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Rules is Rules

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

When the Kings was introduced as the fifth Super Rugby franchise in last year, it sparked fury amongst supporters, OK, a reasonable amount of them.  Most of them will wish that they have a very hard and long season.

The reason for the inclusion at the time SARU made the decision was to make sure that the untapped talent from the region be used.  Now many post has been written on this topic, but I just want to get something straight…

Cheeky Watson has known for a while now that the Kings would get their date in 2011, heck, I bet you he even knew it before hand.  Now for me, it is stupid to send a team to play Super Rugby that doesn’t even feature in the Currie Cup, that just screams suicide.  So Oregan Hoskins probably asked Cheeky what he would do about getting together a squad of 35 players for the 2013 Super Rugby season, and he said that he will buy a few players from other provinces, and also look abroad.

Now buying from other provinces is not a problem, heck, you just let an entire Lions team start to worry about their futures, so the Lions did the other unions a favor by loaning in most cases these players out to other unions.  They would then have a strong case for assembling a group that can at least win a game or two.  But it seems that Cheeky (forgetting the sole purpose of this union), has gone on and got 5 foreign players on his paysheet.  And he has included all 5.

Now Mr Watson (puke) Sr, I would like to know how you would feel if say I did the following:

The Sharks to my knowledge are the first South African team to play your beloved Kings.  What would you do if we secretly bought 5 foreign players because of say…some injury worries.  You would roll out your pathetic squad and we would announce ours, and there that 5 names would pop into your head, let’s say for instance we would get the services of say, Martin Castrogiovanni, just because we short on prop, and then say Jerry Collins because Keegan Daniel was just pulled to the sidelines for 8 weeks, Fred Michalak, because Butch James decided that he wanted to retire early and focus on book sales, Sonny Bill Williams because he wanted to make up for the White Buffalo incident and because Tim Whitehead was also out for a few months and just for the fun of it Geordon Murphy because Riaan Viljoen decided to go back to Freestate.

What would your response then be?  “No this cannot be done, this is against the rules”

Do you understand the point I am trying to make?  If SARU says that you could only field two of them players, why are you bothering with naming all 5 that is on your books?  Was the Melbourne Rebels, Western Force or Cheetahs given the same fair chance?  What makes Cheeky Watson different then anyone else?   Even so, I could ask why SARU just not get rid of these fools, and try and do something worthwhile for the Union, by uhm, first letting them find some winning ways into the Currie Cup, who by the way, is much stronger now that it is 6 on 6.

I am so sick of this parade.  It is unfair to the people of the Eastern Cape, and especially the youngsters that has to come through the grass root level, something else they clearly need to address, but hey, who am I ranting to?

Daniel Adonga, Kenyan born Flanker

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  1. Somewhere somehow someone got someone by the balls. There’s so much politic involved it’s actually pathetic. I bet the bloodsuckers are waiting to cash in…

  2. I think we should form a club. We can call it something like the “sick of the queens scandal” club. I think we’ll have pretty decent numbers in our club, lol.
    The queens inclusion in super rugby, the way the union is run, their staff etc, it all stinks. And in the end the 2 unions affected, Lions and Queens, are going to be worse off after this season. What a flippen mess..

  3. As a Kings supporter and a resident of the windy City I can assure you that once again this is purely sensational journalism.

    It’s a simple formula really, mention a convenient half truth and the Kings in one article and the readership sours.
    The comments section goes wild with disgruntled Lions supporters voicing their disgust.

    What was disgusting was when the “fans” at Ellis park booed the Kings – a team made up of honest hard working players no different to you me or anyone playing for any other union.

    Yes there are 5 foreign player in their Provisional Squad or 35, this is NOT the final squad.
    The official Super rugby squad is made up of 30 players and is yet to be submitted to SARU.

    The Kings have stated that they will abide by SARUS ruling.
    No story here.

    • Do you deny that the Watsons are trying to push all 5 their foeign players into their squad? Why even name an extended squad now, a week before super rugby kicks off? The fact of the matter is, the Watsons thought they would get away with playing more foreign players than any other team because they are “special”. And it seems they’re still pushing they’re luck.
      I do feel for SOME of the Queens players. Like you say, they are honest, hard working rugby players and like any other player, they want to play for a team in super rugby. But that’s where my sympathy for this union stops unfortunately.

      • The Kings Union executive (not just Cheeky Watson) have applied for a special dispensation in their first year to be allowed more than 2 foreign players, the same courtesy that as extended to the Rebels in their first year of Super rugby.

        So no , they are not trying to “sneak” players in…

        The extended squad was released as a result of the announcement that 5 players were released from the 40 man squad,

    • Sorry HP.I don’t see sensational journalism. Yes they should still send in their final team on Friday, but they really want to include the 5, I mean, if I was rejected a few times I would just drop it, yet Cheeky still pounds away at the idea.
      Are you sure you and Keohane are not “Kop in een mus”?

    • H&P, losing to a Lions Vodacom squad with your second stringers is ok but to lose with a full strength squad against Griquas is not acceptable when you want to be competitive in SR. At least I can enjoy rugby braais again without my team being the joke of the day. Keep on the crocodile skin my friend, you’re gonna need it.

  4. As H&P said it is only the provisional squad the actual squad only needs to be named on Friday I think. And in that squad the Kings will only be allowed 2 foreign players out of 30.
    As to the Rebels, they were allowed 5 foreign players but that was because rugby in Aus and esp in Melborne is not a big sport so they are trying to develop rugby there.

    What will be interesting is whether when/if a foreign player gets injured can the Kings replace him with another? So will they be allowed to rotate the players so that the squad only contains 2 foreign players but different ones for different games??

    Anyhow they are on a hiding to nothing and will really struggle once the season gets a bit deeper and injuries start to happen.

  5. If South Africa is a true rugby loving nation, then they should give The Kings a chance this season. Maybe they will fare better than the Lions.

    Let’s face it, Lions where hopeless in Super Rugby and ended bottom every year as far as I can remember. What was most frustrating about the Lions and the Cheetahs to an extent, but especially the Lions, was the fact that every year they go all out to beat our local franchises, but get a real whipping from the overseas teams. Some of our franchises aiming for top four or even top spot on the league went to Ellis Park and faced a highly charged Lions team that played out of their socks. Ask The Sharks about the game last year. Don’t get me wrong. You play sport to win. But the worse thing is, a team like the bloody Brumbies or Waratahs will come here the following weekend and get 5 log points from the Lions. There is no logic in this. Not saying that the Lions should do anyone any favours and play poorly against local teams.

    This is frustrating for local rugby supporters especially those supporters of franchises aiming to win the competition.

    • Devan, the Sharks are just useless in Joburg :) . They haven’t won there in any competition since April 2010

    • Devan, don’t get it wrong mate. I am South African, passionate and loving. But when something is done in a unjust manner then I won’t respect them. The Kings was allowed into Super Rugby because we have a SA Rugby President that is scared of the Watsons and promised them something that is not that easy to do. If he promised him a Rolls Royce, then yes, but not remove a union just like that.
      Plus, remember, no matter how you look at it, the Lions players albeit in whatever way they were seen were also players earning a living.

      • Even I agree that there were some strange behind the scenes antics leading up to the Kings inclusion.
        But I know a few of the Kings players and they are top lads and give their all every week.

        Do they deserved to be mocked and booed?
        Must you rejoice when they are beaten.?

        Can you not just support a South African Franchise theta represents a portion of SA that have long been excluded from Super rugby and that are so excited to be involved again.

        Forget the board room antics and power plays in SA rugby –, ALL the unions play the “game” not one is innocent.

        I understand that Lions fans are upset after being excluded, but you will be back – its only 1 or 2 years before Super rugby is expanded.

        But to be so bitter and hateful towards the Kings – a rugby team like any other at its core – it will never make sense to me.

    • Devan, do you really think the Kings will fare better if they can’t beat the Lions or Griquas? They will get better as the tournament progresses but that is where it ends.

  6. Pity the griquas vs FULL STRENGTH queens game wasn’t televised. I could do with a good laugh.. Can’t wait for super rugby time…

  7. Ok. Cool gentlemen. I respect your views and opinions.
    Let’s see if rugby is the winner in the end. Eastern Cape has some of the poorest communities in SA. Maybe this will pick them up a little, give them a boost and develop rugby in the region.

    In any case, I stand to be corrected, but not all unions supported the Lions in their pledge to remain in Super Rugby. I think that it was only The Sharks and Bulls that supported them. Maybe if the Lions received more backing from other Unions, they would have remained on top. Like I said. The Lions biggest downfall in Super Rugby was going all out to beat local teams. But the overseas teams enjoyed more success against them. SARU wants as many SA teams in the top 4 at least. It’s more money.

    Just my opinion.

  8. And therein lies the conflict. I disagree with the manner in which the Kings got included in the Super Rugby. I disagree with the lies the Kings told to get such inclusion, such as riding on the Transformation bandwagon. Now there is suddenly no local talent to be used (did they look at the NMMU side perhaps?) and they rather spend money on overseas players, who are mostly unknown in any event. These players will NOT make any difference whatsoever in the side. But 5 local players? 5 Black players? THAT my friend would have made the world of difference, not only to the players, not only to the local community, but also to the way the Kings are being perceived by the outside on lookers like myself and REM here.

    So, despite feeling that the Kings are there on an unjust and deviant basis, we are expected by the Kings fans to support the team despite that. BEcause the players, save for perhaps Luke Watson, are geniunely good okes and play for the love of the game.

    Fair enough. But somehow, I feel, showing my support for the team on the backdrop of all the inequities going on in the background, will somehow be translated as supporting all these inequities.

    The people aren’t booing the players. We are not angry at the players. But someone has to bear the brunt of our dissatisfaction of what is happening, and the players represent those liars and deceivers, and inevitably, they get the brunt while the Watsons and Keohane’s and Hoskins’ sit with their suits and expensive whiskey and talk “business” in their expensive suits.

    I promise you that if Watson and Hoskins get onto the park, they will receive a tongue lashing of note from the crowds, one that by 10 fold decibels will surpass the booing the players had to endure.

    I feel sorry for them, but sometimes the messenger does get shot…..

    • Nicely said Boet, couldn’t agree more.
      I feel that the whole process was and still is a shambles and that proves to me that the top brass of SARU still doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Government and any shady interferences. SA Rugby misses the days of Louis Luyt and his no nonsense approach

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