn hard to convince me to support a team where the fans are acting like the were just released from a cage. Common guys, its all in the name of fun and for the love of the game

  7. Ah… The gold old Cape Crusaders giving a bad name to other All Black and NZ Team supporters in the Cape. Unfortunately I have to endure this utter hatred toward anything South African, whether it be Bafana, Boks, Proteas, Stormers, you name it. My family especially the ou toppies are all from the Apartheid days, and started supporting the All Blacks since the 70s (or any other touring team, funny enough with the expection of the British Lions and England). I enjoy the banter and have a Field day when any South African team, beats a NZ team during the season, and of course I have to bear the brunt of the latest Stormers scoreline.

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t care if you support a team from another country. All I ask is that when you go to the Stadium or in a public place, don’t go there with vile intentions to insult those who have moved on since Apartheid. They make it a political issue and they refer to the Boks, WP/Stormers as “Die Boere”. Where in fact the our National Team as well as the Stormers has a diverse side.

    But onto more serious matters, REM, I’ll be at Newlands this coming Saturday for the Sharks game. See you there. Looking forward to it.

    • REM said on April 5, 2013

      I agree Shaheen. Die Boere, Transvaal…eysh those words will always be around. See you on Saturday bud

  8. This is all so blood hypocritical; white folks in this country do not support Bafana Bafana and it is certainly not because the play kak soccer, it is because the national team is labelled as black.

    It is a fucking disgrace how white people talk about their British soccer teams whilst they have never set foot on the Island. They support Liverpool and Man United and so forth and so on but they do not even know who the top South African soccer teams are.

    So the black Crusaders of Cape Town is just doing the same.

    I do not agree with it but what goes around comes around.

    As long as people do not change their attitudes towards race in this country this type of shit will continue and nobody is innocent.

  9. The cape crusaders are just an indication of the mentality of SA society today. A small number of disgruntled people angry at the past, making the most noise and making damn sure they are not ignored, employing disrupting and even some times violent tactics to get attention, ruining it for the majority.

    No matter who you support, it is never okay to boo anybody for any reason whatsoever. Sadly it is the tactic of the small-minded and insecure, making up for the rest of the week where they are the bottom feeders (for a true reason) of society. This is where i have so much respect for fan behavior during kicking at European rugby games. Yes they also have their incidents, but a pin drop can be heard when even the opposition takes a kick at goal.

    • REM said on April 3, 2013

      Vulcan, I did a post a few years ago about the Europeans and the amount of respect they show the opposing kickers, not hearing one boo whenever Ruan Pienaar lined up anything that day. Now I have been to a few stadiums around the country and Newlands (eventhough the vibe can be great at times) have some real sourpins as supporters.

  10. It is sad how after one ugly weekend at Newlands everyone wants to make WP/Stormers supporters out to be the worst ever. I’ve been going to Newlands for over 35 years and I’ve been to other stadiums in the country and in the world. Nothing different there let me tell you. Specially when the home team is not winning.

    Rem I see you are very quiet about the Shark supporters behaviour. At least here we don’t kill people. So after one incident like that would you advise people it is unsafe to go to Kings Park. I’ve watched some games there and it’s a very nice place to go. I will not judge the place and supporters on the actions of a very small minority.

    The majority of Stormers supporters would also like the booing to stop but how do you do that.

    • REM said on April 5, 2013

      Firstly, If you have been to Kings Park recently like I have you would notice that they don’t boo opposing kickers. And if you look at European games, booing is not allowed. Ja the fans will boo if someone maybe high tackles someone or a bad call etc.
      Regarding the shooting, well I do condone it. But having been at KP a few times, I have seen how involved their security is. Remember that this happened 4 hours AFTER the game occured, and even though it should never have been allowed to happen, during game time the security is more alert then after.
      If Stormers supporters would like to stop booing then they should educate themselves. No i am not saying they are morons, remember, I live in Cpt, half of my family support them, but we don’t boo because booing is not sportsman like, simple as that and if they can realize that then they will develop

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